View Full Version : how many spits do you want?

3rd Mar 2004, 12:38
i'm having a garage sale.

http://www.bluetonguehelicopters.com.au/pprune/spits.jpg :ok: :ok:

3rd Mar 2004, 13:24
When that picture was taken, the fuel left in the tanks was probably worth more than the Spits!

Aileron Roll
3rd Mar 2004, 14:41
Best story I heard (I think from a book called " Hunting Warbirds") detailed a guy who bought a stack of WW2 aircraft, then sold the gas in them back to the Govt, and made a bundle......

4th Mar 2004, 00:37
Paul Mantz was the man! He unfortunately died during the making of "The Flight of the Phoenix".

4th Mar 2004, 04:10

Very interesting - those are Aussie Spits. Any idea where and when taken? Is that Archerfield?


5th Mar 2004, 05:58
i'm not sure woomera,

i'll go through the pile and see if there is a clue.


chimbu warrior
5th Mar 2004, 06:19
Whilst I can't be certain, this photo looks very similar to one I have seen before, and I believe the caption mentioned it as having been taken at or near Oakey.

6th Mar 2004, 11:20
Oakey was my other thought - flat Downs terrain by the look of it.

Archerfield is also flat but so many buildings now it would be hard to pick. All that hardware sitting there waiting to be melted down - and not one example kept for the Army Museum at Oakey! :ouch: