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Tartan Gannet
3rd Aug 2001, 11:44
Like many people I welcomed the cut of 1/4 % in interest rates yesterday for its own sake, both for my own bank balance and to help British Industry.

I was however delighted to see the so called experts made to look like fools. For the last week they have pontificated that "the Bank will leave interest rates alone". Tee Hee, nice to see these over paid, over qualified and underworked bores with egg on their faces.

Now folks, please tell us all about your favourite incidents of seeing a so called and probably self appointed expert made to look an idiot. :D :D :D

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tony draper
3rd Aug 2001, 12:14
What about that classic, man from the ministry in front of the camera on the A1 I think, "now this stretch of road is no more prone to accidents than any other",CRASH!, BANG!, BOSH, the look on his face when the multi car pile up happened in he background just as he finished talking, bloody priceless.heh heh. :p

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Biggles Flies Undone
3rd Aug 2001, 14:23
Michael Fish on the evening weather report one day in October 1987: "And, whatever people may think, we are NOT going to have a hurricane tonight" :D

3rd Aug 2001, 14:52
Before the 1997 election the sharp suits from the CBI and a certain political party were all over the media saying that the imposition of a minimum wage (still under 4UKP per hour) would cause widespread unemployment and the collapse of many businesses.

Didn't happen did it?

Any chance of a 'sorry'?

Didn't think so.

3rd Aug 2001, 17:09

Wasn't that the 'Institute of Directors'?

Also, the Portillistas did a u-turn as well!! :D :D

Squawk 8888
3rd Aug 2001, 18:43
In the late 60s the doomsayer who wrote "The Population Bomb" claimed that India would never produce enough food for its own population. By the late 70s India was a net exporter of food.

Back in the 1970s Greenpeace and all the other usual suspects were predicting that air pollution would cause an ice age by 1990.

gravity victim
3rd Aug 2001, 18:49
..and then there were all those media pundits who forecast that the advent of TV would kill radio off. Far from it - figures released today show that radio listening has now overtaken TV viewing (person/hours weekly).

Send Clowns
4th Aug 2001, 01:03
Shirley Williams, in (I think) the 1983 General Election campaign "If people don't vote SDP then Britain will be a third-world country by 1990". Who did then save the British economy from this?

tony draper
4th Aug 2001, 01:04
Jesus, so Shirley got one thing right after all.

4th Aug 2001, 01:56
A lovely one prior to an eighties(?) election, to an SDP/Liberal conference...

"Go back to your constituencies, and PREPARE FOR GOVERNMENT..."

hee hee hee

4th Aug 2001, 04:20
CD`s will one day replace vinyl!

tony draper
4th Aug 2001, 04:31
Why do manuals have blank pages with "This page is deliberatly left blank" printed on them???, must be some logical reason. :(
oops, sorry wrong thread :o

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5th Aug 2001, 05:20
The reason is fairly simple; they want to give you a big thick manual so you think you are getting all the info you want; but if they didn't have the note on the blank page you'd think that the reason the manual doesn't tell you what you want is that they have misprinted the one page you need.

tony draper
5th Aug 2001, 13:30
Some of the most hystericly funny stuff I have ever read used to be in Japanese instruction manuals a few years back, specificly for various bits of electronic kit
The one for the korg MS20 sythesiser springs to mind, wish I'd kept it.

"The eveplope shapers are to be liking to the mans stomacks, the food that be into putting same are being the sinosoid waving forms, and the noise are beeing the emmited into the filterings".

Errr ,what!!!?

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5th Aug 2001, 19:03
"The Millenium Bug will cause planes to crash, power stations to blow up, the economy to self destruct and nuclear missiles to be launched resulting in mass chaos"

almost two years on and still waiting....


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Brit Abroad
5th Aug 2001, 20:26
I remember the TV pictures (in the 1970s I think) of the Japanese scientists at the track side of a British motorbike race, in their white coats and spectacles with their pens and paper taking technical notes of all the bikes.

The pictures then showed the reaction of the British crowd in fits of laughter and interviews with British "bike specialists" mocking them.

A few years later, Honda, Kawasaki and all the others hit the Western market and I think the rest is history......

6th Aug 2001, 00:43
CF, it's build in with a time delay just like W95/W98: It will ship at the end of November they only don't tell which year! :D
So just wait a while and the bug will byte you :p