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24th Feb 2004, 23:05
Dunno if any prooners have ever used it, but for one of the courses at uni i haveto do a course in basics of AutoCAD

And i can honestly say that i have never operated a program more prone to random crashes, illegal operations and freezes that this!

And whats worse they always happen just as your trying to save your work!


should just point out that i also hate computers, with a passion


Going to drown his sorrows

24th Feb 2004, 23:41
Not used AutoCAD but can relate to the hating computers vibe. Mine is awful and I constantly get the 'Blue Screen of Death' and the IT department cant do anything about it!:mad:

I have to change the Gerbils every other day now - its getting silly

Lance Murdoch
24th Feb 2004, 23:55
I used AutoCAD at technical college and university. I never had a problem with it crashing although this is almost ten years ago now.:confused: Might be a problem with your computer system Matty.

24th Feb 2004, 23:58
Tis a well known fact that AutoCAD has severe problems and one should move to AutoRASCAL, or even AutoBOUNDER at a stretch. :cool:


25th Feb 2004, 01:22
I used version 7 (I think, it was back in 1994!) which seemed to be a reasonably good system. Prolly up to version 93 now, needing a Cray and a server farm to run it...

Anthony Carn
25th Feb 2004, 01:36
I was brought up to use pencil & paper.

So get some lead in yer pencil, young Matty !

(and don't forget the rubber) :E

25th Feb 2004, 02:38

I'm an Architect by trade & have used AutoCad for years... Never had any of the problems you mention - However, I do know that there are a million dodgy copies out there with problems stemming from the time that they used (don't laugh) dongles etc. This bit of kit allowed the program know that the software was not being used illegally by checking to see if the dongle was installed on the computer it was being used on.

Obviously the geeks found a way around the hardware issue via software cracks and patches and invariably some crap versions still exist and (probably) cause your copy's shite performance and your own computer shitkicking.

However if your copy is legitimate, simply contact autodesk & they'll send you a replacement copy.

I'm currently using Architectural Desktop 2004 which I must say is very good for 3D Rendering etc but it is feckin expensive.

You don't say what discipline (Architecture or Engineering) you are in but I reckon you should try to pick up a (legit) copy of Autocad Lt 2004 if you don't need to do 3D stuff. It really is a very useful program (and the most widely used - cross discipline also)

Order a trial CD from www.autodesk.com and see for yourself.

P.S. Autodesk sell reduced price copies to crusty studo's such as your good self which might be worth looking into... I think you may have to order them through the Uni.

Best of luck with your studies.


P.P.S. Assuming you are using the computers on the University Campus, could you not just kick the Bejesus out of the computer teacher until he wises up and sorts out the mess? The condescending know-all little crap-head does dick all day anyway, right?


Anthony Carn
25th Feb 2004, 03:58
Hmmmm !!! :hmm:

Dodgy dongles and cross-discipline, you say ?

Uni was never that much fun in my day. :E

25th Feb 2004, 07:36
Fishtits has alot right there!

Been using Autocad for years. V14 was the most stable.

However AutoCad LT is more than adequate for most people!

If you talk with the computer boffins or nerds the main problem seems always to be with the underpowered graphics cards installed.

An ATI Radeon 9800XT or latest version you can get will make things seem like magic!

25th Feb 2004, 11:39

You are not alone... believe me.

I'm sure AutoCAD can be made... uhhh... "reliable", but generally speaking, it can't hold a candle to some of the more modern CAD/Surfaces/Solids apps. (SolidWorks, etc.).

Good luck in your class!

25th Feb 2004, 13:27
In the computer lab at my university, AutoCAD was the most unreliable program on the computers, but a big part of the problem was some smart ass in rez trying to hack the network. Even after that was solved though it still gave people trouble.

I'd have to agree with dm_flyer, compared to some other CAD programs, AutoCAD is behind the times. We also had Solidworks and ProE available. After most people tried one of them, no one used AutoCAD anymore, to the point where the university dropped it. Unfortunately the industry is still stuck on it...


Windy Militant
25th Feb 2004, 15:56
I dream of having AutoCAD. The **** wit who was my boss decided that despite the rest of the site using AutoCad and Autocad light that our group should use ChoiceCad and then
TrueCad. So not only did we have a system that was a pig to use, crashed all the time, we couldn't view any drawings from any other section. Also if we wanted stuff made on the Cad machines in the workshop we had to have the drawings redrawn on AutoCad.
Choicecad has to be one of the worst systems to use. Simple operations that could be done easily with pencil and paper took ages, so for one off stuff it was crap. However it had lots of symbols so flow charts and things like that were easy to draw which was what the underwater basket weaving idiot used it for, so the rest of use were lumbered with it. :mad:

25th Feb 2004, 17:22
Have used Acad daily for the last 8 years from version 12 to now Acad2000,
Have used it with 3.1 95 NT4 98 and ME, never had the problems that you seem to be having,
I use it with Accurender for 3D stuff and get excellent results, Although Accurender can be a tad on the slow side,
I also use 3d studio Viz, which is a different can of worms entirely.

25th Feb 2004, 19:27
I also use AutoCAD daily (Release 10 though to AutoCAD 2002). I use it for 3D object modelling and either Lightwave or Viz for scene modelling and creating flythoughs. I use Bentley MX for topo modelling.

AutoCAD is a very stable platform. The Autodesk web site has a very good knowledge base from which you can solve a lot of the errors that commonly pop up. If you give us the errors that you experience we can help you investigate the cause.

PM me if you want to. Perhaps a moderator should move this thread to the Computer Issues forum.

Boromir: Check you PMs



25th Feb 2004, 19:38
Forgot to mention AutoROGUE, but that's only available in a Mac:E


25th Feb 2004, 22:19
The autocad we use is 2002, and is "borrowed" from the Civil Engineering Dept (I am in Aviation (a part of the process engineering dept)) however i have been assured that all the licences have been bought correctly and everything has gone through the official channels.

To be fair to it it does seem like an incredibly powerful tool, im sure one could create the blueprints for a Nuclear power station on it but on the 'pooters we use in the comp labs at uni, it crashes every 10-15 minutes (just when you save your work, as said, or randomly for no real reason). Annoys the hell out of me