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Canto Can
3rd Aug 2001, 00:34
A guilty verdict is the only one, but the punishment, jail time instead of the death sentence, shows how weak and soft the European countries individually and collectively have become. If they were strong, they would go get the other war criminals who remain at large. It's common knowledge as to who and where they are.

tony draper
3rd Aug 2001, 00:43
If they keep him locked up for 46 years fair enough, he will be 99 when or if he gets out. although if its anything like this country he will probably be eligible for parole in five.
I tend to agree with you ,a nine millimeter in the back of the neck would have been more suitable, aint no parole on that.

Nil nos tremefacit
3rd Aug 2001, 03:13
Make the bast*rd suffer!

I agree with capital punishment, but I think that preceding an assured death sentence with 20 years hard labour, 24/7/365 is the way forward. Long miserable days, short nights of interrupted sleep with the knowledge that the whole futile process ends in a pointless death when you've been long forgrotten by everyone is the only thing these sick people understand.

Sasdly by even thinking this I dehumanise myself and descend to their level. :(

3rd Aug 2001, 03:36
Strip the bastard of all Human Rights...he has no concept of what they mean.


Tartan Gannet
3rd Aug 2001, 03:36
With you all the way on this Tony!

3rd Aug 2001, 04:26
If he does the full term, he will never get out. There are a couple or more - more senior perps - still to be arrested.Apparently the court is saving the life terms for the leaders of the horrors.

There used to be a prison in London (name??)where there was a massive treadmill and prisoners, side by side, would have to climb the never ending steps ten hours a day. The principle was along the lines of - make them expend energy and work hard to produce absolutely nothing.

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tony draper
3rd Aug 2001, 04:31
That was Pentonville I think, hard labour was working the treadmill, the reason prison officers are called screws in the uk was because if they thought the prisoners were having to easy a time they could screw down a tension wheel and make the wheel harder to turn.
Apparently Oscar Wilde didn't like being in the wheel, big girls blouse. ;)

3rd Aug 2001, 16:16
Doesn't anybody love humanity anymore? They were supposed to be under the protection of UN troops as well.

3rd Aug 2001, 20:49
Someone told me once that with all the appeals death row inmates are allowed to file it is actually more expensive to society than keeping them in prison for a long time.
Why am I paying for those a***holes ?
There has got to be a cheaper solution to this problem.

The Guvnor
3rd Aug 2001, 21:17
*Tony Draper* - Oscar Wilde was in Reading nick (hence his famous poem 'The Ballad of Reading Gaol').

Much better solution is to have somewhere like Devil's Island (as featured in 'Papillon') - now *that* counts as hard time!

Keep them in isolation 24 hours a day, no human contact; everything done by remote control. That's how it works at Supermax in the States for the worst of the worst ... and let the bleeding hearts whinge about it! :D :D :D

*The Traveler* - the Chinese have the most cost effective solution. Within a few days of the guilty verdict you're taken out and shot with the cost of the bullet being billed to your family and all your saleable body parts flogged off by the State. Who says the criminal justice system can't be run at a profit? :D :D :D

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