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Tricky Woo
12th Mar 2002, 15:25
Hi All,. .. .Having a bit of a chat with Herr Draper, and the subject of ancient junk came up. You know, the stuff we insist on hoarding 'just in case'.. .. .Shocking, what that Geordie bloke has preserved in his cellar.. .. .Any other examples spring to mind? Confess, yer scurvey dogs.. .. .TW

12th Mar 2002, 15:34
We heard rather too much about what draper has in his cellar... <img border="0" title="" alt="[Eek!]" src="eek.gif" /> . .. .I used to be an awful hoarder. However, moving four times in almost as many years, and still living a rather too itinerant lifestyle has cured me!

Tartan Gannet
12th Mar 2002, 15:43
Right, here goes.. .. .In the Gannet's Nest there are manifold parts of computers which, if I had the will to do so and the time could possibly be born again as one or two decent tower systems. God knows how many books on a very wide spectrum of topics, the only books I do NOT read are sloppy romancies (Cookson, Cartland, etc), and cowboy stories. I dont even know how what books I have and havent enough space in a small flat to unpack them all. There are techincal books, text books, reference books and many novels. Also many books about Freemasonry.. .. .Old clothes that really should be turfed out- tons! . .. .I have inherited my Magpie tendancy from my late Mother. I went up to Scotland a few weeks ago to help my Father dispose of a huge amount of clothing and other objects she had amassed over the years. The good stuff went to Charity Shops, the rubbish to the tip. Im afraid I am just as bad. Dad on the other hand is a minimalist. As long as he has a book to read and the sanitary necessities he could live in a monastic cell, whereas I like my creature comforts.. .. .This having been said I must carry out some Spring Cleaning but owing to circumstances beyond I havent the time to do so.. .. .Now what about other PPruners?

12th Mar 2002, 15:44
About 100 4 meg sticks of RAM, from the days when they cost about 150 each, now 256 meg is about 25! You never know though, they might come in useful one day! <img border="0" title="" alt="[Roll Eyes]" src="rolleyes.gif" /> . .. .Tricky, if you know ALL about Mr D's cellar, doesn't that make you an accessory after the fact?

12th Mar 2002, 16:19
I have a neighbour who is very reluctant to get rid of his BETA video recorder. ( you haven't been able to buy a cassette for them for almost twenty years in oz)He does have a VHS video, but uses the remote from the beta for his TV 'cos he's used to it.. .. .I have accumulated enough beds and mattresses in my travels across OZ and kept them, to accommodate 13 people if they chose to stay overnight. Now if I put up the tent, & backed the car out of the garage, they could all be used at once.....

12th Mar 2002, 16:26
Huggy,. .Hearin' ya on the itinerant lifestyle. I threw out so much stuff when I went back home I was amazed. Other than genuine sentimental stuff, I use the adage "have I used it within 2 years and/or can I still fit into it?". If the answer is no, out it goes. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Big Grin]" src="biggrin.gif" />

12th Mar 2002, 16:29
Oh Yeah, and an unbroken chain of 'Motor Manual', 'Car Australia' and 'Wheels' from March 1986 thru to july 2001. So if you need to get the lowdown on a 1986 Nissan Pintara or a 1992 Ford Corsair, then I'm your man.. .. .Also every bluddy cassette, CD and book to with michael crawford. since seeing 'Phantom of the opera' in '93, every damn xmas/birthday present from this little black duck's mother has been one of the above. Haven't had the heart to tell her I can't stand the man.........

Tricky Woo
12th Mar 2002, 16:52
Yep, a change of address just about every year over the last fifteen years has pretty much cleared my junk out, even as it accumulated.. .. .About two years ago, I finally confronted my book collection, which added up to about ten full-sized bookcases worth. I used to shudder, everytime I realised I'd have to move house yet again, simply because I couldn't stomach the physical realities of moving it all.. .. .Mate of mine persuaded me to get rid of all the books that I couldn't justify in terms of 'worthiness' or 'intellectual value' or whatever.. .. .One afternoon, I did just that. Nearly broke my heart, letting books go, even crap airport thrillers that were fit only for supporting wonky tables. Gave 'em to my ex-girlfriend's mum, who immediately started a lively bookfair stall at her local church.. .. .Made a mint, they did.. .. .That's got me down to about four book cases, although, as they do, they're accumulating again.. .. .TW

12th Mar 2002, 17:09
Beat me to it Tricky, you bandwidth hogger,

Bird Strike
12th Mar 2002, 17:23
15 year old lipstick, due to its sentimental value (my first ever lipstick).. .. .Skirts from when I was about 15. I can still fit into them, but they do look very tired ... I have no idea why they're still here! <img border="0" title="" alt="[Eek!]" src="eek.gif" /> . .. .Mind you... if you ask some people the question, they'd say "My spouse"! At least I wouldn't say that (although, I have to ask my hubby what he thinks of it!) <img border="0" title="" alt="[Big Grin]" src="biggrin.gif" />. . . . <small>[ 12 March 2002, 13:25: Message edited by: Bird Strike ]</small>

12th Mar 2002, 17:56
Still got my 12 bookcases of books in the apartment, not the cellar. I do have in the cellar though:. .. .A load of old various DPM, respirator, helment etc.. .Old Sherwood surround sound AV receiver and 5 speakers.. .2 VHS recorders.. .MX-5 tonneau cover & bra (haven't got an MX-5 anymore).. .7 12x12x5 tuppaware containers full of computer and AV cables.. .2 drums Cat 5 network cable plus tools.. .5 suitcases (keeping buying an extra one on trips to bring things home).. .. .That doesn't count the wardrobes in the apartment full of all the PC motherbords, memory, CPUs, drives, sound cards, SCSI cards............

12th Mar 2002, 18:28
An Amstrad WP and what about wire coat hangers - I'm sure they breed when you're not looking! But it's all good loft insulation.. .Cheers. .mcdhu

Tricky Woo
12th Mar 2002, 19:18
Why do girls have such extensive medicine cabinets? The crap my ex left behind is enough to keep a ward of geriatrics alive.. .. .TW

12th Mar 2002, 20:19
1 small box of medicinal articles in the 40 household for your information Tricky One!. .. .But planned&built my new bedroom with 1 of the walls 5 meters high and a patform halfway so I can FINALLY have all my books on shelves without the rest of the family complaining about "all those stupid books of yours".. .Now all I have to do is save enough money to get the carpenter to put up good sturdy shelves, get me 2 of those nice library-steps on a rail and I'll be all set.. .. .Ever since I was a little kid I dreamt of having a whole big library all to myself without stuffy ladies telling me what to read and without my Mum telling me to go out and play with other kids and later to go out and shop instead of sitting at home reading............ <img border="0" title="" alt="[Big Grin]" src="biggrin.gif" /> . .. .And now finally the goal is within reach, and if I close the door I won't even hear my kids going " Mum, how can you sit and READ a whole day. Boooooooooring" <img border="0" title="" alt="[Wink]" src="wink.gif" /> . .. .Trix, I guess my junk exists of books and I love 'em! <img border="0" title="" alt="[Wink]" src="wink.gif" /> <img border="0" title="" alt="[Razz]" src="tongue.gif" /> <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="smile.gif" /> . .. .--------------------------. .. .......all that reading will hurt your eyes young lady.........

Tricky Woo
12th Mar 2002, 20:21
We're a bookish lot, we JB-ers.. .. .TW

13th Mar 2002, 01:06
Got EVERY Broons and Oor Wullie annual since 1951. .. .Oh - and I found my old Carvair flight manual the other day!

13th Mar 2002, 01:28
Just looking through my bookcase:. .. .How about "Spectrum Machine Language for the Absolute Beginner". .. .Or "Aircraft Annual 1966". .. .and "Sainsburys Wine Guide 1994"

tony draper
13th Mar 2002, 01:28
In the name of god! what the hell is a Cobblers Last, and a WheelTapper and Shunters hammer doin in me house. . .Drapes will reply to this thread tomorrow when a better inventery can be taken.. .Surfice to say small hound and Drapes rattle around in large mostly empty house ,so phenomenal amount of strange objects have accumulated over the years.

13th Mar 2002, 01:48
My favourite piece of junk is sitting on my bookshelf.. .. ."Spectrum Machine Language for the Absolute Beginner"

Capt Vegemite
13th Mar 2002, 02:05
Vege should have been thrown out years ago according to Missus.

henry crun
13th Mar 2002, 02:37
I am a confirmed magpie having on too many occasions thrown out something I have had for years only to need it two days later.. .. .The same book as Loki, and the Sinclair Spectrum to go with it . .. .1958 edition of the UK Motoring Atlas, price 7 shillings and sixpence.. .. .So much in the garage/workshop I don't know where to start.. .. .Hang on to that cobblers last Mr D, they are gaining value as collectors items.

13th Mar 2002, 03:42
I am no squirrel but my wife is and my kids were when they were at home. The key to getting rid of junk is to throw away a bit at a time, when you are alone in the house. They never notice.. .. .Can there be anything so satisfying as a nice full bin bag, dumped in a bin far from home?. .. .Is my wife the only one who keeps old greetings cards? To avoid mayhem, I carefully save the ones we give each other though.. .. .I have 3 computers in the attic, with 2 music systems, and the collar lead and dish from a dog that died 7 years ago. Oh yes, and the dog's ashes are in a box in the garage, since we have never got round to getting them underground. And we have over 200 ball point pens - really.. . . . <small>[ 12 March 2002, 23:46: Message edited by: Unwell_Raptor ]</small>

13th Mar 2002, 04:06
Cooda's family made Cooda get rid of most books and paraphenalia years ago through subtly expanding their own collections. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Frown]" src="frown.gif" /> <img border="0" title="" alt="[Roll Eyes]" src="rolleyes.gif" /> . .You can only fit so much into a defined space...blurry law of physics.. .Still got 350 LPs collected in the 70's (but no turntable belt <img border="0" title="" alt="[Frown]" src="frown.gif" /> <img border="0" title="" alt="[Frown]" src="frown.gif" /> ), first set of drumsticks (36 years old), shirt I got married in and could fit worldly possessions into back seat of small car.. .. .Actually don't mind the situation as I'm a minimalist but, in hindsight, I do miss the books. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Wink]" src="wink.gif" />

13th Mar 2002, 04:36
When moving into a new house, it can be interesting to see what the previous owners leave in the attic.. .. .I found half a car in ours! The trouble is, I can't bring myself to throw it out as these bits look like they are from a pre-war Alvis. Wings, bonnet, bumpers, chromework, leather seats and a couple of bags of Alvis bits and bobs.. .. .Nearly what Classic Car magazine would call a "Barn find"!

13th Mar 2002, 05:05
Until recently, I had a packet of dried Paxo onion stuffing in the kitchen cupboard. Disturbingly, the best before date was November 1984. Even more disturbingly, I moved house in 1985, so I must have made an effort to pack it. . .. .The packet disappeared without trace or explanation, but most probable answer is that it achieved supreme conciseness, became bored and embarked on a crusade for enlightenment in the back garden. World Heath Organisation must be notified in case it/he/she breaches the perimeter wire (garden fence).

13th Mar 2002, 06:06
Twenty five years of Air Classics and Sea Classics and every issue of Fine Scale Modeller magazine.

13th Mar 2002, 06:10
Be carefull about throwing away your old junk. A phrase I always used to subscibe to as you'll need it a few weeks later. Fortunately I don't have too much coz i don't buy any or so I thought.. .Being a reluctent but compulsive DIY'er I do all work around the home myself and when I buy stuff I buy in bulk. It's cheaper in the long run I always think and living in your standard 2up 2down rabbit hutch I store the excess in the only sensible place, the loft.. .After completeting a major DIY project recently and purchasing the standard excessive amount of screws, nails, sand paper, solder, flux,copper fittings, wood (the list goes on). A short excersion to the loft reminded me that I already had that stuff stored carefully away for the next time I needed it from a previous project.. .Now I have twice the amount of 'stuff' more than most will ever need in a life time. Question is, will I remember next time????? <img border="0" title="" alt="[Frown]" src="frown.gif" />

13th Mar 2002, 08:38
I regularly clean out both my attic and the cupboard under the stairs. Invariably I find them full of stuff that cannot possibly be thrown away and pack it all neatly back. In my desk drawer are a set of felt tip colouring pens dried to a frazzle, an unopened box of Ginseng tea and a box of business cards for the job before last. You never know, they may come in useful one day if I get re-assigned.... .. .Last week I found a book down the back of a bookshelf. I will definitely never need a do-your-own-maintenance book for the Morris Marina, but I've decided to keep it anyway - it's a first edition and may become valuable one day. Strangely enough I never owned a Morris Marina. Any offers for the book? . .. .**********************************. .THrough difficulties to the cinema

13th Mar 2002, 16:08
Put down flooring in my roofspace yesterday and found a complete dinner service left by the previous owners.. wrapped in paper from 1984. The house is only a year old.. .also found three teddies, a pocket knife some *unfinished* knitting, wrapped up in plastic, and a milking stool.

Who has control?
13th Mar 2002, 16:45
WHC's junk theory:- anything put away neat & tidy is not junk. Anything strewn haphazardly across the floor is obviously unwanted & can be binned. . .. .Has this theory ever got me into trouble? Lets just say that Mrs WHC is a wonderful getter-outer, but not too strong in the putting-back-after-use department.........

Tricky Woo
13th Mar 2002, 17:58
Hmm, that milking stool will come in handy when you buy yourself a herd of cows.. .. .Or goats.. .. .TW

13th Mar 2002, 19:42
how much of a thread can you get out of an abandoned three legged stool found in a loft, dunno, but I'd milk it for all that its worth.

13th Mar 2002, 22:28
...and on subsequent investigation, I have re-discovered three Dunlop BAC1-11-500 nosewheel halves. Also a complete set of DC6B IPC -in book form! (the aforementioned items were in my storeshed not in the house) I have also found a long steel thing with a thread at one end, obviously aircraft orientated but dont have a clue what it is. Additionally, I have a black circular object with a hole in the middle. Is this a record?

13th Mar 2002, 22:58
In addition to way too many books, although I do re-read a lot of them, I seem to have a great knack of keeping clothes that I can't wear "at the moment". When I was laid off from my banking job in 1998 I was about four sizes smaller than I am now, the clothes I had then for work and for leisure are good and the majority definitely wearable. HOWEVER .. I am bigger...so my problem is while I am wanting to lose weight it seems very difficult (I have never dieted before). The clothes I have I would want to keep but I CAN'T FIT IN THEM ... some of them are scarcely worn and good quality so I really can't justify throwing them out. Guess I am just going to have to diet!!. .. .I also have another knack, and that is the accumulation of stuff in drawers. Stuff like...business cards (which might be useful again one day)..notebooks/writing paper (although these days I tend to use email mostly), spare pens, pencils, a miscellany of possibly useful papers, paperclips, boxes of keys, spectacles and their cases (I am short-sighted to expect that they will be useful again one day when my eyes begin to age!) etc etc ... where do other people keep such things? Oh that is not including a full size four-drawer filing cabinet that I really am not using correctly as it contains packs of paper, bundles of envelopes (all for use in my part-time business), stamp albums etc. .. .Any advice? I live in a small apartment, the walk-in cupboard in the hallway is home to suitcases, loo paper, light bulbs, toolkit, spare household products and a wide variety of used but usable folded down cardboard boxes, a tent, sleeping bag, Christmas decorations ..... .. .My mother was a hoarder and I always resolved I wouldn't be but ... everything I have seems to have a use. I just don't know how to store it neatly!! How do other folks manage?. .. .Of course, my place is also enhanced by my dog's things - he has pieces of vetbed in several key locations as well as a lil bed beside mine and one in the sitting room .... .. .I guess the answer is to find a bigger living space but ... I shouldn't have to.. .. .Does anyone have any great storage solutions?. .. . <img border="0" title="" alt="[Big Grin]" src="biggrin.gif" /> <img border="0" title="" alt="[Eek!]" src="eek.gif" />

14th Mar 2002, 00:02
How about . .. .Cortina Mark 3 Workshop manual published in 1973 by Scientific Publications of Sydney, Australia (what the hell was that doing in a bookshop in Camberley?) I got rid of the car twenty years ago. . .. .Every issue of Aircraft Illustrated from Volume 1 Number 1 to March 2002 (except for March 1998 which I lent to someone who lost it - anyone know where I can get a replacement?). .. .National Geographics from Feb 1967 to today ('bout five of those missing!).. .. .Chemistry set I put together when I was at school.. .. .Amstrad 6128 computer (hang on, I still use that!). .. .Offcuts of wood (they'll all come in useful one day).. .. .35mm enlarger bought in 1989 (in case I ever get round to building the darkroom).

14th Mar 2002, 01:05
Just been into the garage. What`s the opposite of Aladdins cave? I think I`ve created it. Bits of cars I no longer own (or never have) Half rolls of wallpaper from 3 houses ago. Tools which seem to have no imaginable use. Old jam jars with bits and pieces....etc etc. Probably grounds for a new thread.

Gash Handlin
14th Mar 2002, 02:54
just to digress slightly, . .. .I'd like to appologise to the people who moved into my last but one house, whne they get round to entering the loft they will find half the shop fittings required to set up a mobile phone store.. .. .What can I say, they were in the back of my car and I needed the space for all the junk I had to take to my new hovel <img border="0" title="" alt="[Roll Eyes]" src="rolleyes.gif" />

14th Mar 2002, 10:44
Ive still got my old SQ 747 manuals 10 years after I left! But sure as sh!t the day after I toss them out some [email protected] will ask me where can he get a complete set of 10-year old 747 manuals and offer 200 bucks for them!

Tricky Woo
14th Mar 2002, 12:15
You lot are a bunch of hoarding amateurs compared to the great Herr Draper.. .. .NASA detected a gravitational anomaly which coincided with the location of his house. Better not say any more.... .. .TW

Tartan Gannet
14th Mar 2002, 13:32
To follow up on Gash Handling's point, what abut the interesting or unusual objects left behind in lofts, cupboards, sheds, etc by the previous occupants of houses one moves to?. .. .What amusing or strange articles have people found, or indeed useful items?

14th Mar 2002, 16:15
Left behind by previous occupants of a London flat - one vibrator (c/w flat battery).

Send Clowns
14th Mar 2002, 17:45
Well TG I had a tennant leave behind the very handy printer I still use (she went back to the US, not worth the transport) but also various parts of a fake policewoman's uniform, toy handcuffs and some stockings. She did some work as a strippr ...

15th Mar 2002, 07:55
For the book collectors. . .. .I have realized I will be in serious trouble if I have to move so I am experimenting with box shelves. The current prototypes are 1x1x2 ft and stackable. The idea is that the books can be moved in the shelves as they can be carried (if necessary with plastic taped over the top which is currentlty the front.. .. .When I get the minimum thickness down pat I will mass produce to replace ~ 300 ft of chipboard and bricks.

15th Mar 2002, 09:33
Just moved from the house into an apartment temporarily before I relocate overseas. . .Got rid of. .. .4 1.5mX1.5mX2.5m dumpsters of "junk" . .24 yard leaf bags of ex's clothes . .Made $400. on garage sale.. .. .Kept. .a couple hundered vinyl LP's,about a hundred 78's and record player to play them on. A lot of old books, 4 totes of Christmas decorations. My cap collection, fishing tackle, and basically enough stuff including some furnituer to fill a 10'X17' storage shed.. .. .Cleaned out the ex-inlaws parents house last year, found 2 grape presses, parts of a still, an antique beer cooler that weighed a ton, a lot of old pulley wheels that went to who knows what. Some grape jelly canned in 1954, and home made wine that the latest it could have been made was 1949. Also found a newspaper detailing Will Rodger's and Wiley Post's plane crash.

16th Mar 2002, 15:05
Oy Vey!m I wish you guys would keep schtumm. . .. .'Erindoors has been reading this thread; now she's looking at me in a very strange way...

16th Mar 2002, 20:48
Oh, my books, my books.... .. .Love 'em! Can't get rid of them.. .. .My last sojourn back to Oz involved spending a week repacking my books at my parents place.. .. .Took 35x60litre plastic containers. That was after discarding copies & ruined.. .. .Poor things have been in boxes for 10 or 15 years now. . .. .I'm envious of F40's new place with a library. Christ, how I've wanted a home with one!