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2nd Aug 2001, 19:24
I went out and bought The Daily Mail and The Sun today in response to the Brass Eye thread. Here is my last post again if you are interested:

{Well the Charlotte Church and Fergie's daughters business says it all.
The gutter press (and I include the Mail under that banner) are guilty of appalling hypocrisy.

I will go further - gutter press journalists are the scum of the earth - they are more than anyone else responsible for the collapse of moral standards and dumbing down of the UK population. Maybe I should be directing this more at their bosses like Rupert Murdoch who tell them what to print in the first place. They are in my view, worse than the paedophiles themselves, because by printing pictures like that they are guity of paedophilic voyeurism themselves.

Forthright views I know, I hope they read this..........

Well done Chris Morris for causing this furore which has now completely blown up in the tabloids' face - I am sure formerlyknownas that was exactly his intention, and I don't believe you can argue they created any hysteria before the programme was shown, I would have thought it was watched only by Brass Eye fans and those who had seen it trailed and were interested.}

So to underline my point, today's Sun has two 'stories' on the front page: "Don't treat me like a tart Paul" says Big Brother's Helen, and Is George and Lynne's marriage really on the rocks?" George and Lynne being their long running cartoon strip. I don't really need to say any more.

Then on the editorial page, Sun Showbiz Correspondent Dominic Mohan argues that "If you sneer at Big Brother you must be an old fogey who's out of touch" and "BB is a celebration of everything that's great about this country". I think not. I am 26 so hardly an old fogey and I sneer at it because it is utterly BORING!

As for the Daily Mail, they lead with the astronomically important Queen Mother's admission to hospital and her 'formidable resilience' in undergoing a blood transfusion. I am sorry she's not well, but she is 100 years old and does this story merit a front page headline? I think not.

Finally, and what was most amusing to me, their leader comment on the Anna Ford court judgement:

"The Mail has a high regard for Anna Ford. Although not a proper journalist, with her good looks and elegance she has - as a reader of TV news - given enormous pleasure to millions over the years."

Well yes indeed, good looks and elegance (are they still living in the 1930s????!!!!!). If Anna Ford is not a 'proper' journalist that must make Daily Mail hacks the journalistic equivalent of pond life.

Is there anyone else who agrees with me that the quality of tabloid 'journalism' has reached an all time low?

2nd Aug 2001, 20:35
Yeah, I agree with you. A vast number of people in the country only learn whats happening in the world, from the tabloid press. The press can tell them what they want. For the measly amount of 25p per day, you can be totally mis-informed for decades, never really understand whats happening, and only believe Murdochs' biased news. This is at a time when we spend billions on space exploration to further our knowledge, yet the majority of the popluation know little about most everyday events.

2nd Aug 2001, 20:38
Mentioned this in the 'brass eye' thread:

Why don't us PPRuNe'rs organise a Tabliod Boycott?

No sales = No money = No tabloids = Truth

Tartan Gannet
3rd Aug 2001, 11:02
I have been boycotting the tabloids for ages now. The only national newspaper I read is (occasionally) the Times, otherwise only the Local papers here in Reading. As far as I am concerned, be it Mirror, Sun, Mail, Express, Star, News of the World, People, they are all rubbish.

I remember an Album by Pink Floyd entitled, "The Final Cut". In it there is a track call "F*ck all that!" It starts with a serious voice reading the news, I cant remember the exact words so I'll temporise to give you the idea. " ....1000 people are reported as being killed in fighting in the Horn of Africa. Factory closures bring heartache to Lancashire town....." This then fades down to a thuggish voice, of a Tabloid Editor I assume saying "F*ck all that!" and urging us to read bums and tits stories, just about sums it all up. As stated so sucinctly on another thread. On one Page "Hang these paedo- pervert monsters" on another "Look at the 'Steeples' on Charlotte Church".

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3rd Aug 2001, 20:39
At one time, I felt that journalism was a fairly respectable profession. That was many years ago, and I don't believe it's been worthy of calling a profession for 20 years. The utter irresponsibility of the News of the World last year on the paedophile business - encouraging lynch mob rule - finally convinced me that journalists are in general pretty morally dishonest, and, as the aviation world knows only too well, are never going to let the facts get in the way of sensationalism.

So I never buy (or read) a daily tabloid.

The Guvnor
3rd Aug 2001, 21:05
*Wedge*, I think you'd have made a better point if you *didn't* buy the Mail or the Sun ... after all, the only thing their publishers are concerned about is money.

Actually, I think that Big Brother is a perfect example of what's *wrong* with our society. Who, apart from a sicko perve, wants to watch other people going about their daily business 24 hours a day? That's voyurism, aka 'Peeping Tom' - people get locked up for it. Programmes like this (coupled with scum tabloids) can be shown to be at the root of much of society's ills ... but Beverley "I haven't seen it but it was definitely horrifying and abusive" Hughes and Tessa "I wouldn't know culture if it hit me in the face" Jowell don't seem to be making a fuss about *that*, are they?

Perhaps because they don't want to p1ss off their constituent base? :D :D

You'll recall that in the USSR, there used to be a choice of two papers: Izvestia, which means News; and Pravda, which means Truth. The Sovs had a saying about them: "There's no truth in the News and no news in the Truth!"

Same applies here, methinks. :D :rolleyes: :D