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Brit Abroad
3rd Aug 2001, 16:22
Very funny sketch at:


Listen carefully to the dialogue.


4th Aug 2001, 21:21

Great to see you back! Where have you been I have not seen you post in about two years!

6th Aug 2001, 06:51
:D Wedge, I was thinking the exact same thing!

How have you been, Brit? Nice to see you back on PPRuNe!

Brit Abroad
6th Aug 2001, 11:40
Hi Wedge / McD

Good to 'see' you both on here too ! :D

Yes, it's been a long time since I've posted.

Having finally got what I thought I wanted in 2000 (sponsorship offer with major airline), I realised it *wasn't* what I wanted, if you see what I mean. (The wannabes on here will think I'm crazy)

I turned the offer down (thought it better to leave the place for someone else) and went and had a good think !

I still love aviation and this site but keeping it as a hobby, not a career.

Hope you are both well ;)