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Tricky Woo
12th Mar 2002, 20:25
Just wondered what you lot are reading at the moment.. .. .Just started Beau Geste by P.C.Wren, 'cos I've been meaning to read it since I was a kid. Three pages in and already there's a French Foreign Legion fort full of the corpses of its brave defenders.. .. .C'est la guerre.... .. .TW

13th Mar 2002, 00:17
I can't wait to read Slasher's reply.

henry crun
13th Mar 2002, 00:25
Waiting for some good tips are you JPJ ?. .. . <img border="0" title="" alt="[Big Grin]" src="biggrin.gif" />

13th Mar 2002, 00:26
Damn, nothing interesting .... mostly studying up for my commercial oral, and you all know how that material will put...... you .... to ....... .. .ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ............

13th Mar 2002, 00:41
The Dancing Wu Li Masters by Gary Zukav, and The Aeroplane - Technical by Messrs. Thom et al.. .. .I'll swap <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="smile.gif" />

13th Mar 2002, 00:51
Radio Aids by Mr Cockburn (hehe) and chums.. .. .Interesting stuff the half wave dipole.... . . . <small>[ 12 March 2002, 20:52: Message edited by: DVR6K ]</small>

The Nr Fairy
13th Mar 2002, 01:00
Currently reading "The Map That Changed The World" - about a guy in late 1700s / early 1800s who did a lot of field study and produced the first geological map of England.. .. .Father of geology as we know it, apparently.

13th Mar 2002, 01:01
The Beano Annual

13th Mar 2002, 01:06
PPRuNe obviously <img border="0" title="" alt="[Roll Eyes]" src="rolleyes.gif" /> . .. .(well, somebody had to say it)

13th Mar 2002, 01:10
Viz. .a book by Clive James . .Shorts 330 manual. One day I'll fly the bloody thing.

13th Mar 2002, 01:15
"Going to pieces without falling apart" (A Buddhist Perspective on Wholeness). .. .By Dr Mark Epstein. .. .And "Four Letters of Love" by Niall Williamson.

13th Mar 2002, 01:22
Currently reading The Lord of The Rings by JRRT. .Next up is either Yeager by Chuck Yeager or Carrier by Tom Clancy.. .. .What I should be reading is the All In One Network Plus Certification by Mike Meyers, its the course book for the IT Certification I am working on. Its a surprisingly good read (even for non geeks) but I just cant get into it <img border="0" title="" alt="[Razz]" src="tongue.gif" />

tony draper
13th Mar 2002, 01:50
Advanced Taxidermy (European Bipeds).. .. .Chapter One. . .First catch a Frenchman.......... <img border="0" title="" alt="[Roll Eyes]" src="rolleyes.gif" />. . . . <small>[ 12 March 2002, 21:51: Message edited by: tony draper ]</small>

13th Mar 2002, 01:58
What can I say?? . . I'm half way through the fourth Harry Potter book. Read the last three books in the last two weeks and am totally addicted now!!!!! <img border="0" title="" alt="[Big Grin]" src="biggrin.gif" /> <img border="0" title="" alt="[Big Grin]" src="biggrin.gif" /> . . I couldn't understand all the hype before but can recommend them to anyone. Absolutely brilliant.

13th Mar 2002, 02:13
Depending on which one I am in the mood to pick up:. .. .Corsairville - The Lost Domain of the Flying Boat by Graham Coster. (Aviation). .. .Corrupting Dr. Nice by John Kessel (Sci-Fi). .. .or. .. .Target Lock by James H Cobb (Fiction - future navy warfare).

henry crun
13th Mar 2002, 02:17
Mask of Treachery, the dossier on Anthony Blunt,. .Buck house, MI5, etc.. .. .Richard Paner's Seeing Is Believing, the history of the telescope and its effect on human knowlege,. .. .Longitude for the second time.

13th Mar 2002, 02:39
Thats spooky... <img border="0" title="" alt="[Eek!]" src="eek.gif" /> . .. .I've just finished 'The Climate of Treason' by Andrew Boyle, about the very same Professor Anthony Blunt KBE, head of the Courtald Institute, surveyor of the Queen's pictures etc etc..... .. .Yo Henry - is that his Biography? Love to read that.....

13th Mar 2002, 02:50
Naomi Klein's 'No Logo' - but it's a bit deep and she has a tendency to say the same thing in a variety of equally roundabout ways.. .. .'Boo Hoo' is very good if you are in to internet/business books.. .. .I think 'Corsairville' will be my next read - have also got 'Round the Bend' on my shelf by Neville Shute - about the setting up of Gulf Air in the 50s.

13th Mar 2002, 03:21
Loved "Corsairville", ORAC - great book.. .. .Just finished "Down Under" by Bill Bryson - wonderful portrayal of reddo's homeland. .. .Currently reading:-. ."Nathaniel's Nutmeg" by Giles Milton - good social history. ."Ampleforth - The Story of St. Laurence's Abbey and College" by Anselm Cramer OSB. .. .Next up is "Glencoe" by John Prebble and re-reading of "Don't Stop the Carnival" by Herman Wouk - a brilliantly funny portrayal of life in the Caribbean.

13th Mar 2002, 03:32
BahrainLad. .Round the Bend although having lots of aviation in it is the fictional story about the founding of a new religion, the basic rule being fixing a/c is the height of devotion

henry crun
13th Mar 2002, 03:55
Not a biography Swashplate, written by John Costello along the lines of Climate of Treason.. .. .Seems to be well researched and is very interesting.. .. .I could be wrong but I don't think Blunt wrote a biography.

Tricky Woo
13th Mar 2002, 18:00
Hmm, we're not as bookish as I thought, seeing as there're only twenty posts on this thread.. .. .Maybe I'll start a thread about which colouring book we're scribbling in at the moment.. .. .Or dot to dot.. .. .Remember them? They were great.. .. .TW

13th Mar 2002, 18:16
Ive just put down a 35-page porn mag containing pictorial BJ storys. Very cerebral stuff! Goes to show we can all learn something new every day whenever we read a good book.

Biggles Flies Undone
13th Mar 2002, 18:27
Onya Slash <img border="0" title="" alt="[Big Grin]" src="biggrin.gif" /> Why have Chekhov when you can have Jerkhov eh? <img border="0" title="" alt="[Razz]" src="tongue.gif" />

Who has control?
13th Mar 2002, 19:01
I'm Re-rereading 'The Day of the Jackal' . its begining to seem a little dated, but still a ripping good yarn.

Eff Oh
13th Mar 2002, 19:18
Just recently finished:. .. .Losing My Virginity - Richard Branson. .. .Fighting Spirit - (Bruce Lee biography) by Bruce Thomas. .. .Billy - Pamela Stephenson. .. .Just started . .Enigma: The Battle for the codes . .by Hugh Sebag-Montefiore.. .. .Eff Oh. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="smile.gif" />. . . . <small>[ 14 March 2002, 12:56: Message edited by: Eff Oh ]</small>

13th Mar 2002, 19:30
Working my way through the new issue of Glamour - some particularly fascinating articles this month including The 7 Best Sex Ideas, Could Your Sex Life Survive a Lie Detector?, How To Let Go Of Your Ex and (most scary of all) How to Improve Your Fertility. Also interesting item about mail-order brides from Russia for the desperate.

bubba zanetti
13th Mar 2002, 19:55
Naked and the Dead by Norman Mailer

13th Mar 2002, 19:59
Just finished 'Almost Heaven' more literate Brysonesque travel across America..Crap. .. .Bill Bryson's 'Down Under'..good. .. .Book on Apsley Cherry-Garrard 'Cherry' (one of Scots men..very good. .. .Book on the SOE agent in France 'Maquis' 'Oh how I wished I'd payed more attention as they waited for me to teach them the Bren gun'..very good. .. .Now reading biography of a top New York Chef. Don't eat fish in a restaurant on Mondays is all I'll say.. .. .Oh aye, 'McCarthy's Bar'..very good. Like Bryson travelling round Ireland.

Windy Militant
13th Mar 2002, 20:19
Just finished Aireymouse by Harald Penrose. Presently working my way through some pulp sci-fi for amusement. Next will be an account of the Faulkands War by the Captain of the Antarctic support vessel Endurance (Can't rember the exact title)Glad to see so many bookworms in here. I find that houses with no books around always make me feel a bit nervous.. .Right if I can find that s*dding blue crayon I'll be finished by tea time. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Razz]" src="tongue.gif" />

Tricky Woo
13th Mar 2002, 20:36
Windy,. .. .Funnily enough one of the book I've finished recently is Cloud Cuckooland, another one by Harald Penrose.. .. .Read Airymouse a few years ago.. .. .All great stuff.. .. .TW

13th Mar 2002, 20:45
Currently reading "Five Finger Discount" by Helen Stapinski, excellent read.. .. .Recenty read. .. .Billy by pamela Stephenson. .Jottings on the Stump by Boris Johnson. .and. .all 4 Harry Potter books, in about a fortnight.. .. .all thumping good reads

13th Mar 2002, 20:50
Windy, . .try the book on Shackleton called Endurance. excellent. sailing from Antartica to South Georgia in a wee boat, then climb unclimbed mountains etc you get the drift.

13th Mar 2002, 20:56
'On the road' by Jack Kerouac...'The Hobbit' is next on the list...

13th Mar 2002, 22:52
I can recommend this to get you to sleep.. .. .The History of Night-wear, by P.James.

13th Mar 2002, 22:54
Or . .'Everything Golfing', by T.Doff.

pax anglia
13th Mar 2002, 22:59
"The Secret State" by Professor Peter Hennessy.. .All the Cold War planning for the worst laid bare.. .A JIC assessment of likely targets is included having being recently released by the Public Record Office.I am not an innocent abroad,but the inclusion of a couple of places where I have worked being candidates for some Thermo-Nuclear Nasties made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.. .Professor Hennessy never fails to hold one's interest whether in print or TV.Available from all good bookshops....

13th Mar 2002, 23:04
Or . .. .'A review of the best Russian lovers', by Nick.R.Zonanofalot.. .. .:-))

13th Mar 2002, 23:04
"The Boy Who Kicked Pigs" by Tom Baker (Dr Who) <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="smile.gif" />

13th Mar 2002, 23:05
The Last King of Scotland by Giles Foden. .. .Brilliant read, extremely funny in parts. Tells the story of Idi Amin in Uganda from the viewpoint of Amin's personal physician. . .. .What is amazing is how precisely what happened in Uganda then is being repeated right at this moment in Mugabe's Zimbabwe

13th Mar 2002, 23:24
Just finished:. .. .The River at the Centre of the World (a re-read) - about a trip up the Yangtse (or Chang Jiang) from the sea to its source by Simon Winchester. First published in 1996, before the darn Three Gorges project had really taken off, it is a great yarn! More in the style of Theroux than Bryson it is very readable.. .. .The Hanging Garden - Ian Rankin - one in the Inspector Rebus series. I am not usually fond of crime books but these are well written and very digestible during my train commute.. .. .Coming next:. .. .The Mind Game by Hector MacDonald - the blurb on the cover describes it as a thriller about someone signing up for a mind experiment but is then abandoned in Africa or..is he? Seems an interesting storyline. I will be starting this tonight!. .. . <img border="0" title="" alt="[Big Grin]" src="biggrin.gif" />

13th Mar 2002, 23:38
The Sum of All Fears by Tom Clancy. .. .More than halfway through, and the Bomb has arrived in Denver, and Ricks' submarine crew is beginning to crack under the strain..... .. .If you can ignore the gung-ho Can do USA is Great attidude you sometimes get in his books, he does tell a great story.. .. .Next probably a book i have read a bit about in the weekend papers about the secrets of the cold war, who would go where and when etc. seems like a good idea, unfortunately i cannot remember the Title or Author! <img border="0" title="" alt="[Confused]" src="confused.gif" />

14th Mar 2002, 01:07
"Too Secret Too Long" by Chapman Pincher

14th Mar 2002, 01:20
Read all Bryson and Cussler except for Blue Gold - halfway through that.. .Also on the go - Longitude by Dava Sobel, Meetings with Remarkable Trees by Thomas Pakenham, Discovering Britain's Lost Railways by Paul Atterbury, British Buses before 1945 by John Aldridge and Catch 22 for the third time, due to industry conditions.

14th Mar 2002, 02:55
Currently Look to Windward by Iain M Banks, I have no idea what will be next it spart of the fun. Windy has your boss not stuck that blue crayon up his nose?

14th Mar 2002, 03:28
OK, . .. .so no-one liked (or recognised??) my earlier humour.. .. .More serious recommendations are:-. .. .Humour. .Bill Brysons recent . .Neither here nor there. .and. .Down Under - excellent. .. .Novels. .A Painted House - John Grisham - not quite his usual genre, but just fantastic!!!. .and. .Journey to the River Sea - Eva Ibbotson - classic style, as all good novels should be - award winner too. Works for your kids (c.8-12 yrs) and adults who used to be kids. .. .Pilots. .Finals 3 greens - J.Johnson - just re-read this. If you've never picked it up, and you have an ounce of nostalgia in your blood, you should.. .. .Heart wrenching drama. .Captain Corelli's Mandolin - far,far better than the film, start around page 40 cos the intro's is so slow. It will test the emotions of the toughest male or female.. .. .Enjoy.

14th Mar 2002, 07:36
P.G. Wodehouse's Jeeves and the tie that binds.. .. .Highly recommend Mr.Wodehouse.

14th Mar 2002, 11:40
Halfway through "THe Ultimate Aphrodisiac" By Robert G Barrett, the best thing he's writen since "The Godson" Les Norton is not in it though.. .Also nearly finished Lord Of The Rings "The Two Towers". Also reading up on the aip's and "The Art of Insturment Flying".

Wee Weasley Welshman
14th Mar 2002, 13:59
The Secret State: Whitehall and the Cold War by Peter Hennessy. Penguin, Feb 2002, 0-713-99626-9. .. .Absolutely fascinating and very readable.. .. .WWW

14th Mar 2002, 14:10
At the same time:. .. ."Destiny" by Tim Parks. .. ."the Quark and the Jaguar" by Murray Gell-Mann. .. ."Dave Barry is not taking this sitting down" By Dave Barry (Humour!). .. .Manuals <img border="0" title="" alt="[Frown]" src="frown.gif" />

14th Mar 2002, 14:24
Dividing my time between the Garmin 195 GPS Manual and Tom Clancy's "Every Man a Tiger". . .. .The latter is the life story of General Chuck Horner who led the US Air Force during the Gulf War. It describes the painful lessons that had to be learned after Viet Nam and, based on some of the contributions in the Military Aircrew Forum, perhaps should be taken on board by our present RAF leadership. . .. .In one episode Horner relates how he had to learn how to take responsibility for those under him, following a fatal accident which has some significant comparisons with the Chinook accident at the Mull of Kintyre.

Hersham Boy
14th Mar 2002, 17:19
On Hersh's bedside cabinet:. .. .Experience - Matrin Amis. .Cocaine (the book, dummy) - Dominic Streatfield. .Strategic Brand Management - Jean-Noel Kapferer. .A couple of books on genetics (lent by AerBabe). .Flyer. .GQ. .Glass of Ribena for night-thirsts

15th Mar 2002, 22:04
Microserfs- Douglas Coupland. .. .Story of a group of early '90s Microsoft programmers, geek culture, the beginning of the tech boom (fiction). I liked it, but probably not for everyone.. .. .(also, I am another RABID Dave Barry fan!)

16th Mar 2002, 04:06
For anybody with the faintest interest in music - or doing things to excess - Black Vinyl, White Powder by Simon Napier Bell is a superb read. Excellently written by the bloke who managed the Yardbirds, Japan and George Michael, and co wrote "You don't have to say you love me", full of great stories - his take on why modern music is totally influenced by drugs. Good social as well as popular music history.. .. .The new Nelson DeMille book, Up Country, is pretty good too - half way through. . .. .Happy reading, as the rain comes in horizontally and all those tiedowns are put to the test.

16th Mar 2002, 21:16
The Antipope by RoBERT RANKIn. So far so good, a bit like Douglas Adams.. .. .Black holes and Baby universes & other essays by Stephen Hawking. Very readable considering the material.. .. .The Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien. I'm slowly working my way through the appendix!!. .. .Recent good reads- All of the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett, . .Collins concise dictionary and thesaurus, read it every time I log on to PPRUNES!! <img border="0" title="" alt="[Big Grin]" src="biggrin.gif" />

16th Mar 2002, 21:46
Just finished The Hobbit - have been meaning to read it for years, and wasn't disappointed.. .Before that Dead Famous by Ben Elton - I thought it was his best since Gridlock. . . <img border="0" title="" alt="[Cool]" src="cool.gif" />

17th Mar 2002, 04:26
Maximum Linux Security by Anonymous, published by Sams. Started reading it a couple of days ago so now only about 500pages out of 700 to go.... .. .Before that were the last 3 Harry Potter books. Sadly they only took 3 days. Wish they were longer!

18th Mar 2002, 16:08
Just finished Gordon Cooper's Leap of Faith. One of the original Mercury seven, rivetting.........until he meanders off into alien abduction and flying saucers..... .On the go now John Nance's Final Appproach - marvellous. We've got a captain just like his Timson - must leave the book in his pigeonhole..... .What I SHOULD be reading is the manuals for next week's sim ride........

18th Mar 2002, 16:44
Just finished. .Andre Dubus III - The House of Sand and Fog. .. .An excellent book dealing with the story of an ex Iranian Airforce Colonel living beyond his means, to keep up appearances and the problems he encounters after purchasing a house at auction from an alcoholic who wants it back.. .. .I could not put this down - lost an entire night!. .. .Gerald Seymour - Untouchable. .. .London gangland boss goes to Kosovo to further his empire.. .. .Reading now. .John Grisham. .The Summons . .. .A legal story with the usual Grisham twists

Tricky Woo
18th Mar 2002, 18:34
Hi All,. .. .Ok, I've just finished Beau Geste, and what a Boys Own read that was. Adventure, heroic death in the sands of the Sahara, plus a whodunnit thrown in.. .. .Excellent stuff.. .. .Now started my long promised re-read of the Hobbit. It's been years and years since I read it. Er, halfway through already.. .. .Hmm, haven't decided if I'll also re-read the Lord of the Rings quite yet. Ok, so everyone is reading Tolkien right now as part of the hype over the movie, but methinks that's a good thing.. .. .TW

henry crun
19th Mar 2002, 02:31
Just finished a small paperback I picked up in a secondhand bookshop.. .. .The British in Vietnam - How the twentyfive year war began, by George Rosie. .. .Fascinating stuff detailing the significant part the immediate postwar British occupation of that country played in the subsequent events.. .. .For a few crucial months in 1945/1946 the actions of British Major-General Gracey led to the, at times, brutal French re-occupation of Vietnam and the use of Japanese soldiers to fight alongside allied forces to restore order in Saigon.

Travelling Toolbox
19th Mar 2002, 08:25
For the Sci Fi buffs amongst us:. .. .Just finished the three prequels to Herbet's DUNE.. .House Atreides, House Harkonnen and House Corrino (in that order). Good read all and gives insight into the epic series. Frank's son colaberated with a another chap to produce these books. They cover the forty or so years prior to the first book in the Dune series.. .. .Explains a lot of minor, but very interesting stuff that tie everthing together. Found myself going "So that's why the Baron wore suspensors!", "Okay, I see now!" and "Oh really?" and that sought of thing. . .. .Of note to the Dune buffs, during his research for the prequels, the lost manuscript outline sketch notes for the final book in the series were unearthed and have been returned to the family's (Brian's) hands. So, this may mean that the original saga can be completed as a sought of posthumous tribute to a great story teller.. . . .And finally, just started Billy by his wife Pamela. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="smile.gif" />

19th Mar 2002, 18:02
Chickenhawk is good read. when you finish you think you can fly a Huey.. .also reading the manual for a Garmin GPS. double bloody dutch. using belt pouch for gadet to carry bread crumbs to find my way home, easier.

19th Mar 2002, 23:30
American Psycho - Brett Easton Ellis. The American Dream gone horrifyingly wrong. Excellent dark humour.. .. .Fatherland - Robert Harris. The finest thriller I have ever read. Impeccable research and a chilling 'what if' scenario - a Greater German Reich in 1964.... .. .Noble House - James Clavell. If you like a week described in 1000 pages then this is for you. Great detail.. .. .Breaking the Code - Gyles Brandreth. Diaries of the MP. Lightweight but entertaining.

20th Mar 2002, 10:05
1. Janet and John.. .2. Mr Men.. .. .I bought Captain Correlli but there were no pictures in it. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Razz]" src="tongue.gif" />

Tricky Woo
20th Mar 2002, 20:20
Hi All,. .. .The Hobbit is now finished, and great fun to re-read it again after all these years. I'd completely forgotten about the small morality play on the subject of greed that Tolkien slipped in towards the end.. .. .Just started The First and the Last by Galland. He was an ME109 fighter ace. I'm not sure if I'm going to like this one too much, as I'm wincing everytime he shoots down a Spitfire or Hurricane.. .. .TW

20th Mar 2002, 20:55
Just finished 'The Ghost of Flight 401' by John J Fuller. About the apperitions of the deceased flight crew of the Eastern Airways Tri-Star that hit the Everglades in the early Seventies after the crew became distracted by a failed gear light. Fasinating stuff. Couldn't buy all of it, but very thought provocing.

Alpha Floor or What
22nd Mar 2002, 02:27
...........The Australian book of etiquette

22nd Mar 2002, 03:54
TW, I believe (I may be wrong) that it was Dolfo Galland who blotted his copybook with Herman Gőring when being asked if there was anything he needed by answering "Yes - a squadron of Spitfires" <img border="0" title="" alt="[Eek!]" src="eek.gif" /> <img border="0" title="" alt="[Big Grin]" src="biggrin.gif" />

Tricky Woo
22nd Mar 2002, 12:54
Huggy,. .. .Yes it was, although he got away with it.. .. .Methinks Herr Galland was better connected to the Nazi party than he makes out. He's forever name dropping with regards to Hitler and Goering, i.e. "when Goering confided in me that we are to invade Russia, I felt a wave of unease", etc, etc.. .. .Now tell me: how likely is it that Goering would confide in a rogue fighter pilot? Or that Hitler would chatter with him about his strategic aims in the West?. .. .TW

22nd Mar 2002, 14:24
Well, I suppose either he's an inveterate name-dropper, or he was rather closer to the Nazis than you might expect of a veteran fighter ace.. .. .Not surprised that he was on very good terms with Göring, who had been no mean pilot himself, being an ace with 22 kills, succeeding Baron von Richthofen in command of Jagdstaffel 2 (who had succeeded Oswald Bölcke, another ace with 80 kills). Göring was one of the first pilots to fly the Fokker D.VII in combat. . .. .Dunno about his relations with Hitler - haven't read the book.

Shaggy Sheep Driver
22nd Mar 2002, 18:58
Just finished 'Birdsong' by Sebastion Faulks. Very dark, very moving, and erotic in parts. For those who haven't read it, it's set mainly in the trenches in WW1, with (latterly) some flash-forwards to the central character's grand daughter in the 1970s. . .. .Makes you realise thet there are no depths to which humans will not sink - eventually.. .. .Very highly recommended.. .. .Back to the Ian Rankin 'Rebus' novels for a bit now, to let the emotions recover.. .. .SSD

Biggles Flies Undone
22nd Mar 2002, 19:13
Larry Forester's book 'Fly For Your Life' is a good read - the story of Bob Stanford Tuck. An exceptional pilot and marksman.. .. .I've got a very nice print signed by both Tuck and Galland - I guess it went up in value when both of these guys went to the great dogfight in the sky. I'm also very tempted by this : http://www.afterthebattle.mcmail.com/tucklog.html

23rd Mar 2002, 13:05
1. Dervla Murphy "A Place Apart" - at attempt to present Northern Ireland from the inside out.. .. .2. Hugh Mackay "Revinventing Australia" - the mind and mood Australia in the the 90's.. .. .3. Drusilla Modjeska "The Orchard" - fictional story of love, adultery, marriage and domination, solitude and self-knowledge, childhood, education and the plight of the intellectual woman... .. .4. Ruth Cracknell "A Biased Memoir". .. .Those in between work stuff .... and pprune... and the weekend papers... !. .. .M.

Moritz Suter
23rd Mar 2002, 13:18
Exquisite Corpse, by Poppy Z. Brite. Fabulous!

23rd Mar 2002, 14:37
Song of the Exile by Kiana Davenport. Extraordinary.

23rd Mar 2002, 15:08
Hogfather (again - still funny).. .. .The A to Z of Almost Everything (OK, I'm sad!). Masses of useless information on a whole host of subjects, like, . .did you know Richard Briers and Terry Thomas were cousins? As were Christopher Lee and Ian Fleming, and Patrick McNee and David Niven. . .Nicholas Cage is Francis Ford Coppola's nephew.. .. .Aviation section is a bit disappointing. They include a list of airports and airport codes - very strange mixture, including Bamako in Mali and Nantucket in the US, but omitting Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh, for example. (Too obvious? well Frankfurt is there). . .Lots of help for general knowledge crosswords.

Moritz Suter
24th Mar 2002, 09:52
Are You Loathesome Tonight, by Poppy Z. Brite. Even Fabulouser.. .. .MS.

henry crun
24th Mar 2002, 11:20
Obviously your biography MS.

25th Mar 2002, 05:05
In an effort to read some classics, I am working through Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe. If you ever feel the desire, don't.

25th Mar 2002, 05:10
Pretzel, when you have finished Robinson, move right on to The Brothers Karamazov.

bubba zanetti
25th Mar 2002, 07:19
Sigh for a Merlin - Alex Henshaw ...

25th Mar 2002, 14:00
"Straight on 'til Morning" the life of Beryl Markham. Seems to be one of aviation's forgotten. . .. .(Cheat studying - I can honestly say I'm reading about aviation...!) <img border="0" title="" alt="[Big Grin]" src="biggrin.gif" />

Notso Fantastic
25th Mar 2002, 17:17
Mentioned elsewhere, but Chickenhawk (Corgi books)is a stunning read about Hueys and Vietnam. You really feel the sweat, the danger and discomfort, as well as coming away knowing how to fly a choper. Anybody know what subsequently became of the author Robert Mason? He cracked up big time.

25th Mar 2002, 23:13
Davaar,. .. .I was going to bite the bullet and read Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky. What is 'The Brothers Karamazov' when it's at home. Not another child of Defoe's I hope, as he does write like a five year old. "and then I...and then I....and then I..." <img border="0" title="" alt="[Roll Eyes]" src="rolleyes.gif" />. . . . <small>[ 25 March 2002, 19:14: Message edited by: Pretzel Logic ]</small>

25th Mar 2002, 23:27
GroundGripper!. .Yeah - DiscWorld! <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="smile.gif" /> Have you got the Discworld Companion? The complete A to Z of the world that travels thru space supported by 4 elephants on the back of the great A'Tuin the turtle.. .Terry seems to write them faster tahn can read 'em <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="smile.gif" />

25th Mar 2002, 23:27
Prestzel. .. .Crime & Punishment is IMHO a more straightforward read than the Bros. K., although by the same author. Still best for when you're on holiday tho', 'cos if you get distracted you have to go back a few dozen pages.. .. .Anyway, this reminds me of my favourite Russian read of all time - Life and Fate by Vasily Grossman, which I can't recommend highly enough. It's about the ordinary Russian experience during WWII, and is so good that at times it makes you feel you are living under that dreadful regime.. .. .It was republished a couple of years ago and should still be available - must be on Amazon. I'd be fascinated to hear from anybody else who has read it.

Moritz Suter
26th Mar 2002, 02:23
You could, Mr. Ivchenko, add to that brief list 'Lolita', by Vladimir Nabokov....though it does become awfully difficult to both hold the book AND turn the pages with one hand.. .. .MS.

26th Mar 2002, 03:55
1: 'Black House' by King/Straub, not v.impressed, what have they done with one of the best characters they created (J.Sawyer). .. .2: Rereading Shards of a broken crown by Raymond E.Feist and 'Legend' by David Gemmell. 2 excellent books. .. .Groundclown

26th Mar 2002, 05:45
I'm reading a few things at the moment........ .. .The Liar - Stephen Fry. .. .Only Forward - Michael Marshall Smith. .. .Love On A Branch Line - David Hadfield

26th Mar 2002, 06:25
"Lawrence of Arabia". .. .Not quite halfway.. . Well, was he gay or not?. .. .(The book mentions a rumor he slept with another man. A counter rumor stating that was a lie is also included.). .. .Heavy stuff.. .. .Just finished reading "The Custom of the Sea".. .By Neil Hanson.. .. .Picture yerself shipwrecked and barely alive in a small life boat with a bunch of hungry sailors.. .One of you will be killed and eaten by the others.. .This book is about a famous UK court case in the 1880s when a crew got charged and jailed for having eaten the 17 year old cabin boy.. .. . <img border="0" title="" alt="[Frown]" src="frown.gif" />

henry crun
26th Mar 2002, 06:44
TowerDog, much suspicion and many rumours that he was, but from what I have read it was never proven.. .. .Without wishing to spoil your reading if you havn't got that far, I also read recently it has been denied he was [email protected] by a Turk officer after he was captured.. . . . <small>[ 26 March 2002, 02:45: Message edited by: henry crun ]</small>

Moritz Suter
26th Mar 2002, 09:56
Yes he was, Mr. Dog.. .. .And if YOU were on a leaky boat and rather peckish, would you go for some perky firm young sushi, or a toothless and tired old rummy. I know there's a lot to be said for years of (internal) marinade, but really Mr. Dog...I know which of chicken or beef would have got MY chops a slobberin'.

26th Mar 2002, 11:51
Pretzel Logic, try "Moll Flanders" by the same author.. . . . <small>[ 26 March 2002, 07:52: Message edited by: flyblue ]</small>

henry crun
26th Mar 2002, 12:02
Well, there you go TowerDog, I am obviously wrong. . .. .Pprunes resident expert on all matters homosexual has spoken.

Tricky Woo
26th Mar 2002, 12:36
Moritz Suter,. .. .Naughty, naughty. In my most humblest of opinions, Nabakov's Lolita is one of the literary masterpieces (masturbieces?) of the 20th Century.. .. .Shame it's regarded by many as jail-bait pornography.. .. .Pretzel,. .. .If you're really interested in the great Russian authors, then you're in for a treat: Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky and Turgenev should keep you busy for quite some time.. .. .Incredibly readable too, in spite of their heavy-weight reputation.. .. .I especially recommend Turgenev 'cos his books are nice and thin, even if his themes are thick and meaty.. .. .Everyone Else,. .. .The Adolf Galland book is getting very interesting. Bomber Harris (aided by my Lancaster pilot grandfather) is busily bombing the living daylights out of Germany. As Galland is in charge of Fighter Command, he keeps getting carpeted by Göring for failing to stop the tide of Lancasters and B17s.. .. .That'll teach the sod to shoot down Spitfires.. .. .TW

26th Mar 2002, 12:59
Night over Water by Ken Follet (personalized, with his signature...). .Series of books by Diana Gabaldon about a woman travelling in time... . .Essays and short stories by Edgar Allen Poe. .Started Vol de nuit by Saint-Exupéry about four times, I should get an english or german copy as the french is just too high standard for me.. .. .I usually choose my books by the number of pages. Below 500 --&gt; I'm not interested. I read too quick and it's a shame to say good bye to the characters so soon. .. .And then I read the contract proposed by SWISS to us about 7 times a day trying to find a positive point and a reason why to accept it... in vain. . . . <small>[ 26 March 2002, 09:00: Message edited by: Aviatrix ]</small>

26th Mar 2002, 16:42
Thanks for the advice everyone. I’ll give those Ruski books a whirl. They are sure to be a better read than the ‘Fundamentals of Machine Component Design’ I am required to slog through right now. I’m only a short way through and already I know the butler did it.

26th Mar 2002, 19:32
Pretzel. .One Day in the Life of Ivan Denovitch, by Solzenitzen (sic) is ummissable. Or try Cancer Ward, or Gulag Archipelago. All top notch.. .. .Always want to eat Ready Brek while reading One day..don't want to take up brick laying though.

Moritz Suter
27th Mar 2002, 01:42
Miss. Aviatrix,. .. .here's five you may wish to consider.. .. .1. (Much) More Money.. .2. Vastly enhanced career path. (especially for you). .3. Sexy big airplanes to fly. .4. Failure to accept it will destroy the venture before it even gets off the ground.. .5. CCP is lying through their teeth to you.. .. .And when you're done reading it through once more (the German version is a better read, of course) try Swamp Foetus, by Poppy Z. Brite...but not just before bed.. .. .MS.

27th Mar 2002, 03:17
Crikey, . .. .this thread is so old my earlier posts are way out of date - maybe I spend too much time hanging around Hotels..... .. .Have you ever read a cookery book - I mean dip and browse...Nigella Lawson's 'Nigella Bites' (OK its not really new but it's good) is really a good recommendation.. .. .Sandi Toksvig - Flying under bridges. I have a signed first edition!! Not really about flying at all, more about doing exciting things in life, but still a good read.. .. .John Grisham, Runaway Jury, excellent excellent thriller and novel. . .. .Jack Welch, the GE way, much more than just a boring business book...

27th Mar 2002, 14:21
MS, thank you for your kind consideration.. .. .1) Ap will not agree to the payrise (said to be 16%, effectively is ~5%). .2) My career-path is lay-off in 6 months. .3) even if, it would take me 23 years... 3 years before retirement. .4) We have a valid GAV and will fly Eastermonday. .5) substitute CCP by.... management maybe?. .. .Anymore suggestions? Happy to hear from you, would you like a copy of the B-GAV?

Moritz Suter
27th Mar 2002, 22:12
Miss Aviatrix,. .. .1. Nonsence.. .2. Absolute balderdash...CCP seek to create a climate of fear. . .3. Rubbish. You'll be an airbus Captain within 10 years, if it is your will.. .4. Agreed.. .5. They tell the truth, which is a nice start, don't you think?. .. .Already signed it, thanks, and as for further suggestions, I urge you to start thinking for yourself, rather than formulating your posture based on the mischevious spin of devious malcontents pandering to a secret agenda.