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15th Nov 2001, 06:14
In an idle moment I looked at the source code for one of the PPRuNe pages. This is a list of the key-words I found...

"pprune, professional, pilot, aircrew, rumour, flightdeck, airline, flightcrew, flight, crew, cockpit, boeing, airbus, aviation,atpl, cpl, ifr, vfr, airport, atc, air, traffic, control, weather, flying, news, wannabe, training, commercial, aircraft, airplane, aeroplane, jet, turboprop, logbook, caa, faa, professional pilot, airline pilot, commercial pilot, pilots, feng-shui"

15th Nov 2001, 07:38
Can just see the 'furniture-arranging" going on in the cockpit/flightdeck/whatever it is these days now.....

15th Nov 2001, 07:56
Does this mean everyone has to fly in the one direction,so the flight deck door always faces east and the windows west?

Since we can't, does this suggest that the current poor state of the industry is due to bad feng shui??? :eek: :eek:

Or does it only apply to China Airlines?
Hmmm... perhaps the point is proven :D

Arm out the window
16th Nov 2001, 04:21
The amazing thing is that there are people who apparently earn a good living as Feng Shui consultants.

When you build or redecorate a house, you call in one of these 'experts' to tell you about how the flow of energy into your dwelling will be greatly enhanced by a mirror and a wind chime at the front door, or some such arrangement (naturally it depends on your particular situation. You wouldn't want to have negative energies channelling through your house by putting in the wrong things now, would you?)

Still, if people are stupid enough to hire them, well good luck to them I suppose.

It also reminds me of the definition of a consultant that someone once told me: 'A person who charges you for telling you what time it is, and they use your watch to do it.'

DX Wombat
16th Nov 2001, 05:51
I believe BA had someone check Waterside for all the right Feng Shui vibes before they moved in. Hmmm! :rolleyes: I could do with a little more money, perhaps I should set up a stall selling windchimes at MAN or LBA then pilots could buy them to hang in their aircraft to ward off the evil spirits. Strange Capt P. hasn't thought of it though. :rolleyes: :confused: :D
Edited for spelling being on holiday in this ex-penal colony has a bad effect on it.

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16th Nov 2001, 05:58
"and a good consultant keeps the watch" :D :D

Didn't One-Tel spend big bikkies hiring Feng Shui experts to design their offices???
Wonder if the experts hold professional indemnity insurance.