View Full Version : For those who asked ... I'm ok.

13th Sep 2001, 02:32
Several people have emailed me but others have stated or referred that some have not heard from me, I did replay to each email received from Velvet, whirlybird, and many others. so I thought I would make a short statement here:

I'm ok, as I am in FL right now.

Fortunately I had no friends/relatives in the NYC area at that time.

I'm in shock, not that it happened here, but at the severity of the actions.

Like most I have a quiet anger, and have given blood in support of those who will need it.

I will wait patiently as our intel resources gather the necessary information and then:

I suspect that we will impose political sanctions on the sates involved, adn military actions on the actual people/organizations in direct response.

To those who are terrorists out there:

You have awakened the Eagle.

Unlike you cowards, who talk big beforehand, but don't have the balls to stick up your heads now to say "We did it" I say thus:

When we come for you, it will be out in the open.

You will not be able to hide.
You will not be able to escape.
And everyone on the planet will know why we are there and why.

We do not resort to cowardice and sneak attacks.

(Sorry, a bit-o-anger got through)

I appreciate all who wrote concerned with my welfare, Thank you, it is nice to have such wonderful friends, really.