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16th Nov 2001, 12:38
My wife insists on setting all her clocks and watches about 5 minutes fast (her clocks include all the clocks in the house, except the video and my watch!). I find it a bit irritating, as I like to lookat a clock and get the time. Do any of you do this and, if so can you explain why? and do your other halves have any other interesting habits that you'd like to share?

Feeton Terrafirma
16th Nov 2001, 13:09
I see you understand the concept of "HERS" ;)

HERS includes every thing she owns, everything you share, and everything you own too. Yours includes everything else :confused:

As for strange habits, my wife likes to make love on the floor of chat checkin, does that count? :cool:

And how do you manage to get Miss handled? My wife has expressly forbidden any handling by any Miss :eek:

The Nr Fairy
16th Nov 2001, 13:59
Tiny thing, but she leaves the wet spoon after she's made a hot drink on the work surface in the kitchen rather than putting it in the sink.

16th Nov 2001, 15:35
1. Mrs sprocket always leaves the toilet seat down. I just cant convince her to leave it up as she found it!
2. Switches the car lights, radio and aircon off with the ignition switch.
3. Reads in bed when I'm trying to sleep.


16th Nov 2001, 15:43
Nr Fairy...

Glad to see I m not the only one who hates that! I m sure she uses the same one until it gets stained brown when I m away!

Also we have a table top dishwasher and she stacks things next to it on the counter instead of opening the door and putting them inside!

16th Nov 2001, 15:47
Check out

16th Nov 2001, 18:17

He must really hate his Margaret to write sooooo much about her and their disagreements! ;)

I wonder why their little boy doesn't have red hair? :rolleyes:

Biggles Flies Undone
16th Nov 2001, 18:31
Wife? Wassssssat? :confused:

Biggles - born again Happy Chappie :D

The Guvnor
16th Nov 2001, 19:45
Click here (http://homepage.ntlworld.com/mil.millington/) and then on l.t.o.w :D :D :D

Robert Cooper
17th Nov 2001, 08:58
I struggled with this but finally gave up.
My weird wife doesn't have any habits.



Robert Cooper
17th Nov 2001, 09:02
I struggled with this but finally gave up.
My weird wife doesn't have any habits.



The Nr Fairy
17th Nov 2001, 14:54
Add to the list :

1. Getting stuff out of drawers, using it then not putting it back in the drawer but leaving it out then bitching when the place looks untidy.

Feeton Terrafirma
17th Nov 2001, 15:37
Mr Fairy, don't complain to much, Ihave the opposite problem. Missus puts stuff away in draws etc when I'm in the middle of using it.


17th Nov 2001, 17:11
Something both my mother did and my sisters have followed in the habit...

Not leaving car keys is the same place (e.g. on the hook labelled "Car Keys"), but putting them away in handbags, coat pockets, etc. Next time you they want to use the car, spend ages hunting for the keys - "What have you done with my car keys?" "I haven't done anything with them - where did you last put them?" etc. etc.

17th Nov 2001, 17:31
My dear wife has no wierd or strange habits at all!!!???

I on the other hand am about the wierdest thing she has ever had the misfortune to have encountered. I possess strange habits by the score, I have however learned the prime rule, it is I who am the strange, odd, out of sync, invited/uninvited stranger/lover/hasband/ pain in the arse who occasionaly breezes through the door and disrupts the household, asks for food and watches the wrong programs on the box at the wrong times.Leaves the toilet seat up and is analy obsesively compulsively neat.

I appear to be occasionaly useful at doing errands, putting food on the table and producing the bedtime goods( I did say occasionaly). I am marginaly usefull at having her car cleaned and serviced (her car I said).

Paranoid certainly not, I just know my place, and that good people is in the cockpit where I feel at home and in command. It is my melieau and where I can exercise my discretion as to what happens when and how. Happy about that, you bet your sweet butt I am, just call me Cap'n Blight. What did you say your first name was Christian?

17th Nov 2001, 21:54
Mrs G. is obsessed with curtains. The inventor of glass must have spent ages figuring out how to make it transparent, but all to no avail :(

When you get married they should issue you with a leaflet explaining all the weird stuff that will happen. Cushions appearing all over the house for no apparent reason, that sort of thing.

17th Nov 2001, 22:14
Is this just me or is it universal ?

Average bloke is maybe 6ft tall; average wifey maybe 5ft4ins.

Why do they never put the seat back when they borrow your car?

17th Nov 2001, 22:32
Mrs G and I have that problem sorted - she doesn't borrow the Impreza !

Takan Inchovit
19th Nov 2001, 09:08
My missus, Lykes-Anne Inchovit, she is always trying to kiss my balls. I hate it! :(
Every bloody Saturday morning I have to wipe the lipstick off them before I can play golf.
The greasy lipstick causes the balls to slice off my clubs and then end up in the rough.!

19th Nov 2001, 20:00
1. Puts things away when I'm in the middle of using them.

2. Switches lights on, but never off.

3. Drives as close as possible to the gutter after I've washed her car so its gets filthy again more quickly.

4. Wakes me up at the moment of my deepest sleep rythym to tell me I'm snoring.

5. How on earth can anyone spend over an hour talking to a woman on the telephone? My wife consistently does.

6. Listens to the Archers.

Nos 1-6 drive me mad, but we're still together after all those years......!

19th Nov 2001, 23:42
She bannished me to fart under the bedsheet couple of years ago :(

Anyway, everytime I'm far away from home in a hotel room :D :eek: :D

the wizard of auz
20th Nov 2001, 12:55
The word WIFE is actually taken from all the usefull stuff they do.........W, washing. I, ironing. F, flucking. E, etc,etc,etc......

And I saw a billboard once that had "WIFE......The beer delivery system".......written on it, I thought it as funny as ferk. :D