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Arm out the window
8th Aug 2001, 07:42
Here's a challenge - see if you can get a decent (or otherwise) original story down in 20 or less words. I don't know if I can, but to start off, here goes...

Gwendoline, beautiful traitorous spy, escaping skyward with reactor plans, cries "Theo, love, no choice...", lying.
Dead eyes, dispassionate, see nothing.

8th Aug 2001, 08:40

(The screen / book goes all "wobbly" and it's now 5 years earlier)

"Fancy a good time darlin"? He hurried by as if she were invisible. Gwendoline shrugged, Christ, she hated her life.

Arm out the window
8th Aug 2001, 09:21
As is my way, I wasn't clear enough with my first post.

Seeing as we already had a progressive story going, I was throwing out the challenge for a self-contained 20 wd story, if that's possible - over to the wordsmiths of PPrune...

8th Aug 2001, 09:28
That WAS my story.

8th Aug 2001, 09:30
Jerome K Jerome said that all novels are the same novel: A maiden dwelt in the valley. A youth came to the valley. The youth left the valley.
Seventeen words, six of them articles.

Arm out the window
8th Aug 2001, 09:32
Sorry mate, I'm a bit slow! :D

Pilot's sex kitten
8th Aug 2001, 18:49
If you reckon you're a latent literary genius with very little time but would quite like to make a few extra pennies then see the competitions at http://www.the-phone-book.com.

The micro story has to be less than 50 words (if chosen this is paid at 35p per word)and the short-micro story can only be a mere 150 characters long (paid at 50p a word).


tony draper
8th Aug 2001, 19:06
the end

bloody hell I had to edit it.

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Tricky Woo
8th Aug 2001, 19:12
............................................................ ............................................................ ............................................................ ...................................

The End

'My Autobiography', by Marcel Marceau.

tony draper
8th Aug 2001, 19:28
The merchant of Venice
Oy vey!

the end.

The Guvnor
8th Aug 2001, 19:32
"A man was born. He lived and died. The end."

Ten words - anyone beat that?? :D :D :D

8th Aug 2001, 19:52
Meet. Sex. Love. No love. Death. Damn!

(Omit last chapter if too wordy)

8th Aug 2001, 19:58
"Rich man want's Poor man's land. They go to court. Rich man eventually wins. Poor man dies and is forgotten."

(c) swashplate 2001

Exactly 20 words!!! :cool:

Let's see if Lord Archer can beat that!!! :D :D

tony draper
8th Aug 2001, 20:17

Don Corleone,


Bang... BANG....bang


Don Micheal...

the end.

pax domina
8th Aug 2001, 20:28
Anyone else remember *the* Godfathers . . .

Birth, school, work, death.

:D :D :D

Deep Cover Gecko
8th Aug 2001, 22:41
One I read somewhere, as a result of a similar challenge.
"My God," said the Duchess. "I'm pregnant. I wonder whodunnit."

9th Aug 2001, 00:15
I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream. Lick. Lick. Salmonella poisoning. Barf!

9th Aug 2001, 22:41

Man hunts whale
Man finds whale
Man kills whale (I think)


9th Aug 2001, 23:18
Veni Vidi Vici by Julius Caesar

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9th Aug 2001, 23:19
Good guy fights bad guy. James Bond wins.

Pax Domina

Ok, alleen als je een dame bent! :D

[edit for putting Domina in plural, oh damn those Freudian thoughts]

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10th Aug 2001, 03:53
the butler did it. the bastard. the end :cool:

10th Aug 2001, 03:53
Hemingway's response to a similar challenge was along the line of:

"For Sale: Baby's bootees. Unworn."

tony draper
10th Aug 2001, 04:01
Hello young man
Bugger me!!!!
Your nicked
the end.

10th Aug 2001, 08:57
A competition was held for the shortest story ever. The winning entry was:-

"God lay dying."

Hard to improve on that, I think.

10th Aug 2001, 12:44
He thought 'How will I get out of this?'. He didn't. He died.

You want it when?
10th Aug 2001, 12:46
Shotest poem ever about microbes....

Adam, had 'em


Bio Warrior
10th Aug 2001, 13:03
It was as a dark and stormy night,lightning hits atoms in primeavil soup.
"Woops!" said God.
Life begins.


10th Aug 2001, 17:43
First time machine test.
He set five seconds into the past.
He pressed the start button.

First time machine test.

pax domina
10th Aug 2001, 21:29
golden_hands - ja, ik ben. :)

Anyone who was at June GatBash care to confirm that?

:D :D :D

(And anyone who has the van Dale Handwoordenboek on CD ROM care to tell me how I can get the damn thing out of permanent Engels/Nederlands woordenboek mode?!! I got it primarily to use as a quick Nederlands/Engels look up. Started messing around with the settings, which are in Dutch, and now it's gone all weird on me. May have to uninstall and reinstall to get the defaults back.)

Onan the Clumsy
10th Aug 2001, 21:40
Somebody said "Write a story in twenty words or less". I thought for a while, then I wrote two sentences.

11th Aug 2001, 00:02
Pshaw! Most of these are cops-out. The challenge is to write a full story. As in, beginning, middle, end. And by implication, a plot. A simple brief summary of one situation Doesn't Count. Too easy. Ppruners, you disappoint... ;)

Bio Warrior
11th Aug 2001, 01:03
heres one for you catwhisker in our native lauguage

Snooze snooze, wake. Tummy grumbles.
Meorww merow.
"O.K Bio"
Lap lap lap.
purrrr (Thankyou.)
Stretch yawn, curl up in sun.

there you go a beginning middle and end and a happy puddy cat what more does a story need! it even has a bit of character development :)

-Bio (feline author on the rise)

Evening Star
11th Aug 2001, 02:33
I occasionally use this as a bed time story when I am not in the mood to read a bed time story. Funnily enough, it still works pretty well:

'Once upon a time, they all lived happily ever after.'

Ten words and lots of scope for imagination....

11th Aug 2001, 08:44
BAAAAaaa..aa...a....a....................................... ............................................................ ............................................................ ...........

"The Silence of the Lambs."


11th Aug 2001, 15:27
Man friend gangster henchman drugs Chechnya war boat home helicopter police chase shoots boss gunbattle police rooftop sniper shot dead.

pax domina
11th Aug 2001, 23:03
Girl meets boy.
Girl fancies boy.
Boy does not fancy girl.
Girl is not happy, but deals with it. :(

Girl meets boy.
Girl fancies boy.
Boy fancies girl. (!!!)
Girl is happy until it ends in tears.
It always does. :(

Girl thinks boy she fancies fancies her. But she isn't sure. So she runs away and sulks. :(

Tricky Woo
13th Aug 2001, 01:47
"Before you kill me, don't you want to know why I wash shent here?"

"No, Mister Bond..."


13th Aug 2001, 13:20
A la Recherche du Temps Perdu in nine words:

Boy eats bun, bloke thinks about it a bit.

You want it when?
13th Aug 2001, 13:44
Aloft, alone at last, the pattern complete, finals he calls, flares at 20 feet. Bounce whoops crunch solo no more...

13th Aug 2001, 16:04
Army invades, army retreats.

War and Peace - in a very much reduced version

:) :rolleyes:

pax domina
13th Aug 2001, 16:17
May I declare FNG the winner of this year's All-England Summarise Proust Competition? :D

13th Aug 2001, 16:26
A hot steamy night.
He must leave.
"Got to work, darlin.
Don't cry, I'll be back."
She trembles with anticipation.

Ik heb seks, ik wil ook liefde !

13th Aug 2001, 16:39
They build an aeroplane.
They flew over the beach.
They had done it.
They became famous.
The rest is history.

tony draper
13th Aug 2001, 17:29
Contraversial Book.
The kiwi's did it before them
the end ;)

13th Aug 2001, 18:03
The man lay smiling,
The girls were twins,
Having worn him out they were now....
cooking breakfast! :D

'The characters in this novel are purely fictional.' (Typically)
Editor's note: The Author is sadly lacking in imagination! :p

13th Aug 2001, 18:09
Man looked at the birds and wanted to fly!
He designed planes, realising his mistake :eek:
He designed Helicopters! :cool:

Editors Note: The author has been taken out back & shot.
(You'll be glad to hear!) :rolleyes:

13th Aug 2001, 18:12

My God, I'm pregnant, Whodunnit?