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tony draper
6th Aug 2001, 02:54
Strange question I know, does anybody have any info on that superstar of the hangmans knot the executioner Albert Pierpoint.
In a strange coincidence there is another thread going on another forum about the rights or wrongs of executing murderers, I didn't start it honest.
Did a search to no avail, incidently plenty of pop bands called hangmen executioners ect,
bloody pop bands, if you typed in,
SUPERFLUIDELECTROMAGNETICHYDRODYNAMICS, you can bet your arse thers a poxy pop group called that, and there will be a million pages on them.

6th Aug 2001, 03:08
A Google search shows 283 results for 'Albert Pierrepoint', if you are really interested in the grisly old bore.

tony draper
6th Aug 2001, 03:25
Not me Mr R, A french laddie on another forum requested info when I mentioned Pierpoints name.
By the way we are paragons of the humane compared to the way Frenchmen used to execute their undesirables.

6th Aug 2001, 03:28
His autobiography is "Executioner: Pierrepoint", published by Coronet, ISBN 0-340-21307-8, in paperback.

Probably out of print now, Amazon might be able to source if you are interested.

tony draper
6th Aug 2001, 04:03
Thanks Mr R found that, posted some stuff for the lad.
Everyone of my generation seems to know that name,understand why now, he did the business on a lot of concentration camp staff.

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Tartan Gannet
6th Aug 2001, 04:06
Criticalmass, a first class book. I recommend it to any serious student of this subject. Gives a first class insight of the man who was NOT a "Grisly Old Bore" as Unwell-Raptor would have it but actually a very thoughtful man who carried out his grim task with skill and compassion.

Now as to practicing the "variable drop" method of exection with U_R as my guinea pig :D :D :D

6th Aug 2001, 06:26
A friend of mine always wanted to be an executioner .... but he just couldn't get the hang of it.


Kermit 180
6th Aug 2001, 13:54
You lot still hanging around here?

6th Aug 2001, 16:07
I think I like the look of the one without the comma better :)

Mind you, as the poster you could just delete one of them by selecting edit/delete!

Kermit 180
6th Aug 2001, 16:25
They've probably had charts and tables for everything in the Home Office over the years, so hardly surprising.

Incidentally, I liked your 2nd one best GV, it uses capital 'i' when you identify yourself.

Kermie :p

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gravity victim
6th Aug 2001, 18:01
All stylistic and computer handling tips humbly noted! :o :o

Tartan Gannet
6th Aug 2001, 20:47
Yes Kermit, there was a table of rope lengths against weight and height of the subject. This was revised and fine tuned by Pierrepoint from empirical data and experience.

The idea was to kill the subject rapidly by breaking the neck between the 2nd and 3rd cervical vertibrae severing the spinal cord. Too short a length of rope could mean a slow death by strangulation or severe injury without death whilst too long could result in decapitation. Indeed in the 19th Century the then executioner Berry did decapitate a subject at Norwich Prison.

As has already been said, performed properly execution by the British Variable Drop method was one of the quickest and thus most humane methods used and a lot more merciful than the methods used by some of the murderers themselves on their victims.

In the end however, this subject is similar to the other two great "conscience" issues, Abortion and Euthanasia, one either considers them to be acceptable or abominable. For the record I am in favour of all three.

7th Aug 2001, 15:08
Pierrepoint summed up his craft in a single, succint sentence: "measure carefully, then give the longest drop possible." None of his clients ever complained afterwards.

While ever one human being remains capable of killing another we will have the debate about the death-penalty.

I note that is is termed a penalty, not a deterrent. I don't see any point in using it as a deterrent because it patently fails. But as a punishment there is little to better it...unless we sentenced those guilty of capital crimes to spend the rest of their lives sitting in some of the parliaments which indulge in debate on the subject.

This, however, is unlikely...the criminals would probably complain about the company they'd be keeping.

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