View Full Version : Eight aid workers rescued from Afganistan

16th Nov 2001, 06:50
Thank goodness for that. Happy to see them safe.
Someone in authority, please prevent these dumb folks or anyone in their organization from re-entering Afganistan.
That would be counter productive at the moment, even possibly terroristic in nature if christian missionaries posing as aid workers were allowed in now or in the near future.

16th Nov 2001, 08:36
The Holy Mother reported they set their burquas on fire and waved them so the chopper crew could see where to set down. It would have been more dramatic if they'd set their undies on fire. :eek:

16th Nov 2001, 09:31
I'm glad to see that they got out safely, but now I would like to ask WTF did they think that they were doing there in the first place?

What would have happened to them if 1109 didnít take place? How would the world have reacted when the men got their heads chopped off and the women were stoned to death? If it didnít happen to them, it most certainly would have happened to the parents of the children who were attending their schools.

Didnít these people and the churches that sent them ever think about the consequences of their actions?


The Guvnor
16th Nov 2001, 13:10
The problem with these people - as with all fundamentalists, Islamic, Jewish,. Christian, Buddhist or Jeddi - is that they know God is on their side.

And they're prepared to 'martyr' whoever it takes - including themselves - to prove it.

Whenever I read about something like this, I'm reminded of the Not The Nine O'Clock News skit where someone dies and arrives at the Pearly Gates to be told:

"Sorry, the Jehovah's Witnesses were right!" before being sent 'downstairs'. :D :eek: :D