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Yak Hunt
12th Sep 2001, 10:35
Amongst the asylum seekers entering this country (UK) There will be:-
1) Genuine refugees who need protection
2) Economic migrants taking advantage
3) Islamic fundamentalists whose sole aim is to destroy the fabric of the western world

This is now a crisis situation, we do not have the luxury of being able to differentiate. The security of the United Kingdom is paramount.
Statements have been made we are standing shoulder to shoulder with the USA, quite rightly so. However he must realise that that makes us just as big a target. Last night the President of the United States was not safe in his own country. Today in the United Kingdoms hundreds of 'unknowns' will pour into the country and aircraft still flying around and the armed forces at their lowest ebb ever.


13th Sep 2001, 07:46

Blair is a politician first and a human being a very long second. Provided the fundamentalists and refugees vote New Labour (and pay their taxes), he doesn't care what they do...as long as they don't do it to him!

Our Aussie politicians are identical. The only thing they care about is votes. End of story. Lucifer himself could live where he pleased and do what he wanted, provided he votes for the incumbents.

Ninety percent of the world's politicians surrender their integrity, humanity and conscience when they sign on and agree to toe the party-line. That's how political parties work. The individual is subsumed by the machine, the machine is all-powerful and will destroy those within who seek to change it or operate outside it's defined parameters. The remaining ten percent are dictators anyway.

We call it "democracy" and "The Westminster System" when it is little more than an elective oligarchy.

It is the worst of all systems...with the exception of all the others!

I'd be cynical about it if I thought it would help.

If you think the situation you've outlined is crazy, ponder this. The boat-people who have caused such angst for the Australian Government have won a court case and may now be legally entitled to sue the Aust Govt for illegal detention...and there are a group of Australian lawyers who are prepared to act on their behalf. I don't know about you, but the enemy is already within the gates in my country, and they're well entrenched within the establishment!

14th Sep 2001, 05:07
Perhaps we could accept the boat-people if an equal number of Lawyers get deported?


Yak Hunt
14th Sep 2001, 11:20
Couldn't agree more, New Labour as well as other governments appear to be quaking in their boots now that Dubya is shaking the big stick. Obviously worried about the reaction from migrants in the UK. Unfortunately I think there will me many terror cells around the world hiding behind asylum. It has to be eradicated, it will be interesting to see who will back it and who is interested in votes for themselves. Think we know already!!

14th Sep 2001, 12:12
'Tony' was a reference to Tony Blair, the Prime Minister of the UK, not Australia.
The points made by Yak Hunt were serious, and worry many people in this country (the UK) in the aftermath of the American atrocity.
Sadly, our 'open door' policy means that we unintentionally harbour terrorists and those who actively support them.
The UK Press has quotes from these evil people taking full advantage of the freedom of speech which exists in the countries they condemn - the irony seems to escape them.

Please take your tasteless remarks/pathetic attempts at humour somewhere else. :mad: