View Full Version : For the Brits...

24th Feb 2004, 00:10
Amazingly one month on from the 'freakish' weather which hit us, another weather warning, which to my untrained eye looks remarkably similar to the previous one.


Brrrrrr..... Wrap up warm folks :uhoh:

24th Feb 2004, 00:14
Ha ha ha............here we go again!!!!

Although, this is probably all my fault. I was joking the other day about it being a mild winter and wanting to get ready for Canada.

24th Feb 2004, 00:30
The Met Office are the world experts in issuing weather warnings with a 50% chance of x,y or z happening.

I'm fairly certain there's a whole team of people down there in Bracknell all sitting around going:

"So, what'ya reckon, then, Lads. . . . . . Heads or Tails?"!!!!!!!!! :D ;) :D ;)