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1st Mar 2004, 00:10
Ok not strictly A H & N but there are some nice old (still front line) aircraft at the so secret Oxfordshire Airbase, long live the Funbus.
Shots taken over the last week (beginning Monday 23rd march)





Wednesday 25th




A bit of a race going on here!!




Finally Thursday 26th




An interesting visitor from North Weald

1st Mar 2004, 01:58
Great piccies, M-o-t-F! The weather was obviously very nice when I was away freezing my whatsits off in Dresden!

Liked the AlphaJet in particular - not a very common sight that!

Thanks for even including one of my PA28s (we've got 4 like that!) - shall fly over to OW again soon when the weather improves.

1st Mar 2004, 02:06
Cheers Beags, it was nice if a bit cold (why then, was there heat haze coming from the Concrete??)

As I'm local (see below) if you're flying to OW, any chance of a lift :E :E

1st Mar 2004, 05:31
'Heat' haze is a bit of a misnomer. It's all to do with changes in temperature between different bits of air in between you and the subject... so as you've seen you can get it on even the coldest of days, because the difference between "friggin' cold" and "bluddy cold" can be enough to produce the effect.

Nice Alpha Jet pic. So where's the multi Herc pics from Lyneham then??

1st Mar 2004, 05:36
Lyneham pics werent up to much due to the CRO not knowing the difference beteen North - South and East - West. besides they were all strung out in a line rather than in a nice neat formation. I have a few nice taxying shots though.

I had a mate who was at the DZ when they dropped, but it was almost dark when they did.

1st Mar 2004, 11:46
The "heat haze" is exhaust from the BRT's

1st Mar 2004, 14:15
The "heat haze" is exhaust from the BRT's

Have a look at the top of the tail, dont think thats from the donks! In fact when they were sitting at the hold for the runway they were unshootable as the haze was so intense and that was a side on view.

Only when/if one used the loop did they come close enough not to be affected.

Aileron Roll
1st Mar 2004, 14:37
Seriously Good Pic's

...am a little confused re the Alpa Jet, who operates and for what ????

1st Mar 2004, 18:37
The Alphajets are used by wehat used to be DERA (now Qinetiq and dstl) and by ETPS at Boscombe for specialized support and training. Good pics MOTF :ok:

No comment
1st Mar 2004, 20:58
Think theres also some Alphajets still up at QinetiQ Llanbedr, target chase duties etc...

1st Mar 2004, 21:46
They are indeed used by KwintyKwoo/QueerA for trials etc.

Isn't Kwinetik or whatever a bŁoody silly name. Wonder what pony-tailed pratt thought that one up.

Iron City
1st Mar 2004, 22:06
Love the formation shot with the C-17.

Reminds me of a student crosscountry I took that ran through the airport traffic area for Dover AFB "Cessna 1234 your traffic is a C-5 at 3 oclock" "Dover Approach, Cessna 1234, traffic in sight from 1 to 4 o'clock and maybe into the evening"

1st Mar 2004, 23:57
One for you all. Qunitec or what ever it is have pilots converting / training on the 757 sim at LHR. As they do not have a 757 whom or what and where are they to operate. They were also trining 'Flyline' (not Flightline of SEN) crews another company I have never heard of.

2nd Mar 2004, 00:23
'Isn't Kwinetik or whatever a bŁoody silly name. Wonder what pony-tailed pratt thought that one up.'

Quite agree, Beags, old chap. It just doesn't have the same ring as: 'The Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment', does it - 'glad I don't work there any more. However PC the title is now, they still work on weapons and weapon systems!

Nice pics indeed, MOTF.


2nd Mar 2004, 00:33
I note that M-o-t-F even managed to get a piccy of a TriShaw in its usual element - firmaly attached to terra firma.

No 216 aerodrome denial squadron. They come to an aerodrome, park on it and deny access to the waterfront for anyone else!
;) - only kidding!

(Airbedane - did you get the bumf I sent you OK?)

2nd Mar 2004, 02:55
No 216 aerodrome denial squadron. They come to an aerodrome, park on it and deny access to the waterfront for anyone else

Sorry Beags, taken this morning at a misty BZN


:ok: :ok: :}

2nd Mar 2004, 03:43
Which is why I said " ;) - only kidding!"

Still have the air-to-air slides I took of the 'Pink Pigs' back in 1991. Not quite up to your standard, M-o-t-F, but there was a war on and we were 'sausage side' at the time. Those TriShaws' desert pink paint job reduced their reflected light enormously.

BTW, now that I'm mere civilian trash, getting you on the base to hitch a ride to OW would be a tad difficile. The very pleasant Sally Army mob on the gate f*cked up recently (they trusted someone), so Plod is currently running paranoid!

3rd Mar 2004, 21:00
Were these taken from the easterly road end or were you on base ?
If roadside did you get any hassle or get moved on ?

I will probably have some time on my hands soon as redundancy looks likely by the end of this month and I might occupy some of my time at BZN, but dont want to become a nuisance.

3rd Mar 2004, 22:15
Never had any hassle at Brize taking pics from outside at any point around the perimeter, they're very easy going (too easy going judging by the anti war mob lying down on the runway last year).

3rd Mar 2004, 22:28
Nice pics. What camera/lens do you use?

4th Mar 2004, 00:30

Taken from the 26 end, as long as you park sensibly yiou shouldnt have a problem, kweep away from the crash gate and outside the area under the centreline.


The camera is so much scrap metal until used by an "artist" However its a Canon D60 witha 100-400 L IS lens on it:ok: :E

You want it when?
4th Mar 2004, 01:09
As ever MOTF - excellent pictures, thanks for sharing them. :ok: