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1st Aug 2001, 19:57
Had to share this one:

Yesterday, I received a mail from a gentleman, Richard (all names changed to protect the innocent). I don't know Richard, but we're hoping to meet soon. He finished his e-mail with the following line:

> Samantha, the Grubby Colt and I will do our darndest to be there.

I replied, with details of where and when we could meet up. And, with reference to his "Grubby Colt", I wrote:

> And you never know, you might even find that it's a good enough excuse
get a sponge out and clean off Sandra's bits, so to speak, before we

I was a little surprised, this morning, to find a mail from him starting:


because I didn't remember saying anything which was *that* funny. But as I read on, I started laughing myself, because it turns out:

> I should perhaps explain that 'Samantha' is my wife. The Grubby Colt is un-named.

Oops! :eek:

Anyone else ever made a similar faux-pas???