View Full Version : Which PPRuNers are lying??

24th Feb 2004, 04:33
I've just read a post by someone who claims to have thousands of flying hours on some serious aircraft and a previous flying career in the Forces. I've seen him give advice on other threads, as though he is indeed a vastly experienced professional aviator. Truth is, he's a low-hours PPL with no additional ratings.

Any other imposters out there??

tony draper
24th Feb 2004, 04:44
Me!! yer wouldn't get me up in one of they feckin heavier than air machines,bollix to that.


The Invisible Man
24th Feb 2004, 05:07
Are you insinuating that some Ppruners tell fibs.....cor blimey!!!

You wont catch me telling porkies.....:rolleyes:

I think I can vouch for everyone I have met on the JB forum, not one will tell lies and will be totally honest with replies

24th Feb 2004, 05:12
Never lied about my aviation experiance, I'm doing GCSEs, only ever flown in commercial airliners, and a 1 hour flight in a cessna 172.

24th Feb 2004, 05:22
I've never served in a submarine in my life. And that's the trooth. Ptttbbbhhh!!! :)

Ric Capucho
24th Feb 2004, 05:36
I've had a long and eclectic career...

NASA were broken hearted when I left their space program, after a mere 150 days in orbit, just because I wanted to teach inner-city kids to fly Piper Cubs. Well, I loved those damn kids, ok? Neil understood, but Alan and John couldn't get their heads around it.

One thing led to another, and after 20 years testing jet fighters, I decided that I could better serve the orphanage I grew up in by by earning some money in the airline business. I didn't like to sell out like that, but the kids, you know?

Well, Concorde captains didn't get much in those days, which is why I had to give that up with only 12,000 hours on type, to boost my income by flying Dakotas to dangerous places in Africa. Of course, I used every spare minute to drop food to the hungry.

But now... well I'm just another highly respected 747-400 captain, with 30,000 hours on type.


24th Feb 2004, 05:42
I never lie. I've a 20 inch cock and the body of a greek God BTW :}

24th Feb 2004, 06:12
I once tried to give the impression I was a competent pilot. That was obviously a porky of immense proportions. I wont try that one again in a hurry I can tell you.

I guess I will just have to return to my career of international cat walk model and high class call girl, in between my charity work and film career.

24th Feb 2004, 06:28
O.K. I've been rumbled.

I know its not possible under the 1933 Helsinki Convention, to use a Reverse Scissors Shunt from Golders Green to Ealing Broadway, but nobody noticed.:E

24th Feb 2004, 06:34
Lies? Hell's teeth, the truth's bad enough. How much trouble do you want us to get into?:ooh:

24th Feb 2004, 07:01

Thanks Jack.

24th Feb 2004, 07:16
But then everything I say is a lie.

Buster Hyman
24th Feb 2004, 09:44
I did not have sexual relations with that woman!

24th Feb 2004, 11:55
Buster - Just to continue yer thought .....nor did I inhale
cigar tubes, what cigar tubes? ... :E
well since I had a go at Bill, think I need to balance the score ....I did NOT try and avoid the draft - I got an Honorable discharge even tho I was AWOL for a year in Alabama

24th Feb 2004, 13:03
There is my version of the truth.................and everybody elses.

I actually found my licence outside T1 at LHR and changed my name. My real name is.................:confused:

24th Feb 2004, 13:25

"""I never lie. I've a 20 inch cock and the body of a greek God BTW """"

Well now I know you are lying because every statue of every Greek God I've seen has his d:mad: k broken off !!:p

My lie, ""It wasn't me, but I was there or thereabouts at the time Sir !!"" :}

Buster Hyman
24th Feb 2004, 13:59
I think we should learn to be sincere, even if we have to fake it!

24th Feb 2004, 14:53
Hey, Ric Capucho

C'mon back, we need you here for the Mars programme


24th Feb 2004, 16:43
May I quote from the bottom of your screens?:

""....contributions may be opposite to what may be apparent. In fact the press may use it, or the unscrupulous......"" :uhoh:

Well I'll be darned! :rolleyes:

24th Feb 2004, 17:11
I was once a door gunner on submarines.:cool:

The Invisible Man
24th Feb 2004, 17:18
Quote from bottom of page

"to elicit certain reactions"

I love you J's MIL..... where are you babe???:sad:

24th Feb 2004, 18:05
Are you not going to 'out' this imposter TEE? - No THAT would be amusing.

The Doc

(not actually a doctor to be fair, never really bothered) More lies!!

Flap Sup
24th Feb 2004, 18:19
I did a really bad impersonation of a pilot during my last pfc.

I work in an operations office, does that make me a doctor?;)

Jerrichos MIL
24th Feb 2004, 19:13
I really couldn't wish for a better Son In Law. He's kind, charming, witty, and a pleasure to be with.

I am going to miss him when he's gone.

No, really !!

24th Feb 2004, 19:15
"It depends on what your definition of is is."

I am dashed good looking, slim, elegant, crystal accent and have swived half the ladies in the home counties although some would describe me as a sheep biting knave.

24th Feb 2004, 19:21
Okay I own up, I'm the culprit, I'm really a Boeing 747 Captain.

Sorry for deceiving yas all for so long ;) ;)


24th Feb 2004, 19:36
I would of said that was close enough 'Flap', in my own medical opinion. No point in splitting hairs I have found :O

The Doc

24th Feb 2004, 21:02
Thought of a great post but its so filthy I would get mercilessly flogged by the purple one :}

24th Feb 2004, 21:05
last year I visited Algeria, Uruguay and Cambodia, where I spent Christmas.

24th Feb 2004, 21:18
Ok then Pilgrim I have the body of a Roman God :p

24th Feb 2004, 21:36
Stop being a wimp Timm, besides, I'd heard you liked to be flogged? :p Go on, if it's that good just stick it in.

TopCat (not really a cat)

24th Feb 2004, 21:47
But could you give us a little forewarning Timm, just a wee note seconds before you post yer naughty one. :E :E
Gives us time to read it before "she" pulls it out ! :uhoh:

24th Feb 2004, 22:34
Ok, I am really that Ryanair captain that snook(sneaked) into Heathrow a while back confusing everyone........... ;)

Jerrichos MIL
24th Feb 2004, 23:25
Are you really a Captain BRL ?? :O

My wretched Son In Law is always banging on about how pilots are the scum of the earth. Maybe you and I could get together and you could tell me the truth about his job in this ATC business ?? He never seems to want to tell me exactly what he does to earn all that money and I do worry so for my darling little girl in his clutches.

24th Feb 2004, 23:27
ATC....that's easy!

We wave the ping pong bats.

24th Feb 2004, 23:29
Sometimes I borrow a flight jacket, manage to get landed on aircraftcarrier or bring a fake turkey to soldiers, TV is allways present.
I'm still searching for WMDs by myself.
I never lie!
Guess my name?

24th Feb 2004, 23:30
Ummmm......... I think you are Grandpa!?

25th Feb 2004, 00:41
The money was just resting in my account!

25th Feb 2004, 03:28
The ones that don't know the secret PPRuNe handshake...and all those who break the commandment about revealing PPRuNe secrets. ;)

25th Feb 2004, 03:54
My wretched Son In Law is always banging on about how pilots are the scum of the earth.
How dare you call me the scum of the earth Jerrichos MIL :mad:

Coco ;)

The Invisible Man
25th Feb 2004, 04:00
QUOTE]My wretched Son In Law is always banging on about how pilots are the scum of the earth.[/QUOTE]


It was Jericho banging on about Pilots, not my beloved.

( Am I doing well defending you MIL ??? Its all part of the wooing and courtship)

25th Feb 2004, 04:15
Guess my name?

Alain Soral ?

25th Feb 2004, 07:33
Well, guys and gals,


there was a hell of a spat on rotorheads recently on the thread "Low-timers and (un)employability)...

a ppruner (who shalt be nameless but you can work it out for yourself) claimed to be posting on behalf of someone else. This "someone else" was a low-hours CPL who was after work. The "ppruner" was, on the other hand an experinced 4,500 hour heli pilot.

When someone pointed out that their prose style was similar, they both went quiet. The pprune member then deleted a lot of his posts and his profile too;)

Great Fun



25th Feb 2004, 08:13
I am lying about lying. Actually I am sitting up.

25th Feb 2004, 17:54
*Must resist calling MIL names. Resistance levels failing. Must make 38 days remaining............*

It has been amusing on the Downunda and God's forum all the AntiNAS/NAS arguments, especially from the clown A.K. otherwise known as Snarek or something like that. Kept changing usernames to argue his side of things and basically insult and abuse people.................pitty with his alter ego he signed off as A.K. Heheehehhe. And got himself banned.