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tony draper
4th Aug 2001, 02:39
always try and catch newsnight whenever I get home in time.
On a friday night newsnight now hosts that arts program, Review.
I watch this because I have a genuine interest in xenobiology and its interesting to watch people from another planet prattling
on about nothing of importance.
Has anybody ever seen that frozen faced pompous harridan
Germain Greer say anything good about anything in this universe, if she is to be believed she has read every book ever printed ,seen every movie and play ever produced and has yet to turn her sour gaze on something she liked.
Why the hell does anybody employ that raddled hag as a critic, even critics must by the law of averages come across something at least once in their miserable lives that they can say something good about. :(

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4th Aug 2001, 02:46
In a recent survey conducted by Cambridge University it was established that:

97.4% of respondents had heard of Germaine Greer

81.3% thought that she was loopy but loveable

99.74% said "Who the f**k is Tony Draper?

Capt Vegemite
4th Aug 2001, 02:47
Now Draper have a nice cup of tea then paste this link.
http://www.divanews.net/public/small/germaine_greer0001.jpg :eek:

Tartan Gannet
4th Aug 2001, 03:01
Agree wholeheartedly Tony Draper, by the way who the f*ck is Unwell_Raptor and what exactly does this creature contribute to the good of society apart from a few ounces of faeces and some urine every day? :mad:

tony draper
4th Aug 2001, 03:01
I have watched that prog for years, and I have honestly never repeat never, heard her say I enjoyed that book or this play, all she does is carp and prattle on showing what a clever sod she is.
The othe people on that program are not exactly a barrel of laughs, but at least they occasionaly say they have enjoyed something.
Bugger Germain Greer and all who sail in her ;)

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Send Clowns
4th Aug 2001, 03:02

The girls I knew at Cambridge who were supervised by Germaine Greer (she is a fellow of Newnham, a women-only college) had barely a good word to say about her. I think they'd have found Tony Draper amusing and probably a better writer. At least he has a sense of humour, and does not take himself seriously. She is just pompous.

4th Aug 2001, 03:08
What`s the betting that she`s not getting enough? :p

tony draper
4th Aug 2001, 03:20
Didn't like her book that Female Unicorn either, so there. :p

4th Aug 2001, 04:54
Thanks Capt. V, put me right off my tea!

Tony, fully agree...you know what these ozzies are like though, whinge, whinge, whinge the bloody lot of them.

If she doesn't like our culture, why doesn't she just p'ss off and try Australia's.....errmm....well why doesn't she just p'ss off :D

Capt Vegemite
4th Aug 2001, 07:23
ERIC we gave her a sh!tload of money and bunged her onto you.

Labour government of course in the interest of the "yarts"

Please be grateful.