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henry crun
31st Jul 2001, 10:08
No ladies, this is not another thread about women pilots but a genuine plea from a male.
I watched a clip from a fashion show on the news the other evening, and seeing the usual collection of skin and bones on the catwalk made me think, why do they walk in that grotesque manner ?.

I'm sure you know what I mean, upper torso sloping back, feet overlapping on each step, arms swinging from the elbows.
If this isn't enough they invariably have a fixed sullen expression on their faces that would lead one to believe that someone had just nicked their makeup box.

In all my years of observing the female form in many countries of the world I have never seen anyone walking like these models.
Please tell me why.

DX Wombat
31st Jul 2001, 10:36
I can think of a few reasons:1 Ridiculously high heeled shoes altering the centre of gravity, 2 Designs that no-one in their right mind would be seen dead in let alone alive. Just because you are being paid an obscene amount to wear the things doesn't mean you have to like them, 3 I hear that many of the dresses are pinned into place to achieve the exact fit - OUCH! That could explain the peculiar gait and miserable look. 4 Perhaps they are just born like that, if so, some urgent research is required into the causes and treatment. 5 They probably think they look attractive that way. When is someone going to tell them?I am sure others will be able to think of other reasons for this phenomenon. :D

Bio Warrior
31st Jul 2001, 10:46
The cloths they are forced to wear are hideously uncomfortable and they haven't had a decent meal in years Henry darling

Give me jeans and a leather jacket anyday ... they never go out of fashion and you can climb fences (or trees) in 'em.

-Bio (kitten who climbs trees)

Kermit 180
31st Jul 2001, 12:40
Gimme a woman with shape anyday.

Kermie ;)

31st Jul 2001, 13:13
To keep that ridiculous shape they have to take loads of laxatives.

I'm sure that if you were on the catwalk and there was a slight chance that at any moment you could spray your audience with unpleasantness, in front of the world media, you would walk and have a look on your face exactly like that.......

It's all about serious sphincter control. :)

Kermit 180
31st Jul 2001, 14:55
Most instructors have exquisite sphincter control too, sometimes its all that keeps us airborne. But they dont all walk funny.

Perhaps the walk comes from the grinding bones and the facial expression from the risk of chucking up all the time because its become a habit.

Kermie :D

31st Jul 2001, 15:02
You're quite right, Henry C., the world of fashion must be the only industry in the history of the universe where the product is promoted by representatives who look utterly miserable and completely unrealistic.

Sadly, there are many young girls who become convinced that this sort of emaciated appearance is actually desirable without having the maturity to realise that it is an unattainable, artificial condition achievable only by those who are a) anorexic or b) freaks of nature.

I find nothing attractive or even appealing in the appearance of such women and it is heartwarming to discover that there are men around who are of like mind and prefer their women real.

I may not have climbed any trees for a few years but I still have the jeans, the jacket and the attitude!

Good onya guys. :D

Feeton Terrafirma
31st Jul 2001, 19:14
I think Elle was the last model I found attractive. I don't ever remember her walking as you describe Henry, but every other model seems to do it.

Horrible isn't it. Give me a real woman, with meat on her bones and some bumps on her chest anytime (not that size is important).

31st Jul 2001, 20:53
Thank christ that f*ckin idiotic Twiggy look of the 70s went out of vogue. Like rootin a bloodey matchstick! Give me tits and give me handles!

31st Jul 2001, 21:48
Sounds like sour grapes to me boys. Your attitudes must keep your fat wives happy.

31st Jul 2001, 22:07
Virtually all of the representations of women in the Western world for the last thousand years or so show normal women - that is to say not skin and bone.

What is different now is that fashion and the media have been taken over by homosexual men, who design clothes for women whose bodies look like teenage boys.


31st Jul 2001, 22:58
Yes - I'm with UR on this one. The fashion industry is run by homosexual men. They design the clothes, and pick the models, so you ain't going to get Sam Fox types parading about.

What would happen if the fashion industry was run by people like Slasher? It would be a lot more fun! :D :D :D

31st Jul 2001, 23:28

I knew there was something wrong with the catwalk design of women's clothes, but I could never put a finger on it (in this case maybe both hands).

What would happen if lesbians designed clothes and picked models for men and women and if real hetrosexual males designed clothes and picked models for men and women?

Would we see a real difference in what we and they are wearing today?

Can you think of ANY male clothes designer that is straight?

1st Aug 2001, 00:01
"Can you think of ANY male clothes designer that is straight?" is the question.

No I can't. But if I could, I wouldn't name him as his career would then be ruined as soon as word got round.

And another thing...

Any suggestions for the Slasher collection 2002?

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