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Tartan Gannet
1st Aug 2001, 13:24
Im not a member of any of the political parties in the UK, being disillusioned by the lot of them and being out of step with them on certain of their policies but in tune on others. I will list my position on the main aspects and would be interested if any Jet Blasters could recommend a political party, British or European which would best match my outlook. Obviously you could say, "Start you own TG" but in the REAL world that just aint on.

ECONOMICS Old Labour moderate Left of centre, interventionist, mixed economy, State ownership of heat, light, power, road, rail infrastructure and ATC, Water. Believe in direct (income) rather than indirect (sales) taxes, support higher taxes on those paid over 100k a year and abolition of limit on Employee's NHI payments. Totally opposed to PPP and PFI and "The Market" in the NHS.

INDUSTRIAL while not wanting to go back to the 1970s free for all, (Red Robbo and all that), I support the restoration of many of the Trade Union rights abolished by Thatcher.

LAW AND ORDER Hard Right. Pro Capital and Corporal Punishment, build more prisons if needs be, less parole and remission. Im biased against the violent offender and towards the forces of Law and Order.

MORAL ISSUES As a Secularist I believe that the State has no place in the consenting adults bedroom. I also take a progressive line of such issues as Abortion, Euthanasia, Homosexuality, legalising Cannabis and Brothels. Would support disestablishment of the Church of England and declaration of Britain as a secular country.

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS I oppose this nonsense and its offshoots.

EUROPE I am in favour of closer integration and harmonisation with Europe, the adoption of the Euro and Shengen Agreements, the formation of a joint European Defence Force to eventually replace NATO.

EDUCATION I would wish a return to more Traditional Methods, I am against Comprehensives as a failed experiment and support some form of selection by ability in the early teens, but with far better provision for the non academics than the old Secondary Moderns supplied.

So as you can see my opinions on most issues cut right across party lines, Old Labour on some, Old Tory on others, Liberal on a few. So if you could find a party to suit me, I would be very interested.

:) :D :confused:

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tony draper
1st Aug 2001, 13:29
If you manage to track such a party dowm Mr G
you got another member here. ;)

The Guvnor
1st Aug 2001, 14:05
Simple!! And shame on you for not having thought of them before: *SNP*


Tartan Gannet
1st Aug 2001, 14:24
Guvnor. An interesting idea , but I live in Berkshire in the English Home Counties.Mind you in Brighton & Hove there was a local Councillor who was elected as Labour, fell out with them over some issue, and being a Scot he joined the SNP and declared himself to be an SNP Councillor, a bit incongrous as his ward fronted onto the English Channel, about as far from Scots Territory as one can get. Needless to say he lost his seat to some New Labour placeholder programmed automaton at the subsequent elections but I had to admire his chutzpah.

1st Aug 2001, 17:21
I think I might join you too, TG, we seem to be of the same generation here.
I think my main beef is not with the politcal parties but with the permanent civil service who are really running things so badly.
It's strange, but back in the sixties when I was at university all the students seemed to be revolutionaries except me who was a (small 'c') conservative and now I find the older I get the more I want to 'Smash the System'!


1st Aug 2001, 20:19
I will add my name to your nomination paper TG! Over the years I seem to have flitted back & forth between all the mainstream parties, without really understanding why I have done so. As a cautious man I should really give more thought to why I am putting my cross in a particular black box!

All we need now is a name for this new force! I dare to presume I am a little younger than you but we seem to have a fair bit in common.

confused of Hampshire....

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1st Aug 2001, 22:41
TG even if you found a political party that matched your criteria (and you wont), do you honestley think theyd be acting in the best interests of citizens like you and the country for that matter? How many have been sucked in by the cascade of emotion generated from high-sounding bullsh!t lies from "carasmatic" partys only to end up just as disapointed and pissed off like the rest of us?
Im sure given the right amount of cash you can buy any party and politician into seeing things your way. But youll need Murdochs bank balance to start with.

2nd Aug 2001, 00:04
I did think of one, but unfortunately Lord Sutch died a few years ago.

2nd Aug 2001, 03:25
I've found myself agreeing with you more and more recently TG - in fact my politics are very close to yours EXCEPT on Law and Order.

We could start 'The PPRuNe Party' and have a 'broad church' on L&O. Seriously, though you are not going to find a party to represent your views, in fact Governments seem to be less and less powerful anyway. Not to say HM Government could not be doing a damn sight more than they are for Public Services, and especially the Transport infrastructure.

Agree with you on tax, I was arguing for Income Tax increases for those earnign 100K+ long before the Lib Dems were.

Tartan Gannet
2nd Aug 2001, 03:50
Interesting, sensible answers from all except, of course, U_R, (typically). I DID actually think of standing as an Independant at the last election on this manifesto. May do so next time.