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23rd Feb 2004, 05:06
From the January 16, 1998 print edition
Specialized club maker swings into action
Driver can smack a golf ball 250 yards
Alastair Goldfisher
Business Journal Staff Writer
Jim Duncalf may not have invented a better mousetrap, but he has created something equally compelling for the golfing industry--especially for those who can't swing a driver.

Mr. Duncalf is co-founder and CEO of GPower Inc., the Sunnyvale-based manufacturer of a golf club that can launch a ball 250 yards off the tee with very little effort by its user.

The "swingless" golf club, called the Ballistic Driver, is the same size and shape as a regular driver.

Mr. Duncalf invented the patented firing mechanism, located inside the head of the club.

The concept is similar to that of an industrial nail gun: A 25-caliber cartridge holder containing cellulose nitrite powers the launch. The grip triggers the propulsion mechanism.

The distance a golfer places the club's head from the ball determines how far the ball will be projected down the fairway--up to 250 yards, with no slices or hooks.

The clubs sells for $798; a pack of cartridges capable of firing 40 shots costs $7.

"The club is not for the professional golfer on the PGA Tour," said GPower ............