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24th Feb 2004, 18:44
Just read the Wedding Gifts thread, which set me thinking.
What would you nominate as totally useless/illogical?

I'll start with the Toast Rack, rapidly cools nice hot toast as quickly as possible:confused:

tony draper
24th Feb 2004, 19:02
Ok if yer don't like hot toast Mr G which one doesn't, spoils the butter it does when it melts into th toast, we discussed this on the toast thread a while back one seems to recal.
How about Fish Knives and Forks?
nobody uses fish knives and forks anymore except possibly singaporegirl and Blue Diamond, come to think one hasn't seen much of them about the place this last week or so,what has become of them one is forced to ask?


24th Feb 2004, 19:03
Ashtray on a motorcycle........the ash goes everywhere ;)

24th Feb 2004, 19:39
The statement "THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK" printed on a page


24th Feb 2004, 20:02
One hasn't seen a fish knife for years, let alone weeks Mr D I suspect the fish have a deal of trouble handling them.

HM Brenda does not use them either, but she ain't as posh as Sporegirl & BD.

Anyway, I like me toast hot.

Another useless kitchen obect is a small ladle thing with a hole in the bottom WTF is that for?

24th Feb 2004, 20:39
Anything from a 'pound shop' (except our cat's baskets.. they think they are the dogs doodah's).

A losing lottery ticket

An extended warranty on a used van (trust me, I sell em')

Myself (according to Mrs TC).

24th Feb 2004, 20:54
What about a windscreen wiper on a submarine? Maybe is not so useless after all but my guess is that they aren't good enough yet for the job...

24th Feb 2004, 21:02
My earlier nomination of chocolate teapot was obviously so useless the server decided not to let it appear. :(

Oh well......see if this disappears too....

24th Feb 2004, 21:04
How about an underwater hairdryer or a solar powered torch?

24th Feb 2004, 21:09
Another useless kitchen obect is a small ladle thing with a hole in the bottom WTF is that for?


Weightwatchers sell them.

24th Feb 2004, 21:09
...or a chocolate teapot, or anyone playing in defence for Spurs at the mo:{ :{

24th Feb 2004, 21:14
Or Rangers full stop :E

Andrew McKenzie
24th Feb 2004, 21:16
"The statement "THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK" printed on a page"

Its not really that stupid. If you are in an exam you love to read a line like that and you know that you are not missing anything.

24th Feb 2004, 21:22
The "PRIVATE MESSAGE" button on JB.

Useless, Pruners do :mad: :mad: in public here!

:} :} :ok: :suspect:

24th Feb 2004, 22:03
The National Health Service and the Employment Service. Neither of which does what it says on the box.

24th Feb 2004, 22:32
The opening statement that most speakers at large meetings make:- "Can you hear me at the back?"

If you can't hear him, how do you know what he's just said?

24th Feb 2004, 22:41
Those stupid fancy cork screws.

And Plazbot.

Jerrichos MIL
24th Feb 2004, 23:17
Sons in Laws, why couldn't she just live in sin and then it would be easy to get shot of him ??,

and Ozzies, especially related to me by marraige

although I am partial to a spot of Neighbours, Home & Away, and the Sullivans.

24th Feb 2004, 23:29
39 days to go.........................

I have control
25th Feb 2004, 10:31
Tartan dollies
Plastic things they sell in the shops here that I think are meant to live on the table and you're supposed to put your paper knapkins in
Knife rests - just lick the knife clean
Fishnet stockings - they don't keep you warm and it shows if you haven't waxed your legs recently