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12th Sep 2001, 00:29
God help us all.

While emotions are running high throughout the US and I can assure you throughout Europe…I would like to hope that we can all take a “condor” moment and give ourselves a chance to take stock of what has happened. A knee-jerk reaction at this time could do more harm.

I couldn’t agree more with my brothers across the pond, I would like to see revenge as much as they. Indeed the largest naval fleets are steaming towards, the Middle East, Afganistan and the Indian Sub-Continent at this time. I just hope that we can all look at our future as free humans and act together to eradicate this problem and not take other lives into an abyss that we are all looking into. If you don’t agree with me then take another look at the peril that the world is in.

My heart and my tears go to all those involved and the brave rescue services, be they in uniform or in suits who perished on this day.

Let us hope that we can move forward together as a united world and protect our families…for that is the most important thing of all.

I find it hard to ask for Gods help at this time, after the images that we have all seen today. I hope that my faith in humanity is stronger.

12th Sep 2001, 09:02
Youll find in the coming days and weeks Trolley theyll be hundreds of unsung heroes coming to light. Many thousands more acts of sheer guts and bravery will never be heard.
Whoever did this shouldve realised through history that attacking U.S.A. soil is the biggest single mistake they could ever do. The complete destruction of them by the U.S. will be utter in its finality.

12th Sep 2001, 10:46
America has been searching for heroes, and settling for politicians, rock stars and the like for want of anyone better.

They have thousands of true heroes now.

Airborne Hamster
12th Sep 2001, 12:09
The perpetrators of this act of terrorism must be found,tortured and killed,as were their victims.Furious anger must be vented upon them.I do not believe this is an over reaction.

12th Sep 2001, 15:00
The world watches in shock and total disbelief as the events of these last twenty four hours continue to unfold.

Our prayers are offered with a united heart for all the innocent victims of this appalling act of savagery - the flight crews, the passengers, the office workers, the government staff and the emergency services workers.

As we look on in utter helplessness from our safe havens, our hearts and minds are with our American brothers and sisters. Fellow humans in pain to whom we offer our silent support.

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12th Sep 2001, 16:01
Obviousley thoughts are with dead/wounded at this time.

Dead have arguably gone to a better world....

What was it Admiral Yamamoto said after thier Pearl Harbour raid failed to get the carriers?

"We have awakened a slumbering giant and filled him with a terrible purpose"

Something like that?

Methinks this '2nd Pearl Harbour' has failed totally to knock out the US Military.....

Had whoever did this not heard of airborne command posts?

IMHO, USA will settle outstanding accounts around the world! Bin Laden etc....

Swamp Rat
12th Sep 2001, 17:54
I have a terrible feeling that this is the begining of a time many will never forget.
I do hope I am wrong.
I can`t help but think how long it`ll be before US retaliation begins ?

God bless all those whom have past on and those they leave behind.

12th Sep 2001, 18:40
I hope and I trust that the USA's reaction is measured, proportional and accurately targetted. The events of yesterday can be traced back to the US blindly lashing out after the embassy bombings of a few years ago. Those retaliatory attacks on Afghanistan, Sudan and Libya totally failed to rid the world of the terrorists or their resources, and in fact reinforced their will to fatally damage the United States. Those attacks were also carried out without the approval or knowledge of the rest of the world.
To keep the moral high ground, the US must carry the rest of the world with it in its task of destroying these people and their disgusting organisations. The fight against them must be economic, political and diplomatic as well as military. Their sources of money, materials and men must be found and eradicated, and that will require the cooperation of the whole civilised world.
An all-out attack on Afghanistan, for instance, might make the US feel better for a day or two, but would be unlikely to remove the problem, and could escalate into a world war. The killing of Islamic innocents is not the way to avenge the deaths of the innocents of many countries yesterday.
And, remember, you thought it was the Arabs after the Omaha tragedy, yet it was one of your own. Be very careful whom you target.