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24th Feb 2004, 23:20
...that I always spill something down myself when I am wearing white. :mad: Never when I am wearing black. :sad: Now I just look stupid! :{

24th Feb 2004, 23:29
Maybe you do when you're wearing black, but you don't realise it or notice it.

I'm constantly amazed by the number of people I work with who end up with pen marks on their shirts.

24th Feb 2004, 23:29
......that i always get homicidal tendancies when i hear what sounds like a tornado coming down my high street and it actually turns out to be a Vauxhaul Nova (also can be substituted by ford escort, peogeot 205 etc.)

24th Feb 2004, 23:30
Simply don't wear anything at work, I am sure the blokes won't mind one bit. :ok:

24th Feb 2004, 23:34
I hear PVC is easy to clean!!!

24th Feb 2004, 23:40
I have got some pvc boots somewhere. The only time I spill things on me when I am wearing dark colours is when it is flour or chalk! Typical. I am also a culprit of the new art form, pen on shit:)

Oh well, I think that I should cut a hole in the top of a plastic bag and stick my head out the top! Nice :cool:

24th Feb 2004, 23:46
Try a Harrods bag. A bit classy and all! ;)

Tell us more about this PVC thing.................

24th Feb 2004, 23:55
They are only boots. Long ones to keep my legs warm in the winter. Are you in to PVC then? what would the MIL say or does she like that too:E :uhoh:

24th Feb 2004, 23:56
Awwww........don't you start ;)

24th Feb 2004, 23:58
Has anyone read Douglas Adams' "The Meaning of Liff"? the basic premise is to useplace names for activities, objects etc that have no current word assigned to them.

Hence i believe Whorlton and Cheam (and im sure to be corrected if im wrong)

Whorlton The Type of Light cloured dirt that always seems to stain dark coloured clothes
Cheam - The opposite of above


25th Feb 2004, 00:10
Sorry, I don't mean to ignore your post Matty,

but can we get back to Groundgirls PVC boots!!! :\

25th Feb 2004, 00:17
J - sorry - just seen it so many time before that I couldn't resist! My PVC boots aren't as exciting as you all think they are just long black and shiny.....:rolleyes:

Anthony Carn
25th Feb 2004, 00:17
I would'nt be too depressed, GroundGirl.

Liquid spillages when you're naked -- now they can spoil your whole life. :ooh:

25th Feb 2004, 00:19
Depends on the Liquid :E

Jerrichos MIL
25th Feb 2004, 00:21

I am very pleased to see that you wear practical down to earth footware. That's just the kind of girl my lovely daughter used to be until she was corrupted by HIM.

If it wasn't for the likes of HIM, that Anne Summers lady would still be a threepenny bit slag selling fruit down the old market. That's how I'll always remember her.

I didn't do very well for lent did I ?? But then we Satanists don't believe in all that old tripe anyway :E

25th Feb 2004, 00:22
No worries GG. ;)

Right, now we're pouring beer over who now?

The Invisible Man
25th Feb 2004, 00:24
How dare you insinuate that my beloved ( J's MIL ) would be into PVC things......... work of the devil I say.

Groundgirl...... dont be drawn into naughty conversations about what you wear...... those naughty men might be spillin liquid as we speak !!!!:yuk:

25th Feb 2004, 00:32
Hmm, nice thought there. But I am sure there are far better thing on the net for these lovely gentlemen to be "spillin liquid " over - if you know where to look!

My friend had a gimp mask for her boyfriend - not really my cup of tea tho...good way to shut up the man in your life:p

I think that in relation to who we shoud be pouring beer over it shoutl be T.I.M - we would be able to see him then

The Invisible Man
25th Feb 2004, 00:46
Talking of pouring beer over ones head,

Reminds of good old RAF days and schooner races......

Anyone else remember???

Groundgirl....... where do I look ???:E

25th Feb 2004, 00:51
How would I know ...... although I have worked with too many pilots to keep my youthful innocence :{

25th Feb 2004, 17:50
I wore a black shirt today in the hope that I manage not to spill something on me - wish me luck:\

25th Feb 2004, 17:56
Not at all fair. when a girl/woman says they are wearing a black shirt/blouse I wonder what colour the bra is. Not fair at all.

25th Feb 2004, 17:59
You will have to use your imagination - but I'll give you a clue - its not PVC!!:)

Biggles Flies Undone
25th Feb 2004, 18:02
Black shirt and PVC boots - is it some kind of club uniform? I saw quite a few ladies dressed like that when I drove through Brighton one evening last week :rolleyes:

25th Feb 2004, 18:07
You sure they were ladies??

This brings a whole new slant to the "So, tell me what you're wearing?"

25th Feb 2004, 18:36
Bloody hell, not much in the world beats unbuttoning a nice blouse to see a well filled lace and satin bra with nipples pointing.... Colour doesn't matter much but seems to be a big secret. Liquid latex.. now that's interesting.

Sorry wrong forum....

25th Feb 2004, 18:42
Wrong forum?

Why, where's that one?

25th Feb 2004, 19:11
It'll be one that you cant look at when you are at work:E

25th Feb 2004, 19:17
I'm not allowed to look at the internet at work.

I tried to tell them I was doing research into airbags and birdies, but they didn't believe me. :(

25th Feb 2004, 19:24
Dear Mrs. JeMIL, I do think that the Invisible One has designs on your modesty. :* After all you have had to live through with that son in law, an invisible stalker is not what you need.

Interested to note that you think high PVC boots are sensible footwear; what a deligtful person you must be!
If ever you visit these sodden shores, I would be delighted to have you stay for a few days to compare PVC notes and snuggle up in front of a roaring fire.
If your poor daughter can bear to be separated from you for such time of course; your maternal duties come first, I realise that.
Devotedly Yours,

25th Feb 2004, 19:25
Thats not good - I dont have access at home so the office is my portal in to the w.w.w.I am sure that they will kick me off and ban Proon soon but hey! Making the most of it whilst I still can.

Dark Knight
25th Feb 2004, 19:33

Whatever you do, do not wear the Blue dress.


Biggles Flies Undone
25th Feb 2004, 19:59
compare PVC notes and snuggle up in front of a roaring fire.

Jetlegs - wearing PVC in front of a roaring fire is not a recommended SOP! :oh:

25th Feb 2004, 21:27
The blue PVC one? Not really suitable attire for the office I fear - not really sure where it actually would be!

26th Feb 2004, 00:37
Hooray :p :p :p :p

It is nearly the end of my working day and I hae yet to spill something on me!

Why is it that you only spill things on white clothing. It always happens - especially when eating things such as a sunday roast and you have changed because some relative or another is visiting and slop, a piece of potato falls off your forlk and straight in to your gravy and on to the whiter than white shirt.

Never on the black, always the white:confused:

Dark Knight
26th Feb 2004, 07:33

It depends whose office one is in at the time.

If the blue dress is of pvc it certainly would be easier to clean those annoying spillages.

However, would a stained pvc dress store as well for future reference?