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17th Mar 2002, 18:22
Well we seem to have arrived in the madhouse. Apparently some restaurants are requiring their customers to sign a release form before they are served rare hamburgers, sausages or mince. I don't know what they would do if you ordered "steak americain" as it is raw mince with a raw egg - and jolly good too!! You would probably be thrown out on the street or charged with breaking some fool damned law made up by some busybody.. .. .What is happening to the country? PC seems to be ruling over commonsense. You cannot chastise a child in Scotland, they ban hand guns and end up with more thuggery, country sports under threat, try to sell home made jam on a stall and so on.. .. .I have enjoyed fifteen years over here on the continent and it doesn't fall apart because there is no PC - it happily goes its own way letting people enjoy an increasingly strange concept, for the UK, called liberty.. .. .Is it not time to re-introduce the concept of disciplined commonsense? Kick out the tree huggers and busybodies. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Mad]" src="mad.gif" /> <img border="0" title="" alt="[Mad]" src="mad.gif" />

17th Mar 2002, 21:12
Cunim,. .. ."steak americain" as you so call it, or "steak tartare" as it's more commonly known is no longer served in many restaurants and hasn't been for a very long time. Namely the reason is for the scare that happened during the 80's with regarding to salmonella. Of course a certain Edwina Curry (then junior Health Minister) didn't help to reduce the scare. As well as a scare over Botulism of which the culprit was traced back to a large number of hazlenut yoghurts.. .. .As well as in recent times there was a large concern and number of cases in Scotland a couple of years ago with E Coli . .. .Having worked in a number of restaurants & hotels, I'm not aware of any that have cooked sausages rare. since these often contain ground up offal and not prime cuts of meat. Steaks on the other hand mainly from rump through to fillet steak are tender enough to be cooked rare.. .. .The same care regarding the prevention of certain rechauffe dishes mainly curries & stews generally made in canteens for large stores as the strains of food poisoning that you are required to be wary of, tend to form spores that survive even when the meat is chilled, but multiply again when the food is heated again and therefore must be brought to a high temperature as quickly as possible in order to kill off the bacteria.. .. .However if some restaurants are asking customers to sign a disclaimer to say the chef or establishment cannot be deemed liable for any food poisoning contracted from eating their food. I would be very interested in having a look at the state of their kitchens and how the food is stored within their refridgerators.

17th Mar 2002, 21:49
Yes, it's well beyond time we went back to common sense.. .. .Let's just start from the premise that:. .. . "The World Is A Dangerous Place" . .. .and let people make their own decisions and act accordingly. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Mad]" src="mad.gif" />

17th Mar 2002, 22:06
I agree!! If a restaurant were to ask me to sign a disclaimer I would want to know the reason why! This "sceptred island" this "nanny state" has so totally taken away responsibility from those who should be responsible and so cast into shadow those who should be protected (from health service, to passenger services, the elderly, the "individual"). Sorry .. getting political. I am in my mid 40s, grew up by the sea, have lived and worked in a variety of places and just think that the UK in 2002 has a greater proportion of folks who can't manage for themselves and a smaller infrastructure to help them than any other soi-disant developed country. I just think that this is because we always assumed that governments and civil servants and "public services" would be staffed by folks with the people's best interests at heart and that is where we have gone wrong! My guy is American and the USA is a tough place to be - but, there is no pretence at looking after anyone, you have to sort your own life out ... I wish folks here would realise that it is now the same here!! <img border="0" title="" alt="[Frown]" src="frown.gif" /> . .. .so..back to the "food disclaimer" ..I would have to decline. If a restaurant is offering a menu choice then it has to deliver. If it wishes to put a footnote that certain items are not suited for children/elderly/compromised immune systems then that will suffice to put people on notice. If an individual chooses such an option the server/waiter can point out the footnote but take the order. Problem solved!!. . . . <small>[ 17 March 2002, 18:10: Message edited by: brockenspectre ]</small>

Evening Star
17th Mar 2002, 22:10
Cunim. .. .Nothing to do with political correctness or tree hugging. More, should you fall ill, protecting the backside of the restaurant from lawyers (who would only hug a tree if there was money in it) and journalists (who would only hug a tree if there was an easy headline in it).. .. .Got a problem with this sort of nonsense? Then have a chat with those lawyers or journalists, who of course never make any mistakes. Speaking from my current position (water course hugging), I think they are doing more harm to society than any sad greenie.. .. .Grainger is right, we should all be aware that the world is a dangerous place and live life accordingly.

17th Mar 2002, 22:24
I agree with Evening Star's point that it has nothing to do with political correctness or tree hugging. However, if a restaurant requires a customer to sign a disclaimer before a rare steak is served, then something is seriously wrong.. .. .Before I was let lose on the unsuspecting public, I was required to sit an additional exam devised by the R.I.P.H.H (Royal Institure of Public Heath & Hygiene) on top of my City & Guilds. Which I'm pleased to say I passed with honours <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="smile.gif" /> . .. .As Grainger has said, this is a dangerous world that we live in, but personally would you go back to a restaurant that asked you to sign such a disclaimer or even one that you fell prey to food poisoning?

17th Mar 2002, 22:52
I have known some very nice trees in the past - nothing wrong with hugging them! <img border="0" title="" alt="[Wink]" src="wink.gif" /> . .. .Between school and Uni I went for a job washing dishes in an AA 4* hotel not far from here. Pay was standard crap, but I needed the money. I was interviewed, offered the job, then took a look at the kitchen. Pots & pans were stored on open Dexion shelving, and the shelves themselves were encrusted with black grime and grease. I turned the job down on the spot, and I have never eaten there.. .. .As has been said before, you should never, ever sign such a waiver. Inspect the kitchen if you like - any self-respecting restaurant will allow that. If not, walk out. If there are any signs of unhygienic practices (e.g. cooked meat stored in the same refrigerator as raw, any dirt, utensils in hand-wash basins, etc. etc.) or you're not sure of anything then walk out.. .. .And as you walk out, ensure that everyone else in the restaurant hears why you're walking out. And ensure the Public Health Inspector hears later, as well.. .. .PS - Not entirely sure about this, Flying Lawyer could confirm or correct as appropriate, but I suspect that such a waiver would probably not invalidate any claim you may subsequently make against the restaurant in any court case. If I were a restaurateur, I would be very wary of relying on such a document. Unfair Contract Terms Act and all that, I think.... . . . <small>[ 17 March 2002, 18:56: Message edited by: HugMonster ]</small>

17th Mar 2002, 23:03
14 dead from 1 outbreak of e-coli.The guy who was prosecuted for "chastising"his child was actually kicking and punching his cowering screaming toddler in the street."country sports" or a quaint traditional bedfellow to Badger Baiting and Dog Fighting(Oh sorry the toffs banned those didn't they)Man can't continue his hobby of pistol shooting-a wee bit sad-thats all.Dunblane? much much more than sad.For once the government DID something.. .Can't sell homemade jam-ok that's daft!

Send Clowns
17th Mar 2002, 23:42
Homer, so the government should ban non-essential car journeys should they because someone fell asleep at the wheel and killed train passengers? That was very sad. And we should be banned from fishing, keeping cats, killing rats and mice, trapping rabbits, shooting animals? All are arguably more cruel than fox hunting. But the government will encourage the cruel shooting of foxes by banning the much more humane hunting, because it is not a target of the petty class war that they use to gain positive headlines, and which you also seem to fight. You can't ban a sport just because you don't like the people who participate.. .. .The law in Scotland now says you cannot smack a young child. No-one mentioned a specific case, so you are answering a point that had not been made.. . . . <small>[ 17 March 2002, 19:43: Message edited by: Send Clowns ]</small>

18th Mar 2002, 00:29
WOW folks, lets not get too hung up. Steak Americain is the Steak tartare outside Belgium where I live. I was only trying to raise the point that when my wife makes a cake here we do not get the hygene police on our door. I WANT A BIT OF PEACE AND QUIET TO LIVE MY LIFE AS I SEE FIT!!!!!!!!!