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5th Mar 2004, 18:15
Has anybody had any dealings with JAC Academy ?


They do a 737 Rating for 12900......and would also do 250/500 hours line training for a few more peso's.....:\

Don't want a debate on the pros and cons of paying for a rating....we've done that one to death. Just want some feedback good or bad on the organisation.


Global Pilot
6th Mar 2004, 14:59
A very big word of CAUTION!! Check out this link to a thread run here in the last few weeks. I also attach some strong words of warning from the original post. I find it hard to believe JACs site is still trying to recruit


posted 13th February 2004 14:26 JAC Academy people arrested I was doing an A320 type rating with them and to cut a very long story short, the whole thing was so suspicious (We had no manuals, no syllabus, no FMGS trainer, no Fixed base sim, and our "instructor" wasn't even rated on the airbus!) that we (myself and the other guy I was doing the rating with) called the police. This led to the arrest of Andrew Alexandre (also known as Gonzague Alexandre) and Olivier Auclerc who is apparently the brains behind the whole thing, yesterday morning in Frankfurt by german undercover police officers.They are now being questioned by Police and at this time it looks likely they will both be going to jail.Also of interest is that the police have contacted the relevant english authorities and apparently JAC Academy doesn't actually exist.

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