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14th Nov 2001, 04:43
So when do you think he is going to die?
And how?

My Guess is November 16th, killed by the Northern Alliance!

tony draper
14th Nov 2001, 05:04
I think he will die of old age running a corner shop in Bradford. ;)
He's probably long gone now,300 million can buy a lot of boltholes.

14th Nov 2001, 05:28
I'd be very surprised if he's still in Afghanistan. Prolly legged it before Kabul fell. There's still plenty of places he can go, unfortunately.

14th Nov 2001, 18:27
Then again, for a cool 300-mill, or maybe less, he maybe cudda bought the whole Northern Alliance... :eek:

14th Nov 2001, 20:48
Whenever it happens I hope it's going to be very, v-e-r-y s-l-o-w & p-a-i-n-f-u-l DEATH!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:
He deserves it.......... :(

14th Nov 2001, 22:41
I think he will find his end shortly and sharply as a consequence of a sniper bullet fired from any one of a number of sources or SpecOps/Northern Alliance operators ... here's hoping. For him to live makes him a potential martyr...a short end to a miserable and evil life is way better than he deserves but it will make the resulting peace in Afghanistan a lot easier for everyone else! :D

15th Nov 2001, 02:13
Personally I hope that the Taliban or US dont kill him.

The Islamic world needs to reclaim some of its credibility by bringing him in front of a Shariah court and then chopping his head off.

BTW, I havent seen a fat lady singing, so why does everyone think that this "war" is over? Did I miss something?


15th Nov 2001, 03:22
He was planning a boat trip to Australia, but that changed when John Howard was re -elected.

15th Nov 2001, 04:51
I agree with you, mutt. I think a Sharia court needs to do the deed.

15th Nov 2001, 05:02
I agree Mutt with and Hugmonster, I think he needs to be brought in front of a Shariah court and executed. Would show the world that Islam itself isn't evil - just those self appointed fundamentalist "Saviours of Allah" that see any non Islamic race as being targets.

Personally I wouldn't be suprised if the Taliban themselves do it as a last ditch attempt to remain in power, assuming that there are any left by the end of the month ;)

Either way, good riddance to bad rubbish.

15th Nov 2001, 06:11
After listening to the opinions of 'moderate' muslims in the last few weeks I really doubt if any islamic authority has the guts to drag this muslim hero up to a gibbet and hang the bastard. They'd be risking way too much. The idea of a show trial and execution (Sharia or not) is sure to be horrifying to the leaders of islam who wish to remain leaders for the near future.
Anyway, why make a martyr of him, with all the religious significance that carries to muslims.

If he falls into the hands of some muslim authority outside Afghanistan he'll just be 'dissapeared' quietly...if you know what I mean.

I think it's just as likely that one of his right hand men will off him for a few American or Saudi shekels, long before he becomes even more of an embarrassment than he already is.

15th Nov 2001, 06:19
maxalt, if he's tried and executed for murder according to Shariah laws, he will not go to paradise. No houris for him tending to his every wish.

And you're right. It would be a brave court that tried him. But it might have the effect of cooling his followers rather more than any other solution, as well as announcing to the extremist mullahs everywhere that their twisting and distortion of the message of the Quran will not be tolerated.

Tricky Woo
15th Nov 2001, 15:15

'Saudi shekels'!

I love the idea.


DX Wombat
16th Nov 2001, 06:07
HugMonster and Co are right. If a non- Muslim, or non- Islamic court kills him he will be seen as a martyr in the eyes of his followers. If, however, an Islamic court condemns and executes him it is far more likely to make his followers pause for thought. No convicted murderer gets into Paradise, it's hell (or the Islamic equivalent) for eternity.

17th Nov 2001, 20:10
There is no higher secular authority to pass sentance. No shariah court would or could try him nor would it want to alienate the massive public support this man enjoys.
He is self appointed as most of the Mutawa or religeous zealots who guard public morals are. They are a law unto themselves and take orders from no-one down here at least.
He will dissapear. And be conspicuous only by his absence. May it be soon.

17th Nov 2001, 20:17
Well, my second choice for him would be what PB suggests - a nice quiet "disappearance", preferably painful.

17th Nov 2001, 21:55

It appears that we are close neighbours!

I would be concerned about the implications of OBL disappearing, there are a number of religious types whom I have spoken to who are totally convinced that he is innocent, even when presented with last Sundays Telegraph with OBL admitting that he was involved in the WTC disaster.

They are convinced that this is a Zionist/USA plot to settle the Palestinian problem and to establish a route for Caspian oil. The disappearance of OBL would therefore elevate him to their equivalent of sainthood. I know that it would take an incredibly brave Moslem country/court to try him, but I fear that the consequences of not doing so will leave this world of ours threatened by terrorism for all time.

I therefore believe that the Moslem world must show the next generation of possible terrorists that what has happened in the last 2 months was wrong and it most certainly wasn’t done in the name of Islam.

Ramadan Kareem.


19th Nov 2001, 20:18
Try this link He cannot hide (http://www.madblast.com/binladen.htm)

20th Nov 2001, 00:47
In my opinion OBL is going to have a "come to Jesus" meeting with a 6'4" 250# member of the USMC who probably knew someone who died in WTC attack. Shortly thereafter he'll succumb to injuries received while trying to resist arrest as they say over here in the USA

tony draper
20th Nov 2001, 01:01
What I think we should do with him when /if we catch him.
Take him into surgery, give him a foreskin transplant,shave off his beard, stick a bag of pork scratchings in one of his pockets the satanic verses in the other hang a crucafix around his neck,then drop him by parachute right alongside the the Kaba Stone at the hight of the Hadj.
Ouch I bet that would sting. ;)

20th Nov 2001, 01:50
On a side note to OBL, Prime Minister Blair and his wife are racking up huge points over here in the colonies with their very vocal support and especially his fiery speech in September before the Labor Party. We appreciate the shoulder to shoulder stance. For what ever its worth, if this happens to the Brits, Americans will be screaming for blood.

21st Nov 2001, 09:11
Hi Gang,

I believe the sucker will do himself in if he has no more escape. Hopefully not as a suicidebomber as he might do damage to some of the troops there (and allthough suicide is a grave sin in the Koran, he probably would be reffered as a martyr, one who gave his live for islam.....)
In reflection of that, a nicly placed sniper bullet would do the trick......

I just hope they catch him positivly alive or dead. The world needs to know that this devil is check mate. Or other idiots like him will never get the message.

And then I hope the US and the rest of the world pull really through and keep on cleaning up the trash in all other favorite

What has me sitting tight is that these guys are not stupid. They are mean idiots but not stupid! If that brain gets hold of certain equipment he might cause even worse damage then he already did. It might not be such an impacting show like 09-11. But contaminating water +/food supplies, etc. could do worse than N.Y. and that anywhere......
So whatever happens as long as they get the rat......

3top :cool:

22nd Nov 2001, 21:25
Back to the pool

December the 7th
Would be a nice touch for our American cousins,and with daisycutter methinks.


If any board members of the Bank that shut down our airline were having a cup of tea with OBL at the time :D :D

24th Nov 2001, 16:00
Is this Islam or the Taliban:

A Afghani woman was found to have painted her fingernails red with nail polish. Taliban gave her 2 choices, cut off your own fingers at the first digit, or we cut off your hands....she cut off her fingers

something is seriously wrong with these people :eek:

24th Nov 2001, 17:40
If any board members of the Bank that shut down our airline were having a cup of tea with OBL at the timeGet thee behind me, Satan - I'm first in the queue!

Daisycutter? :confused:?

I thought of shooting in both ankles with a nice couple of wadcutters, then knees, the elbows, wrists, and then just leaving him there. After all, it says in our holy book "Thou shalt not kill" - so we shan't! :D

24th Nov 2001, 17:53

Info on Daiyscutter (http://www.pprune.org/cgibin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=46&t=002171)

24th Nov 2001, 18:04
Ahhhh - thanks! :) Looks like a nice toy... :D

Mind you, they say it's the size of a VW - how about we just drop VW's on the bank?

24th Nov 2001, 19:52
The sodding bank will have deleted the insurance policy of the VW and raised their cover for "VW's falling on Head Office during working hours" clause as its falling down on their sodding tiny heads

Sorry JB'ers if this is off the thread

24th Nov 2001, 20:12
3top: I believe the sucker will do himself in if he has no more escapeMight be interesting if he surrendered. We could then announce to the Islamic world that he was no martyr and was squealing like a stuck pig, giving the names and whereabouts of all his mates. Then let him go back into one of his 5* caves for a while (doubt it would be too long :D).

Squawk 8888
24th Nov 2001, 22:49
I think we should capture him, then pick up a whole sh!tload of terrorists in a roundup. On the same day as the roundup, release OBL and publicly announce he was let go in exchange for info on the others :D