View Full Version : Danger to UK Flights

14th Mar 2004, 12:01
"Danger to UK Flights" was the headline on today's Scottish edition of the Mail on Sunday. I only read a few words on the article which was about unaccompanied baggage, and refuse to buy this rubbish.

Could someone who actually bought this rag, or more likely found a discarded passenger copy, share this startling information with us.

PPRuNe Radar
14th Mar 2004, 15:05
Tried to look at the online version but you have to register.

No problem I thought since I have done so before with other publications.

Filled out all the forms and hit the submit and then at that point they tell you it is a pay subscription and ask what one you wish to sign up for.

:mad: off. They're having a laugh ain't they ??

Billy The Squid
15th Mar 2004, 04:45
Must admit I am becoming a bit tired:zzz: of this seemingly relentless campaign by some sectors of the media who appear to be trying to frighten the public out of flying.

I'm with you Budgie as I wouldn't have read the article either. I have read similar before and if you look at the text beyond the apocalyptic headline it is usually a never ending list of 'ifs' and 'might happens'.

The industry will never recover while this bombardment continues and the best way to show Bin Laden and his buddies that we won't be beaten is by getting public confidence back to a pre- 9/11 level.

A and C
15th Mar 2004, 07:49
All inside the aviation business know that unacompanied bags are subject to checking and are very little risk.

To very narrow minds of the people who write in the papers aviation is something between rocket science and pure magic.

The fact is that it is far to hard for them to get there tiny narrow minded brains around the complex world of aviation and so they write utter rubbish because if they cant understand something then some one must be doing something to rip off the public or make more money than they should and this is all in the hope that this will be the big "scoop" that gets them noteced by the editor.

The bottom line is that we should feel sorry for these people as they clearly have some sort of mental problem with the truth.