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8th Mar 2004, 16:57
The Storch is an aircraft that has fascinated from a young age.

I reckon I will be looking for one soon.

Does anybody know of an airworthy Argus powered machine that might be for sale?

I was gazzumped a couple of years back on one in Germany - it went to the States.

There was one in a white Ambulance scheme on the market a few years back. Does anybody know its status now?

I am not as keen on a Criquet - it has to have an Argus up the front. It will never be a Storch with a round engine!

FIngers crossed - and with a fair wind blowing my way - I really hope to own one sooner rather than later and no - I won't be selling either of my Miles machines to facilitate the acquisition.

Also - should a Miles Hawk crop up - I'll definately go for that first! The Hawk is at the top of my wish list.

Looking forward to some favourable posts!


8th Mar 2004, 17:06
No doubt about it HP that a Storch will definitely cope with the "front garden" at Wills Pastures !!.I could dressup as Mussolini for re-enactments!!and who for Hannah Reitsch??.Thanks for a great weekend:ok:

8th Mar 2004, 21:18
Hi Stampe!

Hows your head?! Great fun or what?!

The lovely Nicky is a lot too tall to pass off as the diminutive Hannah R but we'll see if we can fit her up as a lookalike in other respects (phoooaaaar!)

Anyway - we ain't got the plane yet!

See what you can find.

Gerry Yeagens in the USA ended up with 'my' Storch from Germany. I wonder if he has or intends to do anything with it? The last I heard from him was that he had pushed it into the back of the hangar 'for later'.

I dont have his EMail address any more otherwise I would have a go at contacting him about it.

I reckon a Storch would indeed - in skilled hands - be able to operate from my 'garden' but we thought the same of the Messenger and I never had the [email protected] to try it.


8th Mar 2004, 22:05
Sat behind Peter Waller in an Argus engined Storch some years ago and watched him pull off a flawless forced landing after one of the pots lifted. That put paid to my check ride :(

Flew the ARCO Storch/Cricket some years after that after an airshow at Duxford and giggled through the whole sortie. JR refused to let me fly it until I had finished flying the FG1D for the day. As it seemed to do everything at zilch knots I could see his reasoning!:ok:

9th Mar 2004, 02:05


You said you're not keen on the Criquet. but still a great a/c.
These were taken at St. Cyr, France 18 July 1963.
F-BDQT & F-BEJQ Morane Saulnier 502.


Pics by John Newman.

9th Mar 2004, 06:38
A gent in Epsom has just registered two Storches (hope that is the correct plural!) as well as a Me109 and a Ju87. Presumably they require restoration and I have no idea what his plans are, but you could always ask... The regns are G-STCH, G-STOR, G-EMIL and G-STKA from memory if you want to look him up on G-INFO...



Kerosene Kraut
9th Mar 2004, 19:09
One is a Storch, more than that are Störche.

10th Mar 2004, 09:27
New Storch, 3/4 scale (http://www.storch.com.au/)

When departing Avalon last year Nestor was asked to "Show us what you got". Into a 10kt headwind he was airborne in a plane-length, then climbed at about 45degrees...

This all assumes your intent is to fly it:ouch:

10th Mar 2004, 15:19
Thanks KK!

The 3/4 Storch put in an appearance at Biggin Hill and a few other UK shows several years ago with an impressive display of its agility - you just can't beat some designs!

10th Mar 2004, 23:09
This is the Slepcev (I think I have spelt it right...) kit.

A very impressive microlight version with a very impressive STOL performance.

Not for me though....


11th Mar 2004, 01:09
Here's a lot of gen on this great aircraft. Pay particular attention to the replica's.