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12th Sep 2001, 05:12
What had happen yesterday recalled me to Nostradameus prophecies. He mentioned about the third anti-Christ from middle east, also first attack to New York. My fears of WW III nervous me so much. Let's pray to God.
May the terrorists who took this vicious acts be brought out to Justice and no more innocent casualty.

My condolences to all. :(

12th Sep 2001, 06:46
Here is the quote from Nostradamus

Century 6, Quatrain 97

The sky will burn at forty-five degrees latitude,
Fire approaches the great new city
[New York City lies between 40-45 degrees]
Immediately a huge, scattered flame leaps up
When they want to have verification from the Normans .

12th Sep 2001, 09:10
Mr Michael Nostradamus was a crap-artist mystic like every other ancient superstitious practitioner. One quatrain forecast Russia and the USA rising up against China in 1999. That put quatrain 97 paid to a nuclear attack on NYC.
I for one do not believe in silly mysticism or superstition. Im surprised it still survives in this age. Perhaps you should research as to he prefered his Latin name and why he wrote in the vague way he did.

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12th Sep 2001, 09:54

You wouldn't happen to be an atheist by any chance?

henry crun
12th Sep 2001, 10:34
Nostradamus ?, wasn't he that chappie who wrote his prophesies in such an obscure way that any event can be attributed to his wisdom ?.

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12th Sep 2001, 12:49
Isn't Jerusalem a great city of about the same lattitude that was around in Nostradamus' time? He could have been relating to that. Just trying to demonstrate how this is open to interpretation. However, he has made some eerie premonitions, its just a shame that we still didn't see this coming.

12th Sep 2001, 14:14
Whether or not you believe in Nostradamus' prophecies, I'd like to echo Lazybird's thoughts:

May the terrorists who were responsible for this be brought to justice without the loss of any more innocent life


Golden Monkey
12th Sep 2001, 14:40
Totally agree FFF. Unfortunately I fear the worst. The international community and especially the American people will demand justice, but I fear blind retribution is more likely. George W has already said that he draws no distinction between terrorists and "those nations that harbour them". This is a lose and meaningless term applied to many countries with differing political and religious regimes to those of the United States. I wouldn't be surprised to see any one of Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and several others suffer large scale bombing of innocent civilian targets.

In essence there is no difference between supporting such action (if it comes) and supporting a heavy RAF strike against Dublin because Ireland recognises political parties with terrorist connections.

Unfortunately the basic fact is that all the military might in the world is completely impotent against determined suicide bombers, and that the cells that carried out these attacks may have numbered perhaps only thirty individuals. Even if a wider group numbering several thousand were found to be responsible, they aren't going to be sitting conveniently in one place that is reachable by conventional military means.

If it is possible to accurately attribute blame, by all means send in the special forces and dispatch those cowardly, evil souls responsible. Unfortunately I fear this an impossible task and more innocent lives will be lost to sate a desire for revenge.

I pray this does not descend into religious hatred, that would only further the cause of these terrorists who are not representative of any one people, religion, or country.

12th Sep 2001, 21:39
Jerusalem was not a 'new city' in Nostradamus' time and the contemporary name in France for New York was Cite Neufue (the original words in the quatrain).

Whether you believe or not, some of his prophesies are remarkably apt - including those for the Great Fire of London and Hitler and the escape to Varennes of King Louis XV1 and his Queen.

He also talks of an attack on the New City in the road of the Hollow Mountains.

However, Slash honey, you'll be pleased to note he also prophesies the end of the Church in the not too distant future. As does Malachy in his papal mottoes - there are accordingly to him only two left to reign, when Christianity will then fall as will Rome.

13th Sep 2001, 03:35
In the City of God there will be a great thunder, two brothers torn
apart by chaos, while the fortress endures, the great leader will
>>succumb.", "The third big war will begin when the big city is
>>"on the 11th day of the 9 month that...two metal birds would crash
>>two tall statues...in the new city... and the world will end soon
- Nostradamus 1654

(I believe this quote also features in the 80's movie "The Man who
saw tommorow", reg the predictions of nostradamous

Sounds real doesn't it.... read this website.

Nostradamus was dead 100 years before that date...

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13th Sep 2001, 05:21
Someone can tell a lie so many times that it the end he actually believes the lie himself.

Someone can read Nostradamus (or some other prophet) for so long that actually believes or see the predictions becoming reallity in every event.

I don't belive in Nostradamus. I find it good for Pub "conversations", but belief? No, thanks.
Remember when the Golf war exploded? That was our end...now 10 years later, well here we are again ;)

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14th Sep 2001, 00:47
Ever hear of a self-fulfilling prophecy?

The US has a significant number of armed factions in it who believe that the end of the world will start with the introduction of a New World Order led by a world government (see also aliens, the Illuminati, Elvis and the disappearance of chalky dog poo).

The popularly expected scenario is a massive terrorist attack on the US leading to the imposition of Martial Law, a world government led by a coalition of Jewish people, little grey aliens and sinister Europeans and so on and so on ad nauseum.

All this crap is available to read on the internet. Now, if I were a crafty fundamentalist terrorist I might conceivably think about making my big attack open to some kind of Nostradamus-related interpretation just on the off chance of sending some of these nutters running for the hills with their pick-up trucks full of canned food and ammunition. That would REALLY cause all hell to break loose.

tony draper
14th Sep 2001, 01:33
oops sorry double post

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tony draper
14th Sep 2001, 01:44
Read Nostrodamus's book, not books about Nostrodamus's book, I started reading a direct translation a few years ago, as someone has said, a vague convoluted all but meaningless mess of quatrains, that could all be interpreted a hundred different ways.
Anyway his biggy was that the world would end two years ago, lots of people looking pretty silly sitting on top of mountains with tins of cambells soup, people seem to forget things pretty quick.
Silly supperstitious medieval nonsense, written for uneducated hicks of the time, and Frenchmen at that.
He was the Eric von Daniken of his time.
His close one was the death of the french king, and like all good cons it was probably written well after the event.

PS. Calm down people we survived the near end of the world in the sixties during the Cuba crisis, in those days we had real nukes, twenty megaton planet busters,
not these fag tactical things we got now. :eek: ;)

Send Clowns
14th Sep 2001, 04:12
Mmm, yes Mr Draper, and believed by the credulous hicks of our time, too.