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16th Nov 2001, 05:13
Okay I know when I look though a magaizine my favorate bit is the back where it tells you the bestest "imbaressing Moments"..

Mine is.....
When I was 14 I had my own dingy one day crusing along I came across these very nice looking fellas, as I was trying to look outta the corner of my eye(to see if they are looking at me :rolleyes: ) My engine stopped :o I pulled up the engine to notice that a comdom had got stuck in it :eek: being really cool I turned away from the grounded "cuties" and tried to unravel it.. as I was doing this it Broke! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh AND ALL THE CONTENTS SPURTED OVER ME.........EUUWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay...... Your turn... anyone got anything better than that!!!!

16th Nov 2001, 08:10
Most of my embarrasing moments seem to have happened shortly after refusing to back down from someone who was intent on beating the snot out of me. :p
I'm glad I don't act like that anymore.

the wizard of auz
16th Nov 2001, 08:12
Gee bexy, I would have thought that posting a nude piccy of yourself(???) on the internet would have rated right up there. :D :eek: ;)

16th Nov 2001, 14:21
'Your most imbrassing moment!'
'imbaressing Moments"..

Haven't you found your appalling spelling embarrassing?

16th Nov 2001, 14:41
Age 14, sneaking off to toilet at home for a secret ciggy. Drop trousers, sit on throne. Open book, light cigarette, drop match between legs. Miss gap. Lit match falls on end of dick. Major screams from self. Blister on end of dick the size of my eyeball. Scar eventually fades by age 42.

I use a lighter now. :eek:

The Nr Fairy
16th Nov 2001, 14:56
Choice of 2.

1. In all sincerity, ask a large lady in the office when her baby is due. Cringe like buqqery when she replies "I'm fat".

2. Ask someone wearing a tie "Is that an Old Cheltonian tie ?" Apologise and move smartly away when he says "No, it's a Guards tie."

16th Nov 2001, 15:11
I share your No 1 embarassing moment. In a small group of friends, I asked one of the wives when her baby was due. She had had it several weeks before - Urrrrgh! :o :o

16th Nov 2001, 15:12
This one happened to a friend of mine about this time last year :)

Husband had an interview with an o/s airline and afterwards, all the interviewees and interviewers had dinner together. Wife got done up in gorgeous outfit of top and skirt and had a lovely evening, trying to impress the prospective employers. When the night finished, she got up from the table and unbeknownst to her, the zipper on the skirt had worked its' way undone. Skirt was a very slippery/slinky sort, and promptly fell to her ankles, leaving her in top and knickers. Husband subsequently got the job, although they did say it really wasn't necessary to get his wife to strip for them, but was a nice touch anyway!


Feeton Terrafirma
16th Nov 2001, 15:16
ooooooooh ummmmmmmmmm

That would be when I was 13 and got caught by my dad :o

tony draper
16th Nov 2001, 15:31
Walked smack bang into a glass door at the Copthorne Hotel on Newcastle quayside with a bus load of what looked like Japanese birds watching me, KEERBLAT BOING Draper flat on his arse with a load of girlies watching and giggling oooh,Draper was mad, and embarrased. ;)

16th Nov 2001, 17:14
got caught doing what feety? :confused:

Feeton Terrafirma
16th Nov 2001, 18:00
Do I really need to explain Ducky daughter?

I was ummmm............. er......... practicing with a gurl :D and then Dad walked in :o

tony draper
16th Nov 2001, 18:55
Hmmm , when Draper was young, practicing usualy didn't involve anyone else ;)

Feeton Terrafirma
17th Nov 2001, 04:17
Mr Draper? I don't understand, can you please explain what you mean?

tony draper
17th Nov 2001, 04:46
Well from your post Mr T, It sounds like you bypassed the practising bit.
Do you have good eyesight Mr T.? ;)

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Feeton Terrafirma
17th Nov 2001, 15:53
My eye sight is still pretty good Mr D ;)

I only use glasses for driving.

17th Nov 2001, 19:24
Obviously hasn't heard about the young man who was told that 'practising on his own' would cause his eyesight to fail, whereupon he rather earnestly enquired if it would be OK to do it only until he needed glasses. It appeared he was rather partial, to the practice, that is.

Damned glasses hate the darned things!!

17th Nov 2001, 19:31
Knob de plume, have you ever heard of discretion, or dyslexia you dick

le loup garou
17th Nov 2001, 20:20
Paterbrat ,Hear, hear!! Couldn't agree more.

Regards le loup garou

Message edited for stupidity

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17th Nov 2001, 20:26
loup, was that supposed to be "agree" or "argue"? ;)

le loup garou
17th Nov 2001, 20:54
Thanks Huggie, It's nice to see that your looking after me.

Regards le loup garou

tony draper
17th Nov 2001, 23:16
Careful Mr H, One assumes you know what
Le Loup Garou means. :eek:

Hey! this new screen colour is spiffing.

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17th Nov 2001, 23:42
Sooooooooooooooo..........What was the subject again.? ;) :confused:

18th Nov 2001, 00:07
I think I may have been practising too much - the whole screen's gone wishy-washy grey...

tony draper
18th Nov 2001, 00:19
I know the mechanical and structural differences requires a differing approach to practicing for ladies, but why doesn't practicing effect ladies eyesight?. ;)
Hmmm, the world is a puzzle to Draper.

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18th Nov 2001, 09:53
Hmmm...well, it's a good thing it doesn't, because my eyesight is bad enough of it's own accord...


Feeton Terrafirma
18th Nov 2001, 14:17
MIN!! :eek:

shock horror!!! :eek: You've been practicing!!! :eek:

fun isn't it, but not as much fun as the real thing ;)

18th Nov 2001, 14:28
"Practice makes perfect"

Somebody once said.

Speaking of the new colors, or lack of:
Is this a permanent thing?
Sure hope not.

Danny, what gives?
(Yeah, it seems a bit faster now but this new stuff ain't got no class) :(

tony draper
18th Nov 2001, 14:45
Draper thinks the new colour scheme is spiffing, sort of pastel shade , much gooder.
Must be something wrong with your eye's. ;)

ps, Just watching our home secretary being interviewed by Frost, as home secretaries go we've had worse,like the last one for instance, but what a pompous asshole that man is.

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Feeton Terrafirma
18th Nov 2001, 15:50
Mr Draper sir,
your eyes are seriously out of adjustment. It must have been all that practicing. Do you still practice or are you good enuf for the real thing now?

tony draper
18th Nov 2001, 16:01
Well speaking as a philosopher, life goes in cycles, what goes round comes round as they say.
Done the pracising, done the real thing, back to practising again.
Mind you I have heard these pilots called a Bunch of Practisers, quite often. ;)

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19th Nov 2001, 05:21
Practice makes perfect.

19th Nov 2001, 13:21
being arrested outside Cannon Row police station during my misplaced youth.

That'll teach me to go to splash my boots by the car park gate just as the sargeant of the bomb squad was coming out on his motorbike. I probably wouldn't have looked so suspicious if the whole city wasn't on red alert during the height of the Gulf War
oooops :)

Kalium Chloride
19th Nov 2001, 20:46
This whole eyesight thing is a myth. My girlfriend practised with a carrot, and her eyesight actually improved. :D

The Nr Fairy
19th Nov 2001, 21:45
I can't work out the carrot one.

Was it for her benefit or yours ?

And I reckon all this talk of failing eyesight is a red herring - all the practising I've ever done has been done by feel ;)

Wile E. Coyote
19th Nov 2001, 21:56
Walking home from school and needing a pee. Climbed over the fence into the
farmers field, stood behind a hedge and let rip.

Straight onto an electric fence hidden in the hedge.

Some kids in my class were walking past at the time, heard me yell and then saw me clutching my now-erect prick yelling ***** ***** ***** ... :eek:

tony draper
19th Nov 2001, 22:43
No viagra for you Mr C, just keep a car battery handy, had a few electric freights myself, never had that effect. ;)

20th Nov 2001, 00:47
Uh, car battery Mr. Draper?
How many amps does one need to obtain the desired results?
(Perhaps that depend on the size of the power tool?

Excited in Florida. :eek:

20th Nov 2001, 05:29
Well, my power tool takes quite a bit - after all, it twists both ways, at variable rates, it hammers and vibrates. Oh - and it has a button on it that, if you push it, makes it just go and go, even with no hands! :D

Brit Abroad
20th Nov 2001, 19:07
Brings a whole new meaning to 'needing a jump start'....

My most embarassing moment was one Summer, I landed a job as a holiday rep on a campsite in France. I was driven down to the campsite from the UK by my boss. It was a very long journey and I arrived at my caravan with a very bad stomach ache and needing a 'number 2'

Polite introductions were made by my boss to the retired couple currently occupying the caravan who asked would I like some tea. I politely declined and made my way to the toilet in the caravan as they sat down for a drink.

The walls were very thin and I could hear their every movement. Unfortunately so could they, especially when my ar$e exploded on their toilet and nearly caused the caravan to collapse.

The worst part of it was how, when I was finished, they just carried on as if nothing had happened and just said 'tea or coffee ?' I think I would have preferred fits of laughter to that awkward silence !!!

Nightmare. :o

tony draper
20th Nov 2001, 19:29
Hmmm, could be something in this electric shock thing, didn't effect Drapers nether regions, but ones tongue would protrude and start wriggling about. :rolleyes: :p

Celtic Emerald
20th Nov 2001, 21:13
I've had so many but here are just two

Being the good little well brought up Catholic that I was as a teenager I was walking down the church aisle to attend Holy Communion. I felt something down the calves of my legs & realised my above the knee skirt was falling down. Infront of the alter there ensued a furious & successful attempt under my coat to reclose it but by the time I got back to the end of the church I was in such giggles trying to tell my sister I enraged the pious oul one in front of me :eek:

In my last year at primary school & towards the end of the year the desks were all crammed to one side of the classroom & me being the teachers pet she singled me out to help her tidy up. Suddenly I felt something dangling down my legs & realised it was the elastic of my knickers. I had to climb over a load of desks & say to my deskmate "Let me in quick, my knickers are falling down" :eek:. Worse I had to walk a half a mile home through Dublin holding them up.


Celtic Emerald
22nd Nov 2001, 21:14
Didn't happen to me personally, but my sister.

She had checked into a West of Ireland Bed & Breakfast with a South African male friend of hers, all perfectly innocently intended. They were sitting on the bed talking when the proprietor suddenly burst in.

"We don't want your type here. I'm asking you to leave immediately" he ranted. (funny I've felt like saying that to her a few times myself) :(

My astonished sister realised she had been mistaken by the eejit for a prostitute :eek:

So much for 'Ireland of the Welcomes' :mad:


22nd Nov 2001, 23:23
Ok...many many moons ago I completed the Duke of Edinburghs Gold Award and was invited to speak of what I had done on Southern Television (yes, there was such a company). Arriving in Dover in what I fancied was the height of cool, a blue safari suit, I got into a cab, sat down and..the seat was totally unsprung..I descended forever and split my trousers!! I told the driver to find a boutique, he did and I had to run from car to shop holding the trousers/my butt much to the consternation of all on the pavement!!!!! Once inside the store I said "I need trousers NOW" and the looks I got as folks realised I had my butt hanging out .... I can tell you at the tender age of 17 stuff like that is WAY embarrassing :) :D

Celtic Emerald
26th Nov 2001, 22:07
Oh yeah

There was the time I was in Germany. I used to accompany my father abroad to VIP meetings where many of the top European travel agents got together so one had to be on one's best behaviour and create a good impression (an almost impossible feat for me).

Unfortunately the first morning I was there & hadn't quite a climatised to where I was I was deep in conversation with a British man. I was describing to him some situation where I felt bossed & guess what I used to do if I felt someone was bossing me, yes, 'give the Nazi salute' which I promptly & instinctively did :eek: Immediately realising what I had done & where I was I turned around to find one of the few Germans in the party in fits of giggles, he had fought in the war incidentally.

Infact we used to find ourselves in strange situations in the coach where perhaps you were passing through a village which had been a scene of a WW2 battle & the Germans & Allies on the trip had fought in the war used to have a good giggle about it. Looks like old emnities were healed.


26th Nov 2001, 22:37
Wasn't this beckxy's thread? How come it's now "Cheshire Cat EGHH"??? :confused:

26th Nov 2001, 22:43
Reminds me about my time flying tourists around the Kimberley. Namely the Bungle Bungles. I was in a C206 and the PA/FS (Flight service radio) was labelled PA/Gestapo. I didn't think any thing of it untill I flew some Germans around. They pointed to it and spoke amongst themselves. My German isn't real good and their english wasn't real flash either. I hoped I got the message across as to what it was all about.
When we landed, I grabbed a german speaking pilot and explained to him what happened. He spoke to them and came back smiling. They thought it was funny. Phew :D

Celtic Emerald
28th Nov 2001, 21:15
Talking about the Gestapo reminds me of riding instructors (horse riding smarties incase anyone gets any funny ideas) :p

It's never been my favourite sport since I rather prefer bicycles which don't have a mind of their own & won't decide to throw you on a whim (unless some eejit of a car driver decides to open a car door on ye) :mad: but I'm game to try anything once or twice.

The bad omens started when I tried it at 15. After numerous failed attempts to get up on the horse I finally succeeded & promtly fell off the other side. Out pips the instructor "Are your trousers too tight".
It may have been true bit it is something you never say to a 15 year old :mad: I should have known to give it a wide berth then but no a few years later eejit goes back for more punishment.

Along I arrive for my supposed second lesson with no riding hat. The one I'd borrowed from my horse mad friend had mysteriously vanished on the first. Unfortunately that day they decided to do what they called 'a ride out' because a load of highly experienced American & German riders all splendid in their gear were sharing my slot.
Off they went a few hundred yards up the road where they waited & my horse decided to go into a fast gallop to get to where they were waiting. What happened to yours truly, I ended up completely upside down, hatless and hanging on for dear life around the horses legs knowing the only options for me if I let go of the reins was instant death or brain damage :eek: Somehow I managed to hang on by the skin of my teeth and when the horse reached the others who were in shock with the mouths agape I tried to as dignifyingly & calmly as I could right myself on the horse. Needless to say I was taken on a separate lesson & that was the end of horseriding for me, I'll stick to the bike thanks.


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Mirkin About
29th Nov 2001, 07:42
Emerald were they Smarties riding a horse ? Or a Horse Riding a Smartie either way sounds very interesting ;)

Ok Ok back in my box !

30th Nov 2001, 10:37

I think you'll find Beckxy & Cheshire Cat EGHH are one and the same person. :)
She most probably amended her profile


gravity victim
30th Nov 2001, 20:52
A friend of Mrs GV went into a cafe last week and bought a cup of tea and a KitKat (chocolate) bar. A man sat down opposite her, and to her surprise, silently reached out and snaffled a bit of her chocolate. Hardly believing what she had seen, she watched as, in silence ,he did it again. She was wondering what to do/say - as he could have been a nutter, - when he went up to the counter and returned with a doughnut. Right, she thought, stood up, put on her coat, picked up his doughnut, took a retaliatory bite out of it, put it down and headed for the door smartish, a bit excited and pleased with herself.

Until she put her hand in her coat pocket and found her KitKat bar.... :eek: :D

1st Dec 2001, 00:11
Yep.. I have changed my name.. but its still old beckxy the one you all love and trust (gulp please be kind in replying to that).

Beckxy= cheshire cat eghh.. well everyone else has a fancy name, why can't i??

1st Dec 2001, 00:43
15...shopping centre near parents home town had a bus station on the roof where the local totty would gather. After getting off the bus I tried to leap over the barrier and got my foot caught going base over apex. Bit mortifying.

Otherwise almost anything I have ever done while drunk that seemed like a good idea at the time.

1st Dec 2001, 17:37
Ummm, well, there was the time when I raced into the Gents at Flinders St Station in a state of some desperation, and while relieving myself gratefully into the porcelain urinal, thoughtfully containing a tap immediately above to perform one's ablutions afterwards, I noticed the gentleman washing his hands at the adjoining urinal glancing sideways at me, obviously with evil intent. Bloody perverts, I thinks to myself.

To avoid an incident I cut myself short, so to speak, and turned to leave, which is when I saw the REAL urinal on the opposite wall.........

:o :o :o :o

Does that count?

Celtic Emerald
18th Dec 2001, 16:27
Okay last one incase yas all begin to think I'm a complete **** :p

As a teenager I decided to cross the city to the northside :mad: to visit the beach. For convenience I decided to don my bikini at home & stick my well worn knickers into my bag which I put on my bike carrier. Somewhere on my trip I cast a glance back & realised my bag had fallen off my carrier so off I pedalled furiously to the nearest police station to see had anyone handed it in & sure enough begorrah they had :)

Feeling slightly embarassed cause I knew me dirty knickers were in the bag I said to myself 'Ah sure it'll be alright, I'll just claim it & be gone'. But oh no! The Garda on duty insisted in going through a complete run down of the contents to make sure everything was there. While I cringed uncomfortably with embarassment he slowly verified each item as I got redder & redder.

Finally he came to the crunch line (oh Gawd please don't let him say 'a pair of knickers' :eek: ) but no after making me suffer for 5 long minutes he let me off lightly Gawd Bless Him & with a totally straight face said 'Some items of ladies apparell'. I don't care what anyone says, maybe he was just following procedure but I swear he relished every minute of it & the whole station probably had a good laugh at my expense!


18th Dec 2001, 19:02
Right then…I’ll only tell if this goes no further.

When Max was a younger pup he was furthering his carnal education, with his first real girlfriend one morning. (My then girlfriend’s parents were very liberal and let me stay)

As Max was approaching the fruition of his endeavours, he happened to look at the bedside table and noticed to his horror, a cup of tea being proffered by an unseen mother. I have no idea why I made a mad grab at the teacup…but I did and promptly spilled the contents onto my girlfriends face. (We were only into the “missionary” position at this stage of training) My girlfriend had understandably closed her eyes at this point in the proceedings and felt her eye lids being burned by some unknown substance…at this point she screeched and threw Max off (in the best bucking bronco fashion) along with the covers and sat bolt upright. The tea drained from her now open eyes and the pain subsided. Max was left on the floor with rapidly deflating ardour (and other appendages) with a face so red it’s a wonder I didn’t set fire to duvet. My girlfriend’s mum (without batting an eyelid) said “ I heard you were awake, so I bought you a cup of tea” I just wanted to die at that point. I never drank another cup of tea at her house again. :o :o :D

19th Dec 2001, 02:12
As my friends can attest- there are so many!!!

1- In college driving my manual transmission Ford Pinto. Pulled up to a busy road and was starting to pull out into traffic and realized I couldn't do it, so I put it into reverse and backed up until traffic cleared. As it was a busy road I had some waiting to do. It was then that I noticed two young lovely ladies on a nearby apartment balcony- I gave them my best smile and "Hi, I'm a cool, happening guy head wave". But, alas, a traffic opening- rev the engine and pop the clutch...At that moment I was thrown forward as the car acclerated backwards to 20-25 MPH. Upon braking and stopping I noticed the two woman on their sides laughing...

2- Also in college- in the library. Got on the elevator and pressed my floor- followed shortly by a blond vision- I was in love! She reaches over and presses 6 while I simultaneously, abruptly and silently, without any ability to forstall it, let lose with the foulest smelling gaseous burst known to man. She looks around with a incredibly impressing look of contempt and disgust, reaches over, presses 3, then proceeds to walk thr rest of the way up.

Just two of many.

Edited for spelling-again

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19th Dec 2001, 04:36
I got thrown out of my local for striping a couple of months back. That wasn’t too embarrassing in itself but the deep conversation with my grandparents kinda was. My ex's mother suggested 8 "labours of love" for me to complete in order to earn forgivness - gotta love em right!?

Tartan Gannet
19th Dec 2001, 05:30
Ive had quite a few incidents where I had wished that I could say, like Captain Kirk, "Beam me up Scotty".

When I was about 14 or so, a lady friend of the family had called and I knew that her aged mother had died a few weeks previously. She was recounting this sad tale, in great and very morbid detail, to my intently listening and sympathetic mother. When the most solemn part of this elegy when the Old Lady gave her last breath was being told I let out a most sonorous and evil smelling fart. I couldnt help it. I had eaten baked beans for lunch and they were making their presence felt.

The second event occured some years later. I was helping a friend install a sound system in his Church Hall and was wiring up under the Stage. Suddenly the lights went off plunging me into pitch darkness. I let our a stream of really foul language only to hear the Vicar saying "terribly sorry, I thought someone had left the lights on"

Gunner B12
19th Dec 2001, 12:54
Ok I know I’ll regret this but here goes.

Just before Mrs GB12 consented to assume the title we decided to have a romantic weekend away (read dirty weekend). Living in Manchester at the time the proscribed destination for such jaunts was Blackpool so we headed off and checked into the hotel, which was one of the few, at that time, that had a swimming pool. Anyway having settled into the room we headed down to the pool which due to it being tea time was deserted. Anyway one thing led to another and the future Mrs GB12 proceeded to perform an act which precluded her holding a conversation. In the heat of the moment I happened to look towards the door just to be on the safe side but my eye was caught by the closed circuit camera which was pointed in our direction. Amourous thoughts were very quickly abandoned and a complete dampener was put on things when we noticed, as we asked for the room key from reception, that there was a rather large monitor on plain view behind the reception desk. The only camera being monitored was of course the pool.

We never went back again.

:o :o :o :o :o :o

tony draper
19th Dec 2001, 13:06
Hope you asked the lassie to wipe the tape Mr G, watched some spiffing security tapes in my time. ;)

19th Dec 2001, 13:58
Ahh, GB12, not everybody would be embarrassed at such a situation, of course. :) It may even be possible that some would puff themselves up (sorry) with pride and make it a full audition.

Back in the days when I was in the habit of performing carnal acts, a very long time ago now, I was at it hammer and tongs with a delightful young lady in a Sydney motel room when there was a knock on the door. Since by definition nobody knew where we were, it could only have been motel staff or a wrong room. My bed partner's eyes flashed with horror, but as I was in the, err, dominant position, and was rather close to finalising my part, I made no effort to abandon proceedings, and hesitated long enough for the knock to repeat, this time accompanied by a female voice. Good enough for me, I thought, and said "Come in!" quite loudly.

Said partner, after realising the inevitability of the situation, decided to go with it, and the door opened, the voice started to say something, there was a sharp intake of breath then silence. I think she hung around just long enough to watch the finale, indeed I don't think she had much choice as the sudden thrill brought it on very quickly! She then beat a quiet retreat, and when I called at reception to catch up on the problem I was delighted to find she couldn't look me in the face and her own glowed crimson. In Penthouse magazine, of course, she would have joined in, but sometimes we just have to settle for second best!

The interesting conclusion was that the young lady in my bed confided to me when I caught up with her again a couple of years later, that the whole episode had unexpectedly excited her, to the point where dangerous or semi-public sex became her chief source of excitement in that field of endeavour.

Only too happy to have been of assistance, I thought rather smugly.


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20th Dec 2001, 04:34
As old age 84 stated I have had my share of embarrassing moments and if I related all of them we would exceed the 100-post rule very quickly. However, being guilty of never missing a chance to make a fool out of myself I will relate my most embarrassing moment as a pilot. Mrs. c-p never misses a chance to tell this story, so there is no reason for me to hold back.

Many years ago one of the aircraft we operated was a DC-3, the interior of which was configured in an executive style. It could hold around 16 passengers. Another company, who we had joint projects with, borrowed the DC-3 to take their female employees (14 of them, all young and good looking) to Lake Travis near Austin Texas. No big deal.

We left on a Friday and would return Sunday. Trip down was great, no problems. We all partied all weekend and got ready to come home. The chief-pilot of the other company came on the trip as my co-pilot.

We takeoff and are heading back to Oklahoma City. About an hour or so into the trip I decide to go back to the lav for a nature call. No big deal, right? As I got up to go back the other pilot asked me to bring back some sandwiches. Sure, no problem says I. I go back to the lav, take care of business and head back to the cockpit. On the left side of the cabin in the middle there was a dining area with four seats and table between them. That is were the sandwich tray was. That is were four very attractive young ladies were sitting. I give them my ‘Hi I’m your brave, fearless Captain smile’ and bend over, grab a plate full of sandwiches and march off to cockpit. No big deal, right?

As I get back to the front end I handed the sandwiches to the other pilot and got back into the left seat. I reach down and bring the seatbelt up to fasten it and as I look down to buckle the ends, guess what? Yup, you got it, my zipper was down. Now I realize that my pants being undone in itself is not really earthshaking, however there was one minor problem.

I had not packed enough underwear for trip (a mistake I never made again). I did not discover this fact until I was dressing that morning. I figured no big deal, right? I just won’t wear any. What could it hurt?

Well, as I sat there, my face getting redder and redder, I tried to minimize my embarrassment. Ok I think, if I stayed upright on my trip back through the cabin and didn’t bent over maybe nobody saw anything, right? THE SANDWICHES! Oh God, I bent over to get the sandwiches. In front of those women.

The other pilot figures out what happened and is not sympathetic at all. In fact he laughs and giggles for the rest of the flight making rude comments about me trolling for dates, false advertising and other such nonsense. Actually for the next few years he never missed a chance to bring the incident up, so to speak.

Anyway, we land and I tell the other pilot that I am not leaving the cockpit until all the baggage is off and all the passengers have left. I keep sneaking peeks out of the cockpit window and when I am sure that everybody is gone I get up and go back and open the cockpit door. All four of the women where still there and as I came out of the cockpit they started applauding! Jeez, you talk about embarrassing.

<img src="eek.gif" border="0"> <img src="eek.gif" border="0"> <img src="eek.gif" border="0">