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8th Aug 2001, 04:08
Virtuoso musician Larry Adler has died aged 87, having elevated the humble harmonica from being a playground toy to a serious concert hall instrument.
Larry Adler was the best-known mouth organist in the world.
His music for the classic film Genevieve in 1953 made him a wealthy man - and famous in
England, his adopted home.

And another Goon Show contributor.

Dave Incognito
8th Aug 2001, 04:25
Billie Holiday once said that Adler didn't play the harmonica, he sang it.

He also had a really great sense of humour. When interviewed on Australian radio last year when touring, he was asked if harmonica players gave better oral sex (and remember that Adler was 86 at the time).

His reply was: "Well yes of course. It is very similar, but I don't think I could make a record out of it." :D

A great man both on and off the stage. Unfortunately I never had the chance to see him play live.


henry crun
8th Aug 2001, 07:08
Rollingthunder: Are you sure he was a contributor to the goon show ?,
Max Geldray (spelling) was the regular harmonica player

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8th Aug 2001, 07:58
Henry, I'd always associated him and Max with the Goon Show broadcasts. This is an extract from the Globe and Mail's obituary...

"He left the United States for Britain in the early 1950s after being blacklisted during senator Joseph McCarthy's communist witch hunt.During that decade, Adler toured extensively and was a regular on the zany
Goon Show radio broadcasts in Britain with comedians Spike Milligan, Harry Secombe and Peter Sellers."

8th Aug 2001, 12:30
Dave Incognito,

Having read your contribution about harmonica players being better at all types of blow jobs, my wife has presented me with a harmonica.

Unthorthunathely, I hathe jutht goth my thongue thuck in ith. I theem thoo thee thoing thomething thnot kthite wight. Any more cwether thuggestionth? Ooh Thhyit!

:p :eek: :p


8th Aug 2001, 16:02
Shy - you almost read my mind! I was just wondering how long we could keep a JB thread with the keywords 'mouth' and 'organ' going without getting smirky :D :D :D

WxJx ;)

8th Aug 2001, 16:50
He also wrote many brilliant letters to Private Eye, which I'm sure will put out one of their special obits. for him.