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11th Sep 2001, 16:27
Fellow PPRuNers,

Over the last few months, I've noticed an alarming trend, which I know that the collective wisdom of PPRuNe can get to the bottom of. It relates, mainly, to grey squirrels.

When I was a kid, I'd occasionally see squirrels in the park. They were the little grey blurs that would dart in front of you as they ran from one tree to another. Very occasionally, one of them would venture just close enough to you that they could steal your lunch from the park bench, before running off to hide it.

But over the last few months, while walking through Hyde Park and Green Park, I've seen an increasing number of squirrels simply playing in the grass! Yes, that's right, just playing. In Green Park, you can quite often see squirrels mingling with the ducks and swans by the side of the lake, sitting there sunbathing, or chasing swans back into the water. And in Hyde Park it's not uncommon to see several squirrels just lying on the grass, sunbathing.

This week, work has begun on the erection of the arena for the BBC's "Proms In The Park". And yesterday I saw squirrels merrily wandering around the construction site, frolicking between the tyres of the JCBs, while the workmen were going about their business just a few feet away.

Is this a global problem? Have people in other parts of the country noticed a similar trend? How about other parts of the world?

This, of course, is a very serious matter. We already know that the grey squirrel has been responsible for seriously reducing the population of red squirrels. In fact, come to think of it, when was the last time anyone saw a red squirrel? And how many other species will these beasts wipe out, now that they feel able to wander around London parks freely?

We must find urgent answers to these questions...


Bio Warrior
13th Sep 2001, 10:25
I have one other question

Are squirels tastey?

I seem to have a problem with mice being VERY timid round here (.....dunno why :confused: ), I'm thinking that maybe I should take up hunting squirels instead of mice.... ;) (of course I'd have to change countries... but maybe I can make it a holiday activity)"come visit us Bio we have squirels" may be a good lure one never knows :p
My Daddy used to joke about Brunswick stew which I'm told contained squirel in its recipy. He used to say he wanted Brunswick stew if my mother asked him what he wanted for dinner ..... this being due to the gaping absence of squirels in Bio's native country .... MEN!!!! :rolleyes:
they always want what they know they can't have.

-Bio (mighty huntress)

13th Sep 2001, 18:49

there used to be a restaurant in the Market Place in Warwick (England - where the castle is) which served roast squirrel occasionally. I never had the courage to try it, unfortunately, but perhaps some other ppruner who remembers Zaranoff's could tell us.


13th Sep 2001, 19:40
wow, well if it is any consolation, earlier this month, a multi-species shark convention occured off the west coast of FL. then they all moved out.

My bet was it was a large staff meeting to discuss the upcoming tourist weekends and food available, for the next few weeks had some interesting tales of shark attacks ...

Now, if the Squirrels all get together and arm themselves, we ar eall doomed ... :D

14th Sep 2001, 00:49
The squirrels even come and beg for food if you eat at the picnic tables outside the McDonalds near the South Terminal.

And what about the rabbits? Take a drive around LGW at dusk, every available bit of greenery is teeming with the little bastards. Are they in league? Is it a conspiracy? What the hell is going on and, more importantly, did Nostradamus predict this when he spoke of "little grey rodenty-******s in the great steel birds nest by the M23"?

14th Sep 2001, 01:36
The simple answer to grey squirrels is the air rifle. I would recommend an Air Arms S410E, the FAC version developing @ 30 ft/lbs.

tony draper
14th Sep 2001, 01:53
We still got some of the little red guys up here, shy little critters not as bold as those yobs the grays, guess they know whats coming, they must feel a bit like the celts did when the saxons got here.
Bonny little thing is your Red. :)

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14th Sep 2001, 03:06
Help preserve wildlife. Pickle a squirrel.

I quite like squirrels but we often have fish on Fridays.

Squirrels are only rats with bushy tails.

ShyT ;)

Elliot Moose
14th Sep 2001, 04:02
I guess it depends on how desperate you are to eat wildlife. I hear that some of those in the DEEP deep south will eat one of those little rodents in a minute, but then they will also eat possums (having seen one of those oversized lab rats close up, I can't say that "Wonder what it tastes like?" pops to mind).
I just wish moose would get less timid. It would save a lot of tramping around in swamps in November if they would just jump out in the open sometime other than on the road and in the dark! The only time you really get a good look at them is in the two seconds before they do a couple thousand dollars worth of damage to your truck! :eek:

14th Sep 2001, 04:12
Very tasty is roast Moose.
And Cariboo pie,

Blacks, Greys, Reds are here. Not much meat. Prefer their antics and interactions. Not interested in Flipper Pie, however.

14th Sep 2001, 19:42
:p I find that 4 good sized little greys make an admirable meal for 3, and provide a nice pair of mittens! I feel good 'cause I'm helping the indiginous wildlife AND saving money!..........nice! :D

14th Sep 2001, 20:31
If the Greys are eating McD left-overs then perhaps the Reds may prevail. :rolleyes:

18th Sep 2001, 05:57
The important questions here are, what is the grey squirrel's political affiliation and are their numbers increasing due to lax immigration policy or simply the lack of sex education and birth control?

Personally, I prefer grey squirrels. The red ones stain my teeth.
:D :D :D

SG Walker
18th Sep 2001, 06:09
Squirrels frolicking?? That's nothing:

hamsters are taking to the roads in increasing numbers in a variety of contraptions, adding to our congestion troubles. This one was done for driving on the hard shoulder on the M6:

M6 Hamster (http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/uk/newsid_1549000/1549167.stm)

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18th Sep 2001, 22:24
In Horley I saw an otter selling the Big Issue. We talked about chemtrails for a while. He was in favour of them.

Send Clowns
18th Sep 2001, 22:33
Actually squirrel tastes rather good. Was forced to eat one provided when I was on survival exercise with the RN. Lightly fried in chicken fat (the chicken was not so good, very tough) over a camp fire, delicious! Not much meat thought.

Tricky Woo
19th Sep 2001, 13:11
Plenty of animals are as bold as brass. Always have been. Ever met a shy tiger? Or a retiring shark?



19th Sep 2001, 20:21
But squirrels are so cute and bouncy! And I love the way they can just hang there upside-down clinging to the side of trees!

Golden Monkey
19th Sep 2001, 20:33
From what height must one drop a squirrel for it to bounce then?

Or are "bouncing squirrels" a quirky byproduct of heinous genetic experimentation, performed in shadowy underground government facilities located somewhere near Ipswich?

20th Sep 2001, 13:54

I think you may have missed the point. Of course I've never met a shy tiger - tigers aren't supposed to be shy. But squirrels are. What next - mice scaring elephants? There's a hierarchy, and the small animals have to know their place! Come on! :D


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20th Sep 2001, 16:52
I'm told that squirrel brains are supposed to be a delicacy in 'Cajun country' in the US, and also that there have been a number of cases of human variant CJD which are thought to be related to that dietary item. Really don't fancy eating squirrel, although my old cat did - she personally went on a crusade to attempt to depopulate north Wiltshire of grey squirrels. We did have words about her eating them in our bedroom.......

According to the vet, they are rather fast and cats often come off second best. My new cats haven't got around to catching any yet..but they're still young. One of them has tried to catch a pheasant though. I would have been quite happy to share that with her....

Cardinal Puff
21st Sep 2001, 11:34
...Can't be as much fun as spearing baby dolphins though.......

Tricky Woo
21st Sep 2001, 18:05
I've just been told that a cat has thirty-two muscles in each ear. Also, a cat's urine glows under a black-light.

Food for thought, huh?


Cardinal Puff
21st Sep 2001, 19:33
...Which explains why most of the luvie bars have UV (black) lighting. It's a cat p 1ss detecting device so they can make sure that nothing worth drinking passes their precious little tonsils......

Send Clowns
21st Sep 2001, 21:42
Certainly, Pegasus, squirrels are cute, bouncy and tasty :p

The Guvnor
21st Sep 2001, 22:18
Bloody typical!!! More Yanks coming over here, taking over British trees and driving out good British Reds which are considerably more attractive than those Greys! Rant, rant!! Rave, Rave!! :mad: :eek: :mad:

Actually, there are a lot of grey squills in the Cape (South Africa) - also very tame. There was one cheeky ****** in particular in the Company Gardens in Capetown that used to nick people's lunches ... and who remembers the ad with the Mission Impossible theme where a squill zips over a course that would make your average SAS type blanch and nicks the birds' nuts?