View Full Version : Are you going to give up anything for this Lent thing?

24th Feb 2004, 00:20
Somebody mentioned tomorrow is Pancake Day and the beginning of Lent and all.

Religion aside, word on the street is if you're a Christain type you're supposed to give up things for Lent like chocky and stuff.

I think for Lent I'm going to give up the obvious heaping sh*t on the MIL. Oh, and my glue sniffing habit (of which I don't do, so that one should be easy!)

24th Feb 2004, 00:25
erm..... work :=

24th Feb 2004, 00:30

Onan the Clumsy
24th Feb 2004, 00:31
You ask Onan what he should give up? :hmm:

24th Feb 2004, 00:42
Aside from being Clumsy !

And that sheep thing of course ;)

24th Feb 2004, 00:50
When I was a good little catholic boy I used to give up choclolate or something for lent. bit pointless really. then at school we used to have just a cup a soup for lunch and give the money we saved to CAFOD, which was a bit less pointless.
I have since become lapsed. Now where did I put those cigars?

Jerrichos MIL
24th Feb 2004, 00:54
I have decided to do something POSITIVE for Lent. Instead of giving up something I have decided to be really, really nice to that appalling Son in Law of mine. With any luck he will be so confused and worried by this he will leave home and never return :E

24th Feb 2004, 00:57
I look forward to it!

24th Feb 2004, 01:04
I'm going to give up worrying about my PhD... in the afternoon. :ok:

White Bear
24th Feb 2004, 01:19
Saying NO!

Anthony Carn
24th Feb 2004, 02:39
I gave up Lent many Loans ago.

24th Feb 2004, 02:55
Give up my new year resolutions.

I won't tell you what they were though :E

24th Feb 2004, 03:19
I will give up loaning money for Lent:\


24th Feb 2004, 08:01
On my map, Lent is a small pink country between Belgium and Holland.
What gives?:confused:

24th Feb 2004, 13:08
Yer gots another one of those Aussie made maps there BlueWolf .... :p