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The Scarlet Pimpernel
5th Aug 2001, 04:24
Where do you go to get that decent pie and a pint?? I thought that PPRuNeLand would be able to give us some quality establishments that we could div into during a crisis....

For those of you unlucky enough (like me, but not for much longer!) to be stuck in deepest darkest Norfolk, try the Squirrel's Drey in a little place called Sporle. Top beer, top food, top pub!

I open it to the floor...... :p

5th Aug 2001, 04:48
at LGWtry the Tavern on the Green in Pound Hill, Modern type but good atmosphere and beer :cool:

Send Clowns
5th Aug 2001, 16:21
Not sure I ever ate the food, but The Mill in Cambridge is possibly my favourite pub. Very small, but in the winter very cosy and in the summer get served in plastic cups and sit out on Sheep's Green, by the river.

They have a blackboard with the number of different ales served chalked up. When I first went it was 249, but it was in the 400s by the time I left university. Great beer, and they also have fruit wines and other unusual but deliscious ways of elaborating on ethanol.

Hagbard the Amateur
5th Aug 2001, 17:39
The Noble Dubliner, Sihlstrasse, Zürich.
Great Irish pub for homesick ex-pats.

The Dog & Partridge, Didsbury Village, MAN. Large range of ales and characters.

Gash Handlin
6th Aug 2001, 01:31
always used to go to The Wooden Doll in North Shields on a Sunday afternoon with my Dad and his mates, for dinner looking out over the entrance to the Tyne, watchin the boats coming and going followed by a nice long session drinking many pints of theakstons.

tony draper
6th Aug 2001, 01:50
Bloody hell,bar meals in the Wooden Dolly, things have changed, I remember the Jungle is that still there Mr Gash?. ;)

Gash Handlin
6th Aug 2001, 03:27
Don't know Mr D, I went uni 8 years ago and never really went back, I think it was closed down after its umpteenth drugs raid but it probably reopened again.

Went there once and got the sh!t kicked out of me, never went back funnily enough!

6th Aug 2001, 03:39
if your anywhere near LBA,
any pub in OTLEY will do!! ;)

tony draper
6th Aug 2001, 03:54
Well I'm talkin about forty years ago, North Shields was regarded as a good run ashore belive it or not,like most places then you were quite safe even in the rough joints if you minded your own business, unlike now.

Hey Mr OPS,Otley is a fine little town, stuck some camera's in a Bradford @ Bingley there a couple of years back.
Didn't have time to try any of the pubs.

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6th Aug 2001, 04:42
"The Dragon Inn" in Saigon, highly recommend, as long as it is still there?


Capt Widebody
6th Aug 2001, 04:51
Bloody good idea for a thread!

Some of these are in the official good pub guide, but worthy of inclusion in the Ppruners pub guide, here's some of my faves

Black Bull in Market Overton (beer/food)
Crab & Lobster, Asenby, near Thirsk (food)
Via Vitas, Chester (gay cocktails but fittest totty)
The Boater, Bath (good beer, some years back)
Tally Ho Inn, Aswarby (Ahhh, Cranwell days)
Fortescue Inn, Mutley Plain, Plymouth (good for serious alchol abusers)

6th Aug 2001, 06:19
The Oxford Scholarly Inn in Swanston St, Melbourne Australia. The Gryph Inn in Caulfield is also a great one. Also try PJ O'Brians at Southgate and Pug Mahones in Carlton (???)

6th Aug 2001, 10:02
"The Breakfast Creek Hotel" in Brisbane...

Probably the best steaks and beer in town.


6th Aug 2001, 13:12
Once again the topic comes around to beer...my favourite subject!

My favourite watering holes

The St Vincent Arms, Sutton upon Derwent (near York) A great selection of food and beers.

The Lamb Inn, Tintinhull (near Yeovil) - I used to live about 25yds from this one A fantastic selection of homemade pies and a very nice pint of Bombardier.

The Elm Tree, Embsay (near Skipton) again a fine selection of ale and food - proper pub food here, the mixed grill is not for the faint-hearted.

6th Aug 2001, 13:42
For superb food, it has to be the Star Inn at Helmsley, North of York.

6th Aug 2001, 13:47
Capt. W:

Ah yes, The Boater! I was there a good few years ago for the Bath Cricket Festival and we adjourned to the Boater for lunch. I was pleased to see that the Gents had blackboards in both the sitting and standing departments. In the sit down cubicle someone had drawn a long arrow pointing to the toilet roll, with the legend "Sociology Degrees: Please take one"

On the board in front of the urinals someone had used a knife to carve in the message "Where's the [email protected]@cking chalk?"

tony draper
6th Aug 2001, 13:57
Had a mate who holidayed in devon I think it was a couple of years ago,he said a pub there
had a picture of a nude male on the inside of the door in the ladies cubicle, a large fig leaf on a hinge covering the vital spot, the ladies did not know that it had electrical contacts that rang a bell behind the bar when the fig leaf was lifted.
He says the bell never stopped.
So its not just us gents. ;)

7th Aug 2001, 14:29
Capt W

The Tally Ho at Aswardby is still a good pub (my home village is about 5 miles away!)

Capt Vegemite
7th Aug 2001, 16:06
Draper they have a very similar thing in the mens room in an Oxford street Sydney boozer.
Its a rear view of a naked male bending over with his date covered by a flap.
If you lift the flap there are a least a couple of sweeties waiting at the door when you come out.

7th Aug 2001, 18:20
The Dun Cow in Durham does a great pint of Castle Eden, and the BEST home made pork pies in the entire universe.

Mik - you know what I'm talking about.

Was fortunate enough to go on a pilgrimage last week.
The guy says "how many pies do you want ? "
to which the only possible reply was "ALL OF THEM !!!"

Shame they've tarted the bogs up though...

7th Aug 2001, 21:20
top of my list:
The Regent - Chapeltown, Leeds (top Tetley's, top totty);
Nellies (The White Horse) - Beverley;
Fox & Grapes (or is it Hounds?) - Bramhope, nr Leeds (handy for LBA);

more to come when I come round...