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7th Aug 2001, 17:03
Well it is one year since I logged onto pprune and got my first fix!
Began my journey on the road of pprunealism. Who would have thought when I first came to this site on the recommendation of a guy I was chatting to on ICQ that it would become such an addiction. Now I am definitely a ppruneaholic!
But hey it’s something to do, and being an unemployed loser I don’t have much else to do!
So anyway I just want to say thanks to the nice ppruners :) :) and bite me to the not so nice ones :p :D

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7th Aug 2001, 17:38
Hey dings

Happy anniversary ! - and thanks for all the laughs you've given us with your daft sense of humour.

Stay cool :cool:



7th Aug 2001, 18:49
Same here !
Thanks and lotsa lovin'

gravity victim
7th Aug 2001, 19:23
Me too. I always click first on a dingducky contribution. Keep 'em coming! :)

Send Clowns
7th Aug 2001, 23:57
Me too ('though I was a_random then). A good month for pprunes :p

Thanks from me too to all of you (not least you, DD ;)) that I am still talking to!

9th Aug 2001, 15:50
my next plan is to get my own little tag under my name.
in my fav colour of green of course :p
any suggestions on what it should say? :D

10th Aug 2001, 13:16
Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Happy Birthday dear swashplate!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to me!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D


10th Aug 2001, 13:35
Dings, swash;

You are hereby invited to the virtual piss-up tonight.

Please join me and the other fortysomethings at 21:00 for a drink or two. :cool: :cool: