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31st Jul 2001, 04:38
I fly for easy and every time I go down route, the cabincrew appear frigid.Do they just dislike pilots or maybe men in particular?

31st Jul 2001, 05:35
They're bound not to like you with that attitude....or maybe you're just fugly!!

31st Jul 2001, 06:59
Cart Tart!

Girls turn frigid when they see him!
And he is not ashamed to admit it!

31st Jul 2001, 11:43
I think Jetblast is a more appropriate forum for this one. That way Cabin Crew can REALLY tell this guy what they think

31st Jul 2001, 12:44
Orangewing, perhaps it's your masochistic tendencies that prevents you getting laid.

Just because they work for Ezy, doesn't mean they are Ezy. :rolleyes: :eek: :D

Lon More
31st Jul 2001, 20:08
Guaranteed safe sex with him though, his personality seems contraception enough. :mad: :eek: :mad:

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31st Jul 2001, 20:11
Er..is someone trying to test Danny's hotel lobby rule?

31st Jul 2001, 21:25
sex in the hotel lobby....har. :D..har...sounds great to me :eek:

Lon More
31st Jul 2001, 22:37
Wdtbo - it would be O.K. in the Bates Motel

2nd Aug 2001, 21:07
See you've been moved around quite abit, from the cabin crew forum and the easy forum... You are just looking for a fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There are plenty of top hosties at ezy, you are just not looking hard enough - or is that the problem?? Are you looking TOO hard?!?!?
Besides, nightstops are not long enough to get people out of their shell.
Keep trying, you will succeed eventually, I can feel it in my waters.. oh er..!!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Cardinal Puff
2nd Aug 2001, 21:12
...Getting laid?

Easy, just crawl up a chicken's bottom and wait...

3rd Aug 2001, 04:01
Thanks guys and girls, you've been a big help. Sectorbabe, why do you lot insist on making out that you hate us Pilots yet in fact the opposite is true ????
P.S knew you couldn't resist responding to this one! hehe! ;)

3rd Aug 2001, 04:08
Cardinal Puff,

That's a cracker! :eek:

3rd Aug 2001, 09:23
Getting laid is easy, its avoiding the lifetime of servitude that's difficult...

Through difficulties to the cinema

Northern Chique
3rd Aug 2001, 09:43
orangewing sweetie, I wouldnt be consuming anything handed to you by your cabin staff unless its in a sealed clear bottle. (ie water)

I have heard of some attitudes such as the one you are portraying, cop ALOT of payback. The other issue is sexual harassment. Seen a few good guys ruined by these allegations and they never really get over it, even if they are innocent. Not that Im against fun and games but you have to be careful who the other players are.