View Full Version : I have the power to change your life

The Invisible Man
25th Feb 2004, 06:57
What a thought, just by reading this I have changed your life.

Do I post this or not ?

If I do, I have, If I dont,........ who knows.

If you reply you will change my life

What a responsiblity.


25th Feb 2004, 07:14
Nothing much has happened yet that I can detect, but I'll let you know if things are different tomorrow...

Anthony Carn
25th Feb 2004, 14:19
Butterfly theory, innit. ;)


The Invisible Man
25th Feb 2004, 14:25
Oh hell,

I'm so sorry....:eek:

25th Feb 2004, 16:32
Don't be sorry! Just think what a cataclysmic mess the future might have been had you not...:ooh:

The Invisible Man
25th Feb 2004, 16:34
Oh great,

I'm so happy:D

25th Feb 2004, 16:40
Man, I changed your life....wow....;)

25th Feb 2004, 17:01

Now my brain hurts...

25th Feb 2004, 17:09
....and it didn't before?! Wow! This "power" thing is amazing...I can see why people get hooked on it....:D :E :uhoh:

25th Feb 2004, 17:53
That is quite scary! But now my life has changed, what would I have done if I had not posted this reply..........Hmmmm:confused:

25th Feb 2004, 18:28
And what would have happened if I had posted before you GG, and asked you not to post, and you didn't.

Or if you had posted before me and asked me not to post a post asking you not post. Or if T.I.M. actually married my MIL, and didn't have time to start the thread.....now that would have changed a LOT of lives.

The Invisible Man
25th Feb 2004, 18:32
Sh*t I cant take this,

Have you got that therapists number Jerricho, I may have changed the world.

Should I post this now or later and what effect will it have on you all if I delay..........I'm gonna wait 10 seconds.....no 15 seconds just in case...

25th Feb 2004, 18:39
Ozzy is my therapist now..................... his charges are very fair and all!

But what if I hadn't used Ozzy's therapy skills and stayed with my old therapist? Would I be the happy little camper I am now?

25th Feb 2004, 19:10
I am glad that I posted when I did and I am glad I posted now but I am not sure when to post again - can some one tell me:confused:

25th Feb 2004, 19:11
I think my sinuses are a bit clearer this morning - was that you T.I.M? Or just a very strange coincidence? :confused:

25th Feb 2004, 19:13
You will be glad you posted both now, then and in the future. And when you post in the future, you will be glad you did then, now and in the future future.

But you won't be glad in the future future that you decide to post again, because in the future future future you will have got a headache from it all!

25th Feb 2004, 19:15
Changing lives is all well and good, but what I want to know is can you turn me into an attractive young blonde with lovely breasts?:}

The Invisible Man
25th Feb 2004, 19:43

Dont post till midday, wear only light colours today and beware of anything that could spill.


I'm trying.....


Hope I helped......


Get me Ozzys number quick !!!!

25th Feb 2004, 19:49
T I M - this is great. I found that my life had changed today, and I wondered what had caused the change, and now I've read this I realise it was you, or a butterfly, or both.

At least I think I realise that. And also, I'm not sure if it changed today or if I just woke and knew that it was going to change next Wednesday, but anyway, thank you for instigating these changes. Or rather, I'll thank you once I'm sure the changes are good.

Hmm, I might want to re-think all this......

The Invisible Man
25th Feb 2004, 19:53
OZZY where are you

I'm changing life on the other side of the world now .....

Argggggggggghhhhhhh !!!!!!! mummy.....:=

25th Feb 2004, 20:00

Now, where is a MIL when you want her?!

25th Feb 2004, 20:14
If TIM had not posted this thread, I might have read and replied to the thread at the bottom of page 1, thereby putting it to the top, where others would have possibly had further input. But by posting this thread, he demoted one to p2, so it didnt happen.

The Invisible Man
26th Feb 2004, 04:43
Now should I bring this back to the top of the pile again,

If I dont, your lives will be different tomorrow, if I do, it will be different again.

I could wipe this off now and you would never have known I was thinking of posting.


By posting now, it could affect the numbers you choose, and the numbers drawn for Saturdays Lottery. Do you deserve to win I wonder. If I dont post I could win.

Mmmmmmm should I.... ???:confused:

26th Feb 2004, 04:56
I might have been offering 10% of my eventual lotto win to someone, on some thread in some forum somewhere. But now that time no longer has any meaning, I don't know if what I think I posted still appears anywhere. I'm not even sure I ever thought of posting anything. What is this thread? What is PPRuNe? Where am I? Whose computer is this? Where's the remote control? Whose house is this? Whose cats are these? Am I allergic to cats? Should I be? Where's my reset button? :confused:

26th Feb 2004, 06:25
I spent the evening reading stuff on ppRune. No change there.

Now try to make me rich.

26th Feb 2004, 08:08
Does T.I.M. have the Midas touch?

That might explain how my post to which he replied became invisible...I don't mean that my post had any intrinsic value to begin with, merely that, uhmm, I forget what it was I wanted to say here. At least I think that I have forgotten what it was. Unless something's changed...but Thirty06 hasn't noticed any changes and he too wants to be rich. And so would I, or I think I do. Long enough to be able to appreciate it. Should I go to bed believing that I shall be rich this weekend because I have, had or will have the winning numbers? Or should I not go to bed at all in case I don't notice something's changed? Or won't it help or will it? Did I ever find my reset button or at least discover that I didn't have one? Do I need one? Would a RCB work for the voltages in the brain? Is RCD the correct


26th Feb 2004, 08:36
I broke a tooth at 1423 GMT on 24th February.

Was that a precursor event caused by TIM's intention to start this thread?


26th Feb 2004, 15:01
Fret not, people. All this was always going to happen, this way.

We are but pawns.


26th Feb 2004, 15:08
Ooohhhh!! I love prawns! Yummm .... oh ... o.k. ...

... pawns, he said, pawns. Well ... I wonder what they taste like?

The Invisible Man
26th Feb 2004, 17:41
For those that had good days.....I'm happy

For those that had bad days.......I'm sorry.

Seacue...............send me your bill

Bluediamond......send me some prawns.

Thats my infuencing your days done.


26th Feb 2004, 18:05
I like a good pawn as much as the next guy...........especially involving PVC, and chickies named Debbie or Jenna ;)

26th Feb 2004, 18:47
Has the light bulb changed? Or is that another matter?


26th Feb 2004, 19:06
Dear TIM,

I won't bother you with my bill, but I'll send you the dentist's bill. He knocked down an old house on Chesapeake Bay and is building a mansion and could use the money. Maybe he'll be able to have a pier to dock his Bristol sailing yacht.
At least the tooth is saved (for now).

I feared it was a goner and I'd have to visit his buddy who does extractions, etc. He, too, could probably stand a bit more cash, since his old farmhouse at Gettysburg, PA, burnt to the ground a couple of months ago.


Jerrichos MIL
26th Feb 2004, 21:43
Now, where is a MIL when you want her?! I'm here dear! How can help? I'm sorry I wasn't around yesterday evening, I was busy packing my cases. I wouldn't take too much notice of T I M if I were you. You know all those lovely things he said, and how he claimed to be such a romantic person who wanted to woo me? Well I don't believe a word of it any more:sad: He hasn't sent me so much as one of those free e-cards let alone flowers, choccies or bottles of champagne and as for a delicious, romantic dinner for two - forget it, not even an offer of a bag of chips :{ I'm beginning to think it was all a big bunch of lies and that he is really being VERY cruel to me. I was soooo looking forward to it as well.:{ :{ :{

Fred Elliot
26th Feb 2004, 22:47
Oh, bvgger it!

I only came in because I thought it said "Ihave the power to change your w ife".

Now look what you've done!

27th Feb 2004, 00:19
Well I read the thread which made me happy. Then I chaired a mtg which went really well because I was happy. However, if I had been my normally grumpy self the mtg might have been less happy but more effective and the correct decisions might have been made rather than the ones that made every body happy. Therefore, not only have you left me confused - but happy - but the impact of your influence will not have just affected me but might have severe impact on the very very very important defence related decisions we made.
Now you see, you may have affected world peace !! :sad:

1st Mar 2004, 02:07
So are you saying that T.I.M. may have had more of an effect on world peace than the wiretaps, Mr. Boutros Boutros Galli? :8

Also, whilst I may not have the power to change your life, I can nevertheless ensure that you are given due regard.

( NB. Even in California, they give you 2 chances before throwing away the keys....wheeeeee!)

The Invisible Cat
1st Mar 2004, 04:25
Nothing has changed in my life !
Maybe T.I.M.'s power is limited to humans :p

By the way, anyone spare me a prawn head or two ?:ok: