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5th Mar 2004, 23:18
Looks like Omniport have some plans for Norwich. Their management of PIK was excellent. Would be nice to see another regional airport benefit from some dedicated investment and management

Sorry I can't get a link to work so here is the article :O

New airport bosses unveil plans


March 5, 2004 07:39

The new bosses at Norwich International airport last night revealed more details of their improvement and expansion plans.

Under an agreement that saw Omniport pay 11m for an 80.1pc share of the airport, the new owners have a commitment to spend 8.3m on improvements.

Omniport say this will include much-needed work on the apron, an improved taxi-way and navigational aids.

"These are priority projects that need to be done mainly because the site has not been invested in over the past few years," said John Baillie, one of Omniport's executive directors.

But longer term, there is a vision to extend the runway by up to 200 metres as the airport develops.

The aim is to establish more routes, nationally and internationally, and see flights to longer haul destinations.

However, Mr Baillie has given assurances that a longer runway would not mean increased noise.

"In fact, it could mean less noise," he said, "as aircraft would not have to climb so steeply. It would also save on fuel consumption during take-off for operators, making the airport more attractive to them.

"If you look at Norwich, the airport is a tremendous asset, lots of communities in the UK do not have an airport, but it needs to be utilised more and we aim to ensure it fulfils its potential."

There are plans for improvements in the terminal building and it is hoped increased passenger numbers will lead to economic and commercial spin-offs that will bring benefits to the area and create jobs, directly and indirectly.

The company also plans discussions with bus companies to establish better transport links from the city to the airport.

Omniport believe there is a demand for routes into Belfast, Dublin, Glasgow and Liverpool, as well as possibly to Paris and the Channel Islands.

Mr Baillie said: "We have started discussions with carriers about existing and new routes, that is our main focus over the next few months."

Current carriers operating for Norwich are British Midland, Eastern and KLM.

Omniport previously had a major share in Glasgow Prestwick International Airport and saw passenger numbers rise from 800,000 to two million and has pledged to see similar success repeated in Norwich.

Norfolk County Council and Norwich City Council made 10m from the sell-off but both authorities have retained around a20pc share in the airport and seats on the new board as part of a 15-year public-private partnership deal.

Omniport is anxious to involve the local community in the development of the airport and wants to hear what new routes potential passengers want to see introduced. People can respond via e-mail to [email protected]<hidden>, write to managing director Hugh Lawson at the airport, or call 01603 489041.

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