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compressor stall
14th Nov 2001, 12:56
Looking for a few suggestions for some above average aviation related websites from various people.

Things like live ATC, interesting homepages etc.

Please keep it clean and aviation related!

And to coach people in advance when you want to type in the address, click on the URL button below the message screen, type (or copy and paste its easier) the address, then type the decription you want to see on the screen with the underline. It aint that hard!!!!!!!!! :cool:

Feeton Terrafirma
14th Nov 2001, 13:13
Are there other websites?
if so, why? :confused:

14th Nov 2001, 14:36
G'day Stallie!

One I really like is:-

www.airliners.net (http://www.airliners.net)

They have some great photographs which can be downloaded. (I have a photo of a Northwest DC-10-40 instrument panel at night as my wallpaper, straight from this site. Looks great.)

A great source of aviation-related images for all aircraft enthusiasts.

14th Nov 2001, 18:40
Stallie... these are sure to cure yer insomnia mate! ;)

Airport Locator (http://www.ar-group.com/icaoiata.htm)

Aeronautical Survey Data (http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/AERO/aero.html)

The Nr Fairy
14th Nov 2001, 19:09
And for those wanted to reach "old not bold" status, the following :

UK AAIB (http://www.aaib.detr.gov.uk/index/index.htm)

Australian ATSB (http://www.atsb.gov.au/aviation/)

and if I need some mental exercise or someone to rage at,

the JAA (http://www.jaa.nl/)

15th Nov 2001, 01:07
Stallie: I seem to have lost the address to my fav. site. When I hit the button I keep getting this one.

Penguins Penguins Penguins (http://www.penguinflight.com/)
:eek: ;)

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15th Nov 2001, 10:56
OK stallie, i'll try it too --

US Aviation Web Site (http://www.usaviation.com/)

there now - that didn't hurt did it. This site has a fair amount of US airlines people on it.

dAAvid -

compressor stall
15th Nov 2001, 11:05
some good suggestions here. Keep em coming!

Here's one for live feed from JFK (http://realserver.brooklyn.cuny.edu:8080/ramgen/encoder/jfk.rm). You'll need real player.

15th Nov 2001, 11:08
This one is very good and you can actually recieve a newsletter twice a week free of charge! ;)
AvWeb (http://www.avweb.com)

compressor stall
15th Nov 2001, 12:30

15th Nov 2001, 18:23

Thanks muchly for the JFK feed, just been monitoring and heard amongst other things an Air France Concorde arrival and a helo operating around "ground zero" which I assume is involved in the AA accident operation.

Good for keeping your RT and SA up to date with the Jepps for the NYK area open in front of you.

15th Nov 2001, 21:35

The ONLY good thing about airliners.net is the photo collections. Most of the topics are posted (and answered) by spotty teenagers whose opinions on aviation matters are about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike...sorry Guv, no offence meant to you.

If any of you want to find out what really happened to the AA A300 log on, it'll blow your mind!!

tony draper
15th Nov 2001, 21:45
Interestingly there is a www,prune,com
For that matter there's www,arse,com
Done that there, in case they lead to naughty sites, didn't hang about long enough to see. ;)

I. M. Esperto
17th Nov 2001, 01:14
As a Senior, prunes have become my favorite fruit.

Prune Juice in the morning with a shot of Vodka - A piledriver. That get's me moving every time.

Ed Winchester
17th Nov 2001, 10:00
You could try this little monkey (http://www.pilotpointer.com/), there are one or two aviation links on it. For nervous flyers, this one will put your mind at ease. (http://www.airdisaster.com/)

17th Nov 2001, 19:28
compressor stall
Just another number

Member # 11994
posted 15 November 2001 06:05
some good suggestions here. Keep em coming!
Here's one for live feed from JFK. You'll need real player.

Excellent site. Anybody know any other ATC feeds?

18th Nov 2001, 03:24
I find this one informative on matters 'flingwing'

Rotorhub (http://www.rotorhub.com/index.htm)

18th Nov 2001, 15:56
There's some 'interesting' pics on this site :

Boeing 727 Site (http://727.assintel.com.br/foto/strange_take-off.htm)

Anyone fancy owning up to that one ? :D

the wizard of auz
20th Nov 2001, 13:34
Hey Stallie, give this one a try web page (http://www.crewstart.com) It has links to all sorts of stuff. :)