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23rd Feb 2004, 18:35
Is anyone else in the habit of Prooning late at night, in an otherwise darkened room, with the door/window/manhole open for ventilation because it's 25C and humid, and suffering from a plague of moths/mosquitoes/sandflies/other bugs crawling over the monitor? What's the solution?

I'm not closing the door and putting in aircon, because in two months it will be minus twelve, and the door will be shut anyway:hmm:

Any suggestions?

23rd Feb 2004, 18:38
Pin a piece of fine netting - like a mozzi net over the window and that should stop them

23rd Feb 2004, 18:43
But then how can the dogs come and go at will? It's just not fair:{

23rd Feb 2004, 18:45
Flyscreens on the windows (security screens if you have rhinocerous beatles) mortein within arms reach and a mozzie coil smoking away out side the door/window. Keep the monitor away from or facing windows from windows, citronella candle burning and fly swatter handy!
Its 33 deg here and humid.

In the morning you just grab a shovel and cart away he bug corpses to find the computer on/off button.

Sheesh, the things we do just to pprune ...:ugh:

23rd Feb 2004, 18:48
I was talking about the windows!! for the dogs, get a 'dog flap'?:D

23rd Feb 2004, 18:51
Smear a bit of citronella oil round your monitor. Or soak some cloth in it and place nearby. Or get one of these. (http://www.groovyweb.uklinux.net/index.php?page_name=mosquito%20repelling%20plant&category=ads)

23rd Feb 2004, 19:07
..Or come over here to Blighty and watch all your heat/humidity problems disappear,
..It''s effin freezin..

23rd Feb 2004, 19:10
Run a fan, aimed at the monitor. Also keeps one side of your head cool. :cool:

Anthony Carn
23rd Feb 2004, 23:28
I can't sleep if there's even a single mossie going "eeeeeEEEEEEEeeeeeee!!!" around the bedroom.

Swatting the [email protected]$tard$ means waiting for them to land, spotting where they land and then, biggest problem, after many attempts, making a smear on the decor as you splat em.

So I keep a small hand held vacuum cleaner on a long flex handy. Area sucking (as opposed to precision swatting) is far more successful and above all non-smearing.

And, sadistically speaking, it's very satisfying. :E

Adapt the above for monitors ?

23rd Feb 2004, 23:34
Dear Mr AC,

You give location as UK....as far a I remember there are very few mozzies in the UK.

Now why else would yo want to keep a vacuum cleaner in your bedroom....:E:eek: :hmm:

Anthony Carn
23rd Feb 2004, 23:43
Well (he said, trying not to sound defensive), what's the little wiry things that go "eeeeeEEEEEEEeeeeeee!!!" then ???

I always thought they were mossies ! :confused:

23rd Feb 2004, 23:56
...the vacuum motor straining against a blocked tube??? ;):\

DX Wombat
24th Feb 2004, 00:25
what's the little wiry things that go "eeeeeEEEEEEEeeeeeee!!!" then ???
Gnats. One of the more evil little creatures on this earth. One bite from one leaves me with a HUGE, extremely itchy lump :ok:

Boss Raptor
24th Feb 2004, 01:45
I use ordinary supermarket all surface cleaner with anti static properties seems that the 'anti static' bit stops the bugs getting too close and repels them...

24th Feb 2004, 02:09
I can't sleep if there's even a single mossie going "eeeeeEEEEEEEeeeeeee!!!" around the bedroom.!!!".
I have the same problem but last summer I tried one of the Johnson Raid thingies that you plug into an electrical outlet. I try not to use chemicals but had become very desperate. Well, no more sleepless nights due to mossies, even with all the windows open and fans blowing.

I understand that it is the females (once again) who are the real culprits. OK, we've all got to live and I wouldn't mind too much if they'd have a little feed and then go on their way and annoy someone else. But I can guarantee you that they will stay all night, coming back at regular intervals until like vampires, the day forces them into hiding. Unless splattered - close all doors and windows, put all the lights on and then follow the "eeeeeEEEEEEEeeeeeee!!!" around the bedroom. I always found an Economist magazine folded in half was best. With practice, I found that feigning sleep with the lights off was even more efficient. Under this subterfuge, I would let the ****** approach, using only my hearing to determine position and with one rapid swoop, scrunch the miscreant in my fist. Surprisingly, this worked at least half the time. Until 2001, when I first came across the "stealth mosquito". It doesn't "eeeeeEEEEEEEeeeeeee!!!" but is completely silent. It is also extremely rapid and swatting was a futile endeavour. I think they are escapees from a secret US DOD project or something. In 2002, they appeared more often. That's when I decided to use chemical weapons. :{

Boss Raptor
24th Feb 2004, 02:58
I used to do that in Nigeria using 'Mobil' and 'Bayer Baygon' brand insecticide spraying the room 10 mins before bed...they were it has to be said very strong...similar to Lewisite/Mustard Gas in effect and used to give me bouts of struggling to breathe as my throat tightened...the effects got worse the longer I used the stuff...my throat has never recovered and remained very sensitive ever since...beware :cool:

24th Feb 2004, 06:23
Thanks guys and gals. Mrs Wolf-to-be informs me that installation of dog flaps in the house will immediately precede my taking up occupancy of the kennels. She also seemed curiously irked by my innocent inquiry as to what a "supermarket all-surface cleaner" was, and her reply was somewhat terse.:confused:

I shall try the candle, though.

24th Feb 2004, 19:51
Are we talking about weapons of moz destruction?

9th Jan 2005, 06:36

Has it really been nearly a year?:uhoh: :ugh: :\

tall and tasty
9th Jan 2005, 17:30

I remember as a child sleeping under mossie nets hung above the bed falling over the bed, me and anything on the bed with me.

If they still do them I guess you could take said comp yourself and no flying bugs under there into your haven.

Won't look really hip but keep those bugs at bay


9th Jan 2005, 17:52

Got one of these to spare.
I'm sure you'll look marvellous, enshrouded in a delicate shade of mauve. ;)

9th Jan 2005, 18:28
Most evenings after about 9.30pm, if you go into chat, they're almost always a few of them 'ozzies on screen... :O

10th Jan 2005, 01:23
When I did my NBC (Nuclear, Biological & Chemical) warfare course at a secret location in Wiltshire just before the start of the shooting bit for GW1 we used bug spray/vapona strips as the agent so that we could practice detecting nerve gas. This is because the active ingredient in these things IS nerve gas (definitely fatal to humans in the right quantities!)

10th Jan 2005, 05:18
Thanks Falps ...but we men see in only sixteen colours, like Windows default settings. Peach is a fruit, not a colour, and we have no idea what mauve is.

10th Jan 2005, 05:54
A old bushie I knew had a good way of dealing with moths etc (not many mozzies out there). Tilley light and a praying mantis, also served as the evening entainment.

These days a zapper light might do

10th Jan 2005, 08:09
Tilley light and a praying mantis, also served as the evening entainment.

....what'll you be doing if you don't have Sky....;)

10th Jan 2005, 08:12
My monitor has got bugs.

The damn scroll wheel stops working sometimes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11