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9th Mar 2004, 22:11
I'm a Brit but would love the chance to work in the Middle East.

I hope you guys don't mind me asking, but I've just recently got type-rated on the ATR42/72 (JAA). Who do I direct my cv/resume to at Oman Air? Is it likely that the company would consider a European for the right hand seat?

Any advice would be gratefully received. Many thanks for your help.


4th Apr 2004, 09:32
I wont elaborate here, but the only thing I have to say, is-
DON"T even consider it.........

Look for previous topics regarding Oman Air. You will get good information about the company.

4th Apr 2004, 22:56
Anyone out there working for Oman Air?

Need info on the Interview tips, sim prep, terms and conditions, how many Hrs you fly a month?friendliness towards expat pilots etc.
Generally, are they a good outfit to fly for?

Any info would be much appreciated.

many thanks in advance.

5th Apr 2004, 05:03
This is a copy, still same management. Just for your info

Just another number

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posted 23rd May 2002 10:04
do not apply Oman air
I can start with following. DO NOT APPLY.
The reason is that when you go to the interwiew, they will promis you anything you ask about. When you get there, they issue you a contract that doesnt reflect what was offered at the interview. Second they have a phrase "according to company policy" which they use everytime you have a question or want what you signed for in your contract (and you cannot get a copy because company policy for today is different tomorrow). An example: can we choose between company housing or villas/appartments and is the allowance sufficient? Answer: of course, no problem. Facts are that they will force you to take a 2 or 3 bedroom appartment in a complex with 25 other pilots and their families, even though it is written in your contract that you can choose villas. Try to imagine the noice 24 hours a day, kids that can't play outside due to the heat and limited playground.
Next question: how long do we have to stay at hotel before moving to our new house/appartment? Answer: max 3-4 weeks, then we will have found a place for you. Facts are that they put you on a 3 month probation periode,where they will do nothing for you, after that they say that they will find you a place to live in....WRONG, they will do nothing for you. And if you find a house yourself, they will turn it down or delay the process so long that it is not even worth it anymore. I guess the reason is that if we live in a shitty place, we don't bring our families overhere. That way they save a lot of money on schoolefees and other expenses that the company prommised to pay for.
Next: how many return flights do we get to india. Answer: its free, fly as often as you want. Facts are that they get 1 a month, rest to be paid for by themselves.
These experiences are very very fress and shared with 40 pilots from Jet Airways, SAS, Lufthansa and old Sabena. All less than 5 month in the company.
Basicly the company is lying to get you here. DO NOT APPLY ,you will regret it.

The Puzzler
28th Apr 2004, 11:07
Puzzle me this....

I have just been contacted regarding a 737NG command at Oman Air - anyone else got any info about life in Muscat, schools, cost of living and general lifestyle at the airline. Many thanks :confused:

29th Apr 2004, 01:49
Mr Puzzle did you not read what IZK had to say on the subject.
I would heed the warning! do you think he is making it up?

by all means research, but there are many on here with bad experiences of the Gulf, having said that not all operations in the ME are doggy.
Knowledge of others experiences may save you grief in the long run.
Perhaps you need to keep looking and asking to get the full picture.
What IZK has said rings true to me knowing the ME as I do.

The Puzzler
29th Apr 2004, 09:10
Puzzle me this....
Thanks 4play - I read the other threads, just trying to get more than one perspective. As you know there are some who will complain about anything. If you read between the lines some of the complaints are just that! However, I most certainly wish to learn from others experiences to formulate an opinion on Oman Air. Does anybody have anything positive to say? :O

1st May 2004, 06:02
For the last time!
Stay away from Oman Air; you will probably regret joining.

Have you thought about why nobody gives you a positive answer, regarding Oman Air, that’s what you are waiting for?

The country itself is very nice and in general the omanis are very nice and gentle, so life in Oman is in general, OK.

Stay away from Oman Air; you will probably regret joining.


1st May 2004, 15:14
(For the last time!
Stay away from Oman Air; you will probably regret joining.)

let him decide for himself

if u have nothing else take the job and enjoy

see you


3rd May 2004, 11:30
I think Puzzler should listen to the deafening silence his last question produced...

5th May 2004, 13:47
I spent two years in Oman Air flying B737NG.
To sum it up, it was a good place to be while looking for a real job.

Good luck

5th May 2004, 14:56
A few of my colleagues have been there and they said it is an OK place and OK company. In fact Muscat is very beautiful :cool: :cool:

The Puzzler
5th May 2004, 19:25
Puzzle me this....

Thanks to everyone for their input. From what I've gathered Oman, and Muscat, are lovely places but I dont think its for me. The grass can often look greener....

4th Jun 2004, 19:53
So anybody anything about interview or simcheck? Seems like Oman Air is just a virtual airline... No pilots at all? Please....

4th Jun 2004, 21:05
Word has it on the street that Oman Air will be needing a pile of pilots very shortly.
Rumours are that all the Scandinavians are leaving soon?

4th Jun 2004, 21:59
Hi Scandinavian pilots! Are you leaving?

21st Jun 2004, 11:30
Yes, we are leaving!:O

27th Jun 2004, 23:33
Ah .. pretty old topic but I thought I might aswell chip in.

I'm not a part of the aviation industry.. yet .. and no I don't work at Oman Air.

I have however lived here in Oman all my life .. I'm now 21 years old .. so u do the math.

I can comment on living in Oman... It's a great place as in the surrounding. Very peaceful though HOT as HELL.

But Oman as a country and the managemant all over is deteriorating by the day. The Omani government is on a so called "Omanisation" run. They are trying to give the jos back to Omani's.. little do they know they would still be plundering with spears and riding to work on donkey's if it wasn't for the expatriates.

Well Oman Air boasts of being a 100% Omanised company .. another load of bull crap.

Ok back to the place in general .. your Children will enjoy it here .. there are people from all over the world .. and schools from all over the world. However I don't like the sound of that post quoted by IZK ... I can hands down say that it is most probably true. This is what most of not all the companies do here. You never get what you want... it's like their job to make sure you don't get what you want.

The only company run by majority of foreigners is the Oil companies anywhere in the Gulf region for that matter and same her ein Oman, and is the only company (PDO) that gets good benefits I should think.

The 3 months probation period is true for all Oman Air new staff. Quite poor working conditions from a couple of friends. One of my friends an Omani, was promised a job in the IT department, and he is now cleaning the aircraft, after finishing with the dishes in catering.

Another few friends, all female stewardesses have left except for one. Most of them had arrived from Jet Airways (India) and have now moved to GF or EK. They left because of poor working conditions and long hours, after also being dumped in one building for all the female cabin crew... multiple occupants in each room of each apartment.

The place for a long time settlement is really not nice at all.

If you do NOT get a job anywhere else no matter how hard you try and have no other alternatives. Then come here.. slog the hours... and get the experience to go on to netter things in life.


P.S. also if any pilots from the gulf region reading this .. please message me .. need some help/advice :)

28th Jun 2004, 14:31
As you seem to have Omani friends I am a little suprised you don't give them a little more credit for their progress in the last 34 years.....

Can't remember seeing to many spears down at the souq??


28th Jun 2004, 20:52
:cHi everybody!
I am not saying anything negative regarding the omanization, my issue, is the way Oman Air is treating their expatriate pilots.
I am still in the Middle East; the Omani people are gentle and very polite, no discussion regarding that. What I am trying to say is; the management of Oman Air is doing their best to cheat expats pilots. The management used to be very good up till 97, Oman Air earned money, and then, the good top management of Omanis and expatriats, within financial etc, was replaced. WHY?
Omanization started and they assigned omanis on /off. How many Flight Operations Mamager they have had up till now, I have lost the track, 8?
One really good flight manager (expat) lasted, for 3 weeks only, but the record is 1 day (good pilot, instructor and human being), he is an omani , was removed by the “omani mafia” within the company, due to connections, higher up. He is a very good man, now flying with other companies in Europe.
Now the same mafia, Oman Air management, is reducing all the benefits for the expatriates, but for the omanis? No, example everyone had 42 days leave regardless, now the contract for expats are 30 days, omanis still 42. They give the omanis a good pay raise. Expats get peanuts. The contract was equal regardless of being an omani or expat, which is stated by the law of labor in Oman.
These are just examples of why pilots are leaving; regardless of being Scandinavians, Indians or other nationalities.
As I have said before, in general, I do have many omany friends and omani colleagues in OAS, Oman is a nice country and the omanis are very friendly and do not forget the omani hospitality, it’s great.
So, let us go back to the issue, work with Oman air, is not as pleasant as it used to be, after 97. WHY? I leave that question open; the company had great omani leaders before 97.
Do not mix up PDO( oil company) and Oman Air, what we are discussing here is Oman Air, which used to be a good company to work with before 97, GM at that time took care of all employees, with his policy, now he runs is own investment company in Muscat.
As far as I know, the situation within PDO these days are not as it used be either regarding expats, so, what could be the reason????


16th Jul 2004, 01:37

I have many Omani friends who they themselves don't like whats happening in Oman right now.

I'd give due credit where deserved if things were still headed in the UP direction... since this crackdown on "omanizing" the country, they've been doing a lot less bad than good.

Until reading about Oman Air here, I had no idea what was going on, on the inside. I had high respect for Oman Air as a company because they have come a long way to getting up in the air.

Oman Air is not the only compnay that has a problem with expats, it's everywhere ..

Actually only recently a good Omani friend of mine who is a IT Professional like me join Oman Air because they promissed him a good job with good pay and inducted him nto the company under the Omanisation thing...

Well he was supposed to join the catering division at a "management level". Till date neither he nor anyone else he told know what Oman Air meant by "management level".

He was told that the first 3 months would be minimum wage on probation. He left an office where he was getting overpaind and underworked. On his first 3 months probation period he was asked to clean crockery in the catering division.

Now after hish probation period is over, he is underpaid and overworked. He cleans the aircraft.

Did I mention the fact that he's an Omani? I can only imagine what's left of any expats working there.

I am however looking to join in for the crumbs of the pie .. just for startup...

Apologies for mixing up PDO in here, jsut was trying to say that only seems to be a good place for expats right now .. (but the european or western kind). But have no idea whats been happening there either lately.

IZK, you still working for Oman Air? btw.. IZK, if I'm not mistaken, Oman Air went stepped into a big muddy pot hole since the millenium didn't they? Maybe thats why the change in management?


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