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25th Feb 2004, 18:18
There are good detailed history books published about BEA , and about all the British independents. Is there anything in print that has covered BOAC in the same detail ?

Captain Airclues
26th Feb 2004, 22:52
'The Pictorial History of BOAC and Imperial Airways' by Kenneth Munson

Published by Ian Allan in 1970. SBN 7110 0136 7


27th Feb 2004, 03:36
I have a copy of a book I found in a junk shop called "The Seven Skies" by John Pudney - "A study of BOAC and its forerunners since 1919". Published in 1959, it goes up to - er, 1959, basically.

It's a bit more interesting as it was a presentation copy - signed by Gerard d'Erlanger, it has a dedication reading "as a member of the "25" Club and one of those who has contributed so much to the development of BOAC, I am sure you will be pleased to have this book etc etc......."

Also a handwritten note on the flyleaf by an E B Frost, apparently he was one who helped open the "Flying Boat Station" at Hythe, "after the first course taken at Short Bros, Rochester" on the C class Empire Flying Boats in 1936/37.

What was the "25 Club", and does anyone remember Mr Frost?

4th Mar 2004, 04:29
Try Pictorial history of BOAC and Imperial Ays. SBN 7110 0136 7
or Wings across the world Isbn 0 304 30697 5
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