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25th Feb 2004, 03:35
Ohh, I've got clamp

The most incredible story this week is the Australian man attacked by a shark, who swam and drove for help with the creature still clamped to his leg. Luke Tresoglavic, 22, was attacked by a Wobbegong shark while snorkelling near Newcastle, north Sydney. When the shark refused to let go, he swam 300 metres to shore, walked to his car and drove to the local surf club. If I were him I would have driven to the hospital. But it is an amazing tale of determination and begs the question: would I be able to do that? I've given it plenty of thought and think yes, I would. I've got pretty strong jaws and I f**king hate Australians.


Kept me laughin for hours anyway!

25th Feb 2004, 03:42
Aw crap,

Thought that was another Morcambe beach joke....


25th Feb 2004, 03:43
A Possible Postscript:

Doctors at the hospital were amazed at the feat of endurance. A lethal injection was administered and the shark was persuaded to let go of the man.

The shark was returned to the water unharmed. The funeral for Mr Tresoglavic will be held at a time to be advised. :D

Onan the Clumsy
25th Feb 2004, 04:10
Actually it took two lethal injections as they foolishly used an alcohol overdose for the first one.

Ascend Charlie
25th Feb 2004, 04:24
Oooohhhh, you are awful!!

There was quite a bit of infection associated with the bite, and it took a course of penicillin before the shark was declared OK. The shark also asked for some Listerine to get the taste out of its mouth..:yuk:

The strange bit is, a Wobbegong is the tamest shark we have! Not normally associated with chewing on people

25th Feb 2004, 04:38
Oh, I thought this was something to do with STD's........there's an 'm' there isn't there.

25th Feb 2004, 15:50
Ah, Yes - Jerrico - methinks yaz hav hit the nail on the head here. POMs are well known for their sexual deviency and ,of course, a small dose of an STD does stir the pot a bit, eh? .... :p

ps - yerz can get very lonely sittin on a beach in Oz waitin for a sexul encounter of the first type to walk down the beach, so naturally, "any port inna storm" as the Oz mates say (least ways that is what Ozexpat says) ..... :E

the wizard of auz
25th Feb 2004, 16:09
Carefull...............He's a wontok now, and they have a frightfull reputation for deviancy............... way worse than them pommys. :}