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22nd Feb 2004, 20:44
Went to get petrol this morning and noticed this headline (http://www.express.co.uk/) in the Sunday Express.

It appears not to have been taken up by the Beeb nor indeed any other part of the UK media. It has however, been picked up by others in Asia and the Middle East, after a swift check on the excellent Google UK Newswire (http://news.google.co.uk/news?hl=en&edition=uk&q=bin+laden&btnG=Search+News) revealed.

It would great news (and a superb scoop even for the sleazy Express) if the US and UK special forces have in fact hemmed in the vile beardy git. What do you guys/gals think - any substance in it?

22nd Feb 2004, 21:07
The words "thinking" and "wishful" spring to my mind, I'm afraid.

Also "circulation", "falling" and "desperate":E

22nd Feb 2004, 22:07
In fact, all the things they said about Saddam, and we didn't catch him..... Oh no, we did didn't we ? :E

Difficult to catch him when he's probably a grisly painting smeared across the wall in a very deep cave in Tora Bora.

Funny how these "heros" all live deep underground, releasing occasional threats to slaughter innocent people in some fit of pique because somebody took away their toys ain't it ? :yuk:

23rd Feb 2004, 01:48
Osama (http://www.sacredcowburgers.com/fresh/showpics.cgi?osama_bin_invietnam) lives right here amongst us.


23rd Feb 2004, 02:05
Didn't the Irish SAS have him bailed up one day on the third floor of a department store in Dublin.

Some one had tipped them off theat Bed Linen had been seen there.............

23rd Feb 2004, 02:26
Joking apart, Nani, where's the very last place you'd look for him, eh?

Cunning b*ggers, these ex-CIA proxies! :E

23rd Feb 2004, 02:30
where's the very last place you'd look for him

Not Manchester? ;)

23rd Feb 2004, 02:38
Some one had tipped them off theat Bed Linen had been seen there.............

Hahaha - Good one!


23rd Feb 2004, 10:26
There was a story circulating that the Daily Mail tried to cook up a link between Bin Laden and the IRA following 9/11. So they ploughed back through Hansard and anything else they could think of. Eventually they got a hit as there was a statemewnt made to the house in 1986 which contained the words BIN, IRA adn LADEN.

Paydirt right?

Wrong - the statement related to the discovery by the RUC of a "...bin laden with explosives planted by the PIRA".

Onan the Clumsy
23rd Feb 2004, 11:17
The PIRA? Is that the muslim wing of the IRA?

23rd Feb 2004, 11:59
I'm bettin' they get him. Didn't the CIA vet his last 'tape' as authentic...so he's not a smear on a cave wall ...yet.

G Dubya has to pull this rabbit out of the hat to save his candidacy for Pres.

The only question is When...not If...and its waaaaay too early yet!

23rd Feb 2004, 12:04
My bet is he'll be discovered (dead or alive) about 2 weeks from the US presidential election. Now is way too early:(

Captain Sand Dune
23rd Feb 2004, 16:36
Heard that they (US spec ops) have Osama Bin Liner and Mullah Omar bailed up somewhere North of Quetta (NW Pakistan).
As hinted to above, my pet Osama theory is that he was turned into pink mist and bone chips shortly after the invasion of Afghanistan. All the "evidence" of his survival that we have seen amounts to video tapes that could have been taken at any time, and audio tapes. If he were still alive, how easy would it be to prove? A video tape of him holding todays paper would do it, however I'm yet to see anything to convince me he is alive.
In any case it suits both sides to have him alive. The Muslim nuttters need someone to follow, and the Yanks need to keep the threat of a bogeyman alive in order to keep the military funding flowing.
Having said that, I also would not be surprised if Osamas' dead body is discovered (again!) at a convenient period just before the US presidential elections.

Yours in cynicism and conspiracy:E

23rd Feb 2004, 17:30
When they do announce that they've "only just" caught him, what colour will the dates on the trees in the background photos be?
:E :ok:

23rd Feb 2004, 20:27
CSD - Like you, I still think he is a mural on a cave wall in Tora Bora or in the Waziristan general area and has been for some time now. With all the carnage that is going on in Palestine and the suicide bombings in Iraq and many other places, the smug slug wouldn't be able to contain his glee at such senseless bloodshed in yet another obviously topical Video or Audio on Al Jazeera.

I'll never forget the gloating [email protected]@rd laughing at the kids holding hands and jumping from the Twin Towers and his relish at the thought of murdering so many innocent people in one spectacular go. Well I hope he found the last bomb, bullet or K Bar knife he ever experienced equally spectacular and had time to reflect before he found himself facing a higher judgement.

As a poorly paid up Christian, I admit to fervently praying many times in the past to whatever deity would get me out of any particular mess I happened to find myself in during tougher times. I do however hope and pray that bin Laden found the vengeful God he believed in so much because nobody deserves one better than that aberration of humanity and his barbaric, mediaeval cohorts.

25th Feb 2004, 08:35
I am Going out on a limb and predict he will be caught just before the election anyone betting on that?:\

Captain Sand Dune
25th Feb 2004, 17:38
That, or is body will be "discovered" just before the election.:E

25th Feb 2004, 18:51
Just wish the inefficient sons of a gun would find him and his Egyptian buddy and put him on a glass case some where instead of messing around all this time.

26th Feb 2004, 04:35
Broomboooombooooommmmbooommm! Surely you meant to say in a glass case? Frankly, I think that if or when he is caught he should be "carbonised" like Han Solo in Star Wars. And there he would wait, to be joined by all the other characters involved with 11/9 until some future date when we can finally get to the bottom of this wholly unsavoury episode. :ok: