View Full Version : NATS with private influence, Thank God!

Bailed Out
17th Mar 2002, 04:48
heard someone high ranking *ss from our governments police force trying to explain that it may be beneficial to legalise all drugs.... .. .On the same day I receive a GATSO Dear John for doing 41 in a 30 limit, an hour later I'm informed my 14 year old is a junkie..... .. .just hope common sense prevails and air crew have to have differing "substances" after their in-fight-meal.

17th Mar 2002, 22:53
What, pray has this to do with NATS Plc?

Bailed Out
20th Mar 2002, 06:18
Ah ha! Want to sell some shares cheap then?. .. .Wage freeze is it?. .. .Company policy AND legislation?. .. .Government allows drugs, Nats not entirely run by the government now? Get the idea or would a map help.. .. .Sorry, just tetchy at the moment, must be the time of month...doh!!. .. .Controversy, ridicule, commercialism, politics, legality, hierarchy, pc and discrimination all in one post....Slasher eat your heart out.. .. .Yes in know, not the same panache. .. .Hey, easy on me it is JB after all <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="smile.gif" />