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5th Mar 2004, 18:45
Hey guys,
I am in two minds. Gettting an FAA licence out right is cheaper than JAA. I have looked at flyAAA.com and it is about 17k for the 'Full Professional Course'. A similar JAA course is 30k with flyEFT.com. This is a course which you get an FAA license and then a JAA licence. This is up to the "frozen ATPL" level. Now, does anyone know how much it is to convert. I have read a CAA LASORS document saying you basically need to resit most of the exams and checkrides and then take lessons at the descretion of the flying school's CFI. Has anyone done it/know someone who has? Below is a list of the FAA qualifications on completion of the flyAAA.com Full Professional Course. THese are all the qualifications I would like, just a shame they are FAA! Would like to know if it is cheaper to do this then convert, or go with flyEFT.com and get the FAA and JAA licence together at the same time.

Private Pilot Licence

Instrument Rating

Commercial Pilot Licence (Single-Engine)

Commercial Pilot Licence (Multi-Engine)

Flight Instructor Certificate

Instrument Flight Instructor

Multi-Engine Flight Instructor

Any help much appreciated! Decided that I am going to the FLYER professional training day in LHR! I hope its worth my 70 and 4am start to get down there!
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