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23rd Feb 2004, 03:46
In town with Mrs Loki, we found ourselves in the vicinity of Bond Street where I noticed a street name "Haunch of Venison Yard"

Anything weirder in London?

23rd Feb 2004, 03:52

Pudding Lane?

Cowcross Street?

There are thousands of them!

23rd Feb 2004, 03:54
Hindquarter Court, Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

Paul Wilson
23rd Feb 2004, 03:55
I used to live in Pinkneys Green, Maidenhead....

23rd Feb 2004, 03:56
Pardon street,
Quaggy Walk,
Crutched Friars,
Mount Ararat Road,
Knobs Hill Road,
Scout Approach,
Bird-in-bush Road,
Petty France,
George and Katherine Wheel Alley,
The Pigs Lane,
Eureka Road,
Cyclops Mews,
Elf Row,
Honeypot Lane,
Voluntary Place Amalgamated Drive,
Mudlarks Way,
Inca Drive,
Sugar Loaf Walk,
Dog Kennel Hill,
Nutmeg Lane
Plumbers Row

23rd Feb 2004, 04:01
Apparently there was an 'Of Lane' in Dublin. It was between 'Duke Street' and 'Leinster Street'.
This is not a joke!

23rd Feb 2004, 04:10
There's a short road in Sandwich, Kent, called "No Name Street". There's also a "Short Street", although that's longer than "No Name Street".


tony draper
23rd Feb 2004, 04:43
Acording to Bill Bryson, in Tudor times there was a Scratch C**t Lane in London, wonder when they changed it?.

23rd Feb 2004, 04:45
Dog Leap Stairs
in Newcastle, leading up from the Tyne. Might not exist anymore.

tony draper
23rd Feb 2004, 05:00
The Dog Leap Stairs are still there, used to be a barbers shop halfway up them once,years since I walked up them so I dunno if it still exists.

Evening Star
23rd Feb 2004, 05:42
'Dog Leap Stairs' still exists, although these days 'Drunk Tumble Stairs' might be a better option (or maybe that is what the 'Dog Leap' is all about?).

As I recall, it was 'Grope****', and it disappeared as an early victim of Victorian prudishness.

23rd Feb 2004, 06:16
Bit of a deviation but just outside Eastry (Kent) there's a crossroads of sorts that has a signpost on it pointing the distances to the villages of Ham and Sandwich. Unfortunately these villages lay in the same direction, with Ham being the shorter distance away...yep, Ham Sandwich :rolleyes:

The combined sign has been nicked so manytimes now I think they've resorted to giving the villages seperate signs. Got a photo of it somewhere but can't be bothered to crank the scanner up.

23rd Feb 2004, 07:12
In Perth there's Pickletullum Road, and nearby there's Tullielum

Onan the Clumsy
23rd Feb 2004, 08:15
They have some grrrrreat ones in Dallas like:

Quorum Drive
Headquarters Blvd
Technology Blvd
Meeting Place

Then of course there are all the new, featureless estates chock full of streets like:

Quail Run
Hunter's Glen
Fox Hollow
Water Ridge :confused:

Really, it's more like {Quail | Fox | Hunter | Meandering | Water} + {Drive | Ridge | Hollow | Trail | Glan} :yuk:

I liked the one I lived on once...Arboreal Drive

Then in England, there was a railway line that was removed and turned into a street or footpath. A great name was proposed and, I think unfortunately, rejected:

Beeching Cut

(Gotta be old to laugh at that one)

23rd Feb 2004, 09:04
Austin, TX, has Ed Bluestein Blvd, a major dual-carriageway road [US Rte 183] around the east side of town. High-tech companies are located there.

Bee Cave Rd leads west from Austin. It goes to the town of Bee Cave.

On the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe there is a Route du Boeing mountain road. IIRC it started as a trail cut to recover the remains of a PanAm Boeing that impacted the mountain.

Probably my most fearsome airline experience was on an ATA charter, their first of the seaon, that did a circling descent on the "wrong" side of that mountain and then flew into the cloud to cross the ridge. There was a BIG updraft as we got on the windward side of the ridge. How far did we clear the ridge? I'm not sure I want to know.

23rd Feb 2004, 09:18
Back in the early 80's I remembered reading about a housing development up North. The local authority had objected to the development, refused planning permission etc but the developers appealed and had it overturned so they could build the estate despite the council and local people objections.

However, the local authority retained the right to name the streets on the development - so the council held a competition for people to come up with street names. The winners included "The Plague Pits", "Gestapo Road", "Cesspool close", "Himmler Strasse", "Black Death Avenue" and "Aushwitz Mews".

Unfortunately the story never had a follow up so I never did find out if the developers appealed the council's decision, abandoned their plans or what.

There is a FORTRAN Way and a COBOL way in Cardiff

23rd Feb 2004, 09:28
All around Bangkok you can find Soi 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 .......

Onan the Clumsy
23rd Feb 2004, 10:10
Hope it was by more than those guys who took out the phone lines in a 737

23rd Feb 2004, 10:45
When I lived in Southsea many years ago there was a road called "Fawcett Road". Nothing especially unusual you may think, until you note the pub on the corner called "The Fawcett Inn"

23rd Feb 2004, 10:54
The close-in Philadelphia (USA) suburb of Bala Cynwyd is full of Welch street names. ie: Clwyd Rd, Llanberris Rd., ..., but also a Lindy Lane, which seems to date the area to the late 20s after Lindberg's flight

Back in my youth one had to talk to an operator to put through long-distance phone calls. The town's phone exchange was "Cynwyd". You had to spell it out for most operators. Now US exchanges are all-numbers.

23rd Feb 2004, 15:46
Has anyone yet mentioned 'The Land of Green Ginger' in Hull yet.

There is also always 'Leg of Mutton Hill' in Kirkby-in Ashfield, Nottingham.

As to the nameing of streets the parish council in my village was asked to provide a street name for a new development. An old boy on the council suggested 'Spring Rise'. This was thought to be quite a nice name and was adopted, then someone asked him why he had suggested it. His reply was "wait until it's rained for a bit. They'll find out". :E :E

23rd Feb 2004, 15:50
I've always wondered how Ha-Ha Road got its name.

It runs past the back of the Royal Artillery barracks in Woolwich.

Off right now to Google it.

Well, well, a ha-ha is a ditch. (http://www.greenwich.gov.uk/Greenwich/YourEnvironment/GreenSpace/Monuments/HaHa.htm)

23rd Feb 2004, 15:57
I like the Billy Connolly joke about the copper who dragged a Glasgow drunk into Rose street because he couldn't spell Sauciehall:p

23rd Feb 2004, 17:28
Parapunter - nor can you!!!!

23rd Feb 2004, 17:47
Damn! I even looked it up on Google to make sure I got it right!!!:{

23rd Feb 2004, 19:35
I once lived in a "FROLIC STREET"!!

23rd Feb 2004, 19:43
Around Sheffield Airport there's a Letsbe Avenue, right by the police training centre.

I think this link (http://www.streetmap.co.uk/newmap.srf?x=440860&y=388880&z=1&sv=440750,388750&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf&dn=807) should prove it.

23rd Feb 2004, 19:56
I like the Billy Connolly joke about the copper who dragged a Glasgow drunk into Rose street because he couldn't spell Sauciehall

Must have been a strong copper ... Rose Street is in Edinburgh :rolleyes:

23rd Feb 2004, 22:43
Oops Whiz,

That was my first thought too....then I thought The Big Yin wouldn't make such a mistake, and after a little Google found a side street off Sauchiehall Street called....Rose Street.

Maybe he chose Rose Street 'cos that's where the Mclellan Galleries and Glasgow Film Theatre are ......

Useful street maps for Glasgow if any one's interested

Jelly Baby Freak
23rd Feb 2004, 23:21
Many years ago when I worked in a bank, we had
direct debits from Redifussion TV Rentals,
whose address was on Two Ball Lonnen, Newcastle!
My boss always fancied phoning them and
asking to speak to Lonnen.
'Which One?'
"Oh, two ball please!" :D
Well it seemed funny 30 years ago!